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Chapter 1395 Can see the boss

bar box.

Qi Shaoyuan has “Aurora” on his left cheek and “Lin Yan” on his right. The light stick waving in his hand is shining with “Lin Yan YYDS”. He is wearing a T-shirt with Lin Yan’s photo and a bunch of banner cards in front of him. Support items such as aircraft cards are readily available.

He excitedly waved the light stick and urged the people in the box, “It’s my goddess! It’s so amazing! Ahahaha~ Give money quickly! I said my goddess is sure to win, you guys actually Don’t believe it yet!”

Several people who bet Mi Xiu will win the championship with Qi Shaoyuan can only be willing to bet and lose to Qi Shaoyuan.

“You kid, luck is too good!”

“That is, who would have thought that the female racer who popped up suddenly took the first place again. It’s really shit luck!”

Qi Shaoyuan stared at the speaker. After the past, “What kind of shit luck, can you speak, this is strength, is the strength of iron fighting? Anyway, you have been playing racing for several years, and you have no vision.”

“Ah, there is one thing to say, that woman It’s really strong, but I didn’t expect that she could win Mi Xiu.”

Qi Shaoyuan was satisfied when he heard that, “That’s not an ordinary strong, how about it, come to my wall! I bet you, my goddess Definitely the queen of the final peak game!”

“Puff, Shao Qi, isn’t your wall like Wei Xufeng? Why does it suddenly change so fast?” one of the men said.

Speaking of Wei Xufeng, Qi Shaoyuan suddenly remembered something, and hurried to the corner to find Wei Xufeng, “Hey, Wei Xufeng, are you trying to shame if you lose? What do I want?”

Wei Xu Feng was already very irritable, his face was even darker when Qi Shaoyuan came to collect his debts, and he even clenched his fists.

In the first bet, he lost an autographed photo of the boss, and this time he lost to Qi Shaoyuan, a limited edition autographed hat of the boss.

He was so distressed that he wanted to kill Qi Shaoyuan!

He also fell into Qi Shaoyuan’s pit, looking at the triumphant appearance of the traitor Qi Shaoyuan, he couldn’t look at him, and made a bet with Qi Shaoyuan on impulse.

Who knows, under such fierce competition, Lin Yan took the first place again, and he lost his most cherished signature hat to Qi Shaoyuan.

“What’s the hurry, at home, next time I bring it to you! Can I still rely on you?” Wei Xufeng said in a bad mood.


Xufeng was even more angry when he saw Qi Shaoyuan’s appearance full of support, “You have already overturned the wall and what do you want to do with the boss’s stuff!” Qi Shaoyuan Yang said, “What happened when I overturned the wall? The wall is over, but my love for the boss will not change!”

Wei Xufeng: “hypocrisy! scumbag!”

Qi Shao had a vitality, “I am hypocritical, my scumbag…”

This is the second league in the world. You haven’t Recognizing the boss, so embarrassed to say that I am scum?

The live game is shown on the big screen of the box. In the screen, the scene of Lin Yan overtaking and crossing the finish line is always playing back, and the cheers of the director and fans almost break through the clouds.

In fact, what made Wei Xufeng even more angry was that he found that he didn’t know when he couldn’t look away from Lin Yan…


He will never allow himself to change his mind with the boss!

Qi Shaoyuan may have discovered it with a conscience. After all, he had kept Wei Xufeng from hiding for so long and had cheated him on two sets of limited edition signatures, so he coughed and said, “Yes, for the sake of my brothers for so many years, Let me reveal an internal news to you.”

“What internal news?” Wei Xufeng asked absently.

Qi Shaoyuan said mysteriously, “It won’t be long before you should be able to see the boss.”

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