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Chapter 1396 Too Shameless

Wei Xufeng turned his head almost instantly, staring at Qi Shaoyuan, holding his collar, “What are you talking about? Say it aside!”

Qi Shaoyuan choked, ” Let go and let go , Calm down, I said… I said you will see the boss soon, and the boss should participate in this peak match.”

Wei Xufeng seems to be unable to believe this is true: “The old meeting participates in the peak. Zhisai! Are you sure?”

Qi Shaoyuan couldn’t disclose too much, so he could only say ambiguously, “I just got a little bit of wind, I don’t know if I’m sure.” The

boss just told him not to reveal her identity, he could Did not disclose, just told Wei Xufeng to participate in the old meeting of the pinnacle.

Anyway, the boss will definitely be able to make it to the top of the game, and there is nothing wrong with what he said.

“I only told you, don’t go outside and spread it around.” Qi Shaoyuan reminded.

Wei Xufeng nodded in a daze. He knows the identity of Qi Shaoyuan. He is the son of the president of the China Motorsports Union, so the internal information he received is likely to be true.

The boss… will really participate in the top game! ?

Late night, in the conference room of the organizer of the China World First League.

The head of the world’s first league placed a bunch of documents from abroad in front of him. He patted the table angrily and said, “It’s too shameless, it’s too shameless!”

“Lao Liu, what the hell is it, big? Call us all in the evening.” asked the vice president of the Huaguo Motorsports Union.

Chairman Qi also soothed, “This is an extraordinary period. If you have any issues

, let’s solve it together.” The person in charge threw the documents on the table and said angrily, “It’s not the foreign teams! Do you know? WZ Team Actually apply with us, this time the world’s first league will let Langman, KING, and the butcher all participate!

These levels are all contestants in the top game, but they insist on squeezing them into the first league to grab the place. This is too shameless, isn’t it?

Last time they had to arrange for Sun Shuoran, I made an exception, and now even these three have to participate in the first league! They are sincerely fighting against our Hua Guo team!

We have finally produced a few good seedlings this year. We originally had a good chance of running into the top game. If Lang Mang, KING, and Butcher also come to participate in the first league, maybe the top three will be taken over by them, then we Also play a fart! “The

general manager has been popular for a long time, and now he is guilty of vomiting. The

other senior organizers are also angry when they hear this. “This is really too shameless. How can there be any contestants from the summit?” The first league. “

That’s right, they also do this kind of thing?” Let me say that Sun Shuoran’s mouth shouldn’t be opened. It’s okay now. They think that our country is a bully, so we have to make an inch of it! “

That’s right, brush Sun Shuoran down too, no exception!” “

Listening to a group of high-level organizers discussing there with indignation, the vice chairman and chairman Qi looked at each other, and their faces were a little indescribable. In

order not to be out of touch, the only people in China who knew that Lin Yan was Yeva were just a few of them. , Even the organizers don’t know.

Therefore, the organizers thought that the WZ team was shamelessly provoking China…

As everyone knows, this is just a few of Yeva’s apprentices fighting for favor, forcing the WZ team to apply for the world’s number one. In the league, I want to play with the master.

Fortunately, they have received a call from Lin Yan before, and the boss has explained the situation to them in advance, so that they don’t have to deal with Langman and the others…

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