Action for Heaven (2021)

On the surface, the male protagonist is the hot, chic and suave president of the Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, but at night, he is the “shadow messenger”, a master of heroism and justice. The legendary jade seal suddenly appeared mysteriously in Shanghai, and the Japanese “Paradise Project” conspiracy to restore the Qing Dynasty began. People from all sides are dispatched to fight for the jade seal. After the true and false jade seals have been circulating and multilateral battles, it is finally discovered that there is a bigger conspiracy behind the jade seal. The “Shanghai defense map” stolen by Japanese spies is hidden in the jade seal. It is not only the restoration of the three eastern provinces, but also the offensive and annexation of the whole of China by sea. In the end, under the planning and efforts of the male lead and others, the Japanese tactics to seize the coastal defense map were smashed.

Action for Heaven (2021)
Also known as: 天堂行动, Tian Tang Xing Dong
Genre(s): Action, Thriller, War
Director: Xu Jie
Country: China
Release: 2021
Starring: Vincent Zhao, Huang Yi, Sammo Hung, Shi Zhaoqi, Yu Rongguang, Ding Haifeng