Chapter 1477 Investigating clearly

Chapter 1477 The investigation is clear

. After Gou Dong and the others left, Pei Yucheng looked at the intelligence Gou Dong had brought into deep thought, and looked at Lin Yan from time to time.

“What’s wrong?”

Seeing that Pei Yucheng’s expression was not right, Lin Yan’s expression was also very puzzled.

“You just said that the girl named Mu Yu is your sister.” Pei Yucheng said towards Lin Yan.

Hearing the sound, Lin Yan nodded, “It should be…” After

receiving Lin Yan’s answer, Pei Yucheng did not speak.

The document Gou Dong brought back recorded Lin Yan’s true identity and life experience.

Pei Yucheng did not doubt Gou Dong’s intelligence capabilities, and the authenticity of this document was extremely high.

Naturally, Pei Yucheng knew Lin Yan very well, not only Lin Yan’s present, but also her past.

Lin Yan, whose real name is Mu Yan, is the proud daughter of the Mu family of the evolutionary clan. Later, due to certain relationships, her life has changed dramatically. After leaving the Mu family, Lin Yan made some like-minded friends and established Shanhai.

It should have been a wonderful life, but for some reason, the mountains and seas were destroyed.

But Lin Yan, who could not accept the reality, activated her own evolutionary ability and helped her clear all negative memories.

After losing his memory, Lin Yan was taken to China by Wang Jingyang, making Lin Yan the child of He Muyun.

As for He Muyun’s matter, Pei Yucheng had already investigated clearly.

He Muyun, a Chinese, an acquired evolutionary.

After becoming an evolutionary, He Muyun left China and became the guard of the Mu family by chance, and has been taking care of Mu Yan when she was a child of the Mu family.

Back then, He Muyun and Lin Yuetong were lovers. For some reason, He Muyun broke up with Lin Yuetong until He Muyun became an evolutionary and left China and entered the Mu family as a guard.

A few years later, He Muyun left the Mu clan for some reason and returned to China, and lost his evolutionary power.

Shanhai Tiangu came to China with Lin Yan after amnesia, found He Muyun, and He Muyun recognized Mu Yan as a female, and asked He Muyun to find a way to give Mu Yan a brand new identity.

After that, He Muyun found Lin Yuetong again and told Lin Yuetong that when the two separated that year, he was pregnant with his daughter, named Lin Yan.

Now that her daughter has reached school age, I hope Lin Yuetong can give them the identity of the mother and daughter and perform the duties of a father once.

Lin Yuetong knew He Muyun’s character very well, so he never doubted He Muyun, and never thought He Muyun would lie from beginning to end.

For Lin Yuetong, Fengzi got married.

Soon after their marriage, the two had a second child in a sense, that is, Lin Shuya.

Therefore, from beginning to end, Lin Yan has nothing to do with the Lin family.

And this information, Pei Yucheng knew from the very beginning.

It’s just that the latest information that Gou Dong brought today has overturned Pei Yucheng’s cognition.

Lin Yan is not only from the Lin family, she is not even Mu’s lady at all.

Even Mu Yan didn’t believe in Mu at all. Her last name was Shang.

The Shang clan, a surname of an ancient evolver who did not know how many ages existed, has been standing at the top of the evolver clan since ancient times, and belongs to the ceiling-level evolver super clan.

The patriarch of this term is Shang Yuan. It is said that Shang Yuan himself is an acquired evolve, and his evolutionary ability is not mentioned, but Shang Yuan masters extremely terrible experimental manufacturing technology.

Strictly speaking, Shang Yuan is equivalent to controlling the lifeblood of the evolutionary world.