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Chapter 1338 The Frog at the Bottom of the Well

As soon as Lin Yan’s voice fell, Ling Yang’s face suddenly turned black, and the other Chinese players present were also full of incredible faces.

Su Cai said in surprise, “Lin Yan, are you crazy! Yangshen is not qualified to give you lessons?” Not to

mention other team members, the members of the Jiguang team were all shocked by this.

Zhou Yue, Zheng Xuran and Shao Haicheng looked at each other, their expressions all looked a little speechless.

Last time Zhou Yue had to compete with Lin Yan because she didn’t agree with Lin Yan. As a result, she lost eight consecutive games and was directly abused by blood. These people in the team were still convinced of Lin Yan’s abilities.

Zhou Yue muttered, “I admit that Lin Yan is better than me, and indeed very strong, but in front of Yang Shen, she is nothing good!”

Zheng Xuran stretched his hands, “Who gave her the courage to say this in front of Yang Shen? Such words are too floating! Yang Shen can kill her with a little finger! She can only

seduce her in front of us!” Shao Haicheng shook his head: “After all, I haven’t participated in any major competitions, the frog at the bottom of the well.”

Mo Shuyun ignored the words of other people in the team, touched his chin, and whispered to Qi Feng who was aside, “Although it is a bit arrogant to say that the goddess, but to be honest, compared to those in Lingyang, The theoretical operation that people don’t understand is the technique that the goddess usually tells us to be more practical.”

Qi Feng yawned, “Agree, I almost fell asleep with the things Ling Yang said.”

Yun Xuan stood quietly. In the crowd, staring in Lin Yan’s direction, his face stopped talking. He also heard the voice from Lin Yan’s phone just now.

In the end, Yun Xuan couldn’t help but ask, “Master…you…do you have any other apprentices?” Lin Yan was taken aback when he heard the words, touched his nose with a little guilty conscience, and said with a soft cough. that was before what …… …… be too close to your brother, right! “

Yunxuan looking slightly stiff,” Brother …… so …… that bad? I do not know this can not be assigned to a group with brothers …… “

to Hidden his identity, Lin Yan waved his hand, “No, no, you can’t share it together, your brother has to pick his feet, and he didn’t even participate in the third league!”

Yun Xuan seemed to be relieved when he heard this, but he was also a little regretful. .

At this moment, Qi Shaoyuan didn’t know where he came out, poked his head, looked at Lin Yan with black lines, and said, “Boss, you are such a lie to other children, you are not so good…”

Qi Shaoyuan said Full of excitement, “By the way, Boss, the man on the phone was the Great God of Langman! It must be Great God of Langman, his squirting voice is too convincing and recognizable!”

Lin Yan stared at Qi Shaoyuan He glanced at, “Keep it down.”

Qi Shaoyuan hurriedly silenced, “Boss, don’t worry, my mouth is strict. I haven’t even said a word in Wei Xufeng. He doesn’t even know that you are the boss.”

Lin Yan is satisfied. Nodded, “Hey, I’m going to the game.”

… After this episode, all the players drove to the arena where they were assigned.

There are spectator stands in all three ABC divisions. Because the racer Ling Yang, who is most likely to win the championship in China, is assigned to Division A, Division A has the largest number of spectators, and the price of scalper tickets has been fired up to ten times.

After all, everyone deliberately spent money to watch the scene, and most of them were definitely going for the championship… At this moment in Qi Shaoyuan’s car, Wei Xufeng is furious, “Damn! Qi Shaoyuan! You are so brain-dead! You can buy a ticket wrong! I asked you to buy me a ticket for Division A, and you buy me a Division C?”

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