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Chapter 1339 The Traitor Climbing the Wall

Qi Shaoyuan looked at Wei Xufeng with an expression of caring for mentally handicapped children, “Who said I bought the wrong one?”

Wei Xufeng threw the ticket on his face, “Look for yourself! Can’t you see such a big C? “

Qi Shaoyuan gave him a white look: “Of course I saw it. I bought a ticket for Division C.”

Wei Xu was so angry that he couldn’t wait to fight him: “Qi Shaoyuan! Are you sick! There are in Division C.” What a good-looking! Do you know how precious your time is, how difficult it is to come out! I don’t care how you do it, so you can exchange the ticket for me now!”

“This is about to start, where am I ?” If you change your ticket, you can go to Division C with me. It doesn’t look the same everywhere.” Qi Shaoyuan also got angry with his lungs.

I thought that he took all his energy to take him to the boss’s game, this guy is still here babbled crookedly.

Qi Shaoyuan vowed, “Don’t you watch the game just to watch the championship? I guarantee that the champion of this year’s third league in the world is definitely in Division C!”

Wei Xufeng did not believe his nonsense at all, “You promise shit! You Which match I have won a bet!”

“Oh, I bought it all, and now I can’t change it. You can go to Division C with me!” Qi Shaoyuan directly kicked the accelerator and drove towards C.

Wei Xufeng stared at Qi Shaoyuan’s face inquisitively, “Who is playing in Division C? You have to go to Division C to watch?”

Qi Shaoyuan has internal relations, can get tickets, and wants to get two players from Division A. Tickets are easy, but this guy wants to go to Division C. There must be something tricky.

Wei Xufeng clicked on the zone table on his phone and glanced at it. Then, he saw a familiar name among the players in Division C, “Lin Yan…? Are you going to this woman?”

Qi Shaoyuan touched his nose, “Yes, I’m going to see my goddess, no!”

Wei Xufeng never expected that Qi Shaoyuan was not to watch such an important third league in the world, but to chase one. Little female star.

“Qi Shaoyuan, when did you become so superficial?” Wei Xufeng felt that he had been betrayed. He thought that Qi Shaoyuan had the same love for racing as him, and was a like-minded partner.

After all, he was concealing such a big thing from him, Qi Shaoyuan knew that he was wrong, so he could only sigh and say, “Yes, yes, I’m superficial, I bought all of them, and now I can only look at Division C. Are you going? Go? If you don’t go, I’ll put you down in front and play by yourself.”

Wei Xufeng’s picture of Lin Yan racing car appeared in his mind, he was startled for a moment, and after a while, he reluctantly said, “Shut up! Go on! Your car! I have asked for any special leave, where can I go now!” In the

end, Wei Xufeng could only follow Qi Shaoyuan to the C Division.

When the two arrived, the racers from each team just entered the field. Qi Shaoyuan excitedly took out the banners and light sticks engraved with the words “Lin Yan” and “Aurora Team” from his chest, “Goddess! Come on!!!”

The corners of Wei Xufeng’s mouth twitched slightly under his mask, and he didn’t even look at him . “You traitor who climbs the wall!”

Qi Shaoyuan didn’t care at all. “That’s better than blindness!” The boss couldn’t recognize it even in front of him… At this moment, the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the Global Third League is being broadcast on TV. The key shots are given to Leiyin, Lightspeed and the first team of China, as well as several strong teams from abroad.

On the commentary stage, the two hosts were excitedly explaining the situation of the game to the audience.

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