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Chapter 1397 Protect Our Racers

“This is really too much. The WZ team is also a strong veteran team. How could this kind of thing be done.”

“In these years, the peak race has been dominated by foreign racing teams, and the Hua Guo racing team has even reached the threshold. If they don’t go in, how can they not be arrogant.

Some time ago , they played in the stadium directly on our site, which made our Huaguo racing circle lose face. This time we can’t compromise anymore.”

Listening to the high-levels angrily As for the discussion, President Qi came out to round the game, “Old Liu, don’t be too angry, just send an e-mail to rebuke that this time the stadium is in China, and we are the organizer. This is the dominant position. What’s more. They did not comply with the rules originally.” The

general manager of the event calmed down a little, and said to Chairman Qi with earnest words: “Chairman Qi, you are right. This time it is difficult for us to get a good seed from Hua Guo, although not I hope she can rush to the top of the game, but we must also do our best to pave the way for her as much as possible and cultivate her well.”

The person in charge of the event was about to cry as he said.

Although there are still two veteran teams supporting Leiyin and Lightspeed in these years, it has been a long time since there have been any newcomers. Unexpectedly, a forest smoke appeared out of thin air in a few years.

It is not easy for China to have a good seed, and it has won two championships in the world’s third league and the world’s second league.

He simply held it in his mouth for fear, holding it in his hand for fear of falling.

Therefore, those foreign racing teams are absolutely not allowed to mess around!

Listening to the person in charge saying with a serious face that he should train and protect Lin Yan, Chairman Qi didn’t know what to answer, and could only nodded in agreement with an ambiguous smile, “That’s right, it’s about protecting Lin Yan…”

“Okay, that’s how this matter is decided. In addition, I have one more thing to remind you that the first league in the world is about to start. Everyone knows how important this game is. This game determines The number of places in the top race determines whether the Hua Guo racing team can have the opportunity to enter the top race this year.

Some time ago our team was frequently kicked by foreign racing teams, and everyone knew about the private appointments, which caused extremely bad events. It affects and seriously affects the state of the players’ races.

Therefore, I have to trouble you to explain it after you go back. It is strictly forbidden to make appointments with them in private this time.”

One of the senior officials said with a calm face, “But some foreign racers are really arrogant It’s difficult, and the words spoken are extremely ugly. Many of our racers were so excited that they couldn’t bear it before agreeing to the race.”

“Yes, especially the Michelle Simon of the Falcons, he is a lunatic. Every time after winning the challenge, we still have to rant and verbal insults on the Internet, forcing several of our racing drivers to explode and retire directly.”

Vice President Li suggested, “Then unanimously talk about closed training and cut them off. The contact channel of the team must allow them to concentrate on preparing for the game.”

The person in charge nodded again and again, “By the way, you must especially protect Lin Yan. After all, she is a girl and her mentality is easily affected. This time such a good performance, Don’t participate because of this influence.” The two presidents silently glanced at each other after listening to the uneasy instructions from the general manager of the event.

Chairman Qi gave a light cough, “

Ah , don’t worry about it, this will never happen…” Yeva’s strong psychological quality and dominance on the field are unmatched in the entire racing circle.

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