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Chapter 1341 is not a level

This global third league is Ling Yang’s first comeback. A large number of fans cheered and regarded him as the last hope of the Chinese racing circle.

The competitions in each division are cross-played. At the same time, other divisions are also underway, but Division A has the most attention, so it gives the most shots.

Every time it cuts to Division C, the shots are almost always Carl and the other two popular winners.

In the middle of the schedule, Division C also began to heat up, and Carl, Jeffery, and Mo Shuyun began to compete fiercely for the top three positions.

This is the first time that Lin Yan has participated in the third league in the world. In addition, she has not been on a major circuit for several years, so she is still very cautious. Since she has chosen to participate, she will take every game seriously.

Therefore, Lin Yan did not rush to catch up during the first half of the game, but observed and adapted to it.

Although the world’s third league should not meet too top racers, but everything is possible.

In the end, what Lin Yan observed was…she seemed…a little wasted time…

Although they are all global leagues, the level of the third league in the world is not at the same level as the first and second leagues.

There are almost no top racers in the entire arena, and the difficulty of the track is not high.


At this moment, most of the shots are still in Division A, and the competition in Division A is indeed very exciting. Several veteran players have performed brilliantly, and several young players of the new generation are not weak.

In addition to a few popular players who won the championship, there is another player who has received a lot of attention from the media and car fans.

“Hey, who is the No. 12 racer? Have you noticed that, no matter how chaotic the scene, he has always been in the top ten, and the ranking is step by step, ah! It surpassed No. 27 and is now sixth. ! ” ” It’s

like Imperial newly formed Aurora fleet racing, called Yun Xuan, should be the first play, never seen before. ” “

Yunxuan? Huh …… his car the way how so familiar ah …… It’s a bit…a bit like the style of Yeva!”

“Hahaha I guess I’m an admirer of Yeva again, I’m imitating Yeva’s style! It’s a pity to say that the current racing circle is not as hot as a year, people who follow It’s getting less and less, and I think the racing scene was more beautiful when Yeva was there!”

…In the live screen, with the roar of the racing beastly engine and flying dust, the host almost roared with excitement, speaking quickly. Explaining:

“The 180-degree hairpin curve just now, Yang Shen handled it really wonderfully. Now Yang Shen has left No. 16 Bryan behind and continues to maintain the first position.”

“The next step is. In the most complicated section of the game, it will be very difficult to surpass Yang Shen! Whether Yang Shen can maintain his current position until the end, and win the game at the end, let us wait and see!”

“Come here ! Here again! A corner, Brian tried to overtake again! The two cars collided fiercely! Overtaken! Overtaken! Wonderful! Yang Shen thrown off Brian by a very small gap and continued to maintain the first position! Amazing!”


the audience watching the big screen before the live broadcast burst into cheers, as if Ling Yang had already won the championship.

However, according to the current situation, as long as Ling Yang can’t make a big mistake, he is indeed very likely to win the championship.

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