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Chapter 1340 The game begins

“This time the Global Third League is divided into three divisions, ABC, and the results of the three divisions will be counted separately to determine the ranking of this competition!”

“China is the host this year, so everyone is very concerned about the results of the competition. I heard that even Yangshen has re-emerged. It seems that the Huaguo Division has a great chance of winning this time.”

“Let’s switch the camera to Division A, sure enough, the audience is full!”

“A few strong foreign teams this time The racers sent to participate in the competition are also very powerful and should not be underestimated. Yang Shen wants to win the championship, and the pressure is still very great!”

Wei Xufeng perfectly explained what it means to be in Cao Ying’s heart and be in Han, although he is hot in C Division, but the focus is still on Division A. I’m turning on my mobile phone to watch the live broadcast of the game, paying close attention to the situation in Division A.

Qi Shaoyuan was carrying an expensive SLR, completely transformed into a little fan, and patted in the direction of Lin Yan.

While patting Lin Yan, he looked at Wei Xufeng who was looking at the phone with hatred of iron and steel, “It’s all here, you are not watching the game, are you holding your broken phone and watching Ling Yang?”

Wei Xufeng With a sneer on his face, “Didn’t you say that only the boss can be worthy of your SLR camera? How long has the boss retired now, you will empathize! Do you think I am as superficial as you?”

Qi Shaoyuan took a picture On his shoulder, “Hehe, brother, I have said everything that should be said, and I have done everything that I can do. I can only help you here. Don’t blame me when you regret your intestines someday!”

On Wei Xufeng’s mobile phone screen, Ling Yang is being interviewed before the game. This is a fixed link before the game. The organizer will interview some popular players for the visibility of the game.

“Yangshen, the game will start right away, is it stressful?”

“This time, the old friends of the Dark Night and Falcons are very strong, and the young players who joined the WZ team last year are not weak, but the pressure is not enough.” Ling Yang said lightly. , Obviously very confident in himself.

For the heat of the game, many players like to speak nasty words before the game, and even deliberately provoke their opponents. Although Ling Yang’s remarks are arrogant, they are considered very decent, not to mention that he does have this strength.

As soon as the voice fell, there was crazy cheers and cheering from Chinese racing fans.

“Ah ah ah Yang Shen is so handsome! Yang Shen, come on!”

“Yang Shen kill them!”

Ling Yang continued, “However, it’s a pity that he couldn’t be in the same arena with Karl. But, it doesn’t matter, the result is not. Will change.”

Carl is a racing driver of the Falcons, Ling Yang’s old opponent, and one of the hottest players in this competition, and was assigned to Division C.

Many fans in Division C are heading for Karl.

In the third league in the world, Ling Yang didn’t put anyone in his eyes. His only opponent was Karl, so this time he not only had to beat other players in the same arena, but also as fast as possible, so as not to beat C in the overall match. Carl is slow in the division.

Soon, the game finally officially started.

Ling Yang’s black car, like a vigorous cheetah, took the lead in rushing out of the runway. The drone hovered in the air to track and shoot, and one car after another entered the stadium.

The competition in Zone A is very fierce, and it has entered a white-hot stage from the very beginning.

Ling Yang and Contestant No. 16 went hand in hand and almost collided at the corner. You chased me and you were the same.

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