Chapter 1476 Relying on the mistress to take care of

Chapter 1476 Relying on the mistress to take care of

“Sister, you can’t treat me this way, let me be eaten by him, it’s better to feed the dog.” Wu Yue was aggrieved.

“Then feed the dog.” Lin Yan sighed.

“Huh?” Wu Yue immediately persuaded: “Sister, I saved you

somehow …” Hearing the sound, Lin Yan was taken aback, looked at Wu Yue inexplicably, and said: “I should have saved you, no My word, can you get out of the prison.”

“Sister, you can’t get out without me.” Wu Yue said.

Lin Yan nodded: “That’s right, we are cooperating, but you didn’t save me, Wu Yue, in fact, you don’t need to say this, as long as you confess the black hand, I can definitely help you, but if you don’t say anything, I want to help you, but I can’t start.”

“You can tell me, my patience is limited.” Gou Dong’s face was gloomy.

“Okay, well, I just said it… But I said it wasn’t because I was afraid of you, I was because of the love between me and my sister…” Wu Yue looked at Lin Yan, “Sister, it’s Master Qin… …”

“Master Qin?”

As Wu Yue’s voice fell, Lin Yan and others were taken aback.

Who is Lord Qin in Wu Yue’s mouth?

“The Qin you are talking about is the surname Qin?” Lin Yan asked curiously.

Wu Yue immediately shook his head: “No, Lord Qin is what I call him. His surname is Qin, but he is not called Lord.”

“Xing Chen, eat him.” Lin Yan waved at Xing Chen.

Xing Shen: “It looks greasy.”

“Master Qin is Qin Huan!” Wu Yue said.

Qin Huan? !

After speaking, everyone was stunned, only Pei Yucheng was thoughtful.

“Qin Huan, how could it be…”

Xing Chen looked surprised and unbelievable.

Needless to say, the friendship between Xing Chen and Qin Huan naturally goes without saying. The two have been with Pei Yucheng for many years, and they are in the same siblings.

Before Qin Huan defected, Xing Chen was already a little unacceptable. After such a long time, Qin Huan had no news. He never thought that this time Qin Huan instructed this guy to sneak into Tian Amnesty’s Intelligence Department to steal information. .

What is Qin Huan’s purpose, and who is behind him…

However, Xing Chen’s heart also has some doubts. Is the Qin Huan in Wu Yue’s mouth the Qin Huan he knows? Will it have the same name and surname?

“I have a way.”

Lin Yan suddenly said, “Wu Yue, if you contact Qin Huan, you will say that the information has been obtained, and you will meet at a time.”

As Lin Yan’s voice fell, Gou Dong’s expression on the side shook slightly. , Hurriedly gave a thumbs up to Lin Yan, “Mother, you are so beautiful and intelligent. Such a good method can make you think that Tianshe has the mistress’s wisdom and blessings, and we will definitely be able to recover. During the peak period…”

Lin Yan: “…”

Gou Dong: “The position of the head of the intelligence department depends entirely on your mistress.”

Lin Yan: “…”

Wu Yue, who was forced to be helpless, had no choice but to take care of you. Contacted Qin Huan according to Lin Yan’s method.

However, Qin Huan seemed to be very cautious as well, and only asked Wu Yue to remotely transmit the information he had obtained to him by means of network information.

But Wu Yue naturally couldn’t come up with any useful information, so he could only delay the time first.

About half an hour later, Xing Chen brought Ling Yue to the place. Ling Yue was holding the laptop. After seeing Pei Yucheng, he said, “The target location has been determined.”

Soon, Pei Yucheng asked Xing Chen and Gou Dong to follow suit. Ling Yue found Wu Yue in the locked position, and brought Wu Yue back.

Lin Yan originally wanted to go with him, but was stopped by Pei Yucheng and let Lin Yan take a good rest at home and was not allowed to leave.