Chapter 1478 Real identity

Chapter 1478 The real identity

is Shang Yuan’s experimental technology, he can create countless perfect evolutionaries, such as the female devil in Lin Yankou Muyu, who also has similar experimental technology, but the level is not comparable to Shang Yuan compared to.

Not only that, Shang Yuan has many adopted children. Most of these adopted children were adopted by Shang Yuan since childhood, such as the old man Shang Yu, the old four Shang Hui, and the old five Shang Beiyue. They are all the pinnacle evolutionary in the evolutionary world. Very strong evolutionary combat power.

Although there was no expression on Pei Yucheng’s face, there was a wave of waves in his heart.

After a moment of contemplation, he has probably connected all the information together.

Lin Yan is Shang Yuan’s child. After Lin Yan was born, perhaps he wanted his daughter to be the king of the evolutionary. Shang Yuan used experimental methods on Lin Yan to make Lin Yan as a child already possess it. An evolutionary force beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.

For example, those who have suffered severe physical damage due to evolution will show signs of recovery as soon as they approach Lin Yan.

In other words, as long as they get Lin Yan, the evolvers can break through the bottleneck, evolve without limit, and eventually become the true god with absolute power among evolvers.

It was precisely because of Lin Yan’s ability that some elders of the Shang clan had exhausted their means and wanted to treat Lin Yan as his own.

Soon after, it was also because of this relationship that led to the division of the Shang clan, and Shang Yuan and his adopted sons and daughters used extremely iron and blood methods to suppress the situation.

Although it stabilized the situation, Shang Yuan was thoroughly aware that “everyone is innocent and guilty.”

For the safety of his daughter, Shang Yuan finally sent Lin Yan into the Mu clan, and asked the Mu’s mistress to recognize Lin Yan as a daughter and call her her biological daughter.

At that time, the Mu family belonged to the Shang clan, so naturally they would not defy.

“Two people…”

Pei Yucheng looked at the confidential information in his hand, thoughtfully.

Back then, it was not Lin Yan who was handed over by Shang Yuan to the Mu family, but two people, two young girls.

One of them is Lin Yan, and the other is now the devil Muyu.

The two look exactly the same, without the slightest difference.

Gou Dong’s intelligence only reaches here.

The origin of the female devil Muyu is not even known to Pei Yucheng. If the two are not twin sisters, why they look exactly the same.

Pei Yucheng subconsciously looked towards Lin Yan.

At this moment, Lin Yan held a notebook in his hand, the same as Pei Yucheng before, and was reading it carefully.

“What are you looking at.” Pei Yucheng said.

After a few seconds of silence, Lin Yan said in her mouth: “The first line of this note is that I have recovered my memory, but I am about to lose it again. Therefore, write some useful information. I hope that after the amnesia, I will get something useful. Intelligence.”

As Lin Yan’s voice fell, Pei Yucheng frowned slightly.

“This handwriting… indeed belongs to me.” Lin Yan murmured.

Pei Yucheng: “…”

“I just felt that something was forgotten… I seem to remember that I wrote a note, like a dream, but I didn’t expect it to be true.”

Pei Yucheng: “…”

Soon, Lin Yan will take notes. Close it, staring at Pei Yucheng: “So…”

“Well…” Pei Yucheng can only admit.

“Whose prank is this?” Lin Yan was puzzled.

Hearing the sound, Pei Yucheng was taken aback for a moment, and immediately walked to Lin Yan’s side, “May I have a look.”

“Yes.” Lin Yan handed the notebook to Pei Yucheng.

Pei Yucheng opened his notebook, looked at it for a long time, and said, “It’s all real.”

“It’s all real?”

“The above is all true. You are not dreaming, and it has nothing to do with pranks.” Pei Yucheng said.

After Pei Yucheng finished speaking, Lin Yan’s body trembled slightly. Such an incredible thing was actually true.

I am really not He Muyun’s biological daughter, but Ms. Mu, the leader of Shanhai