Chapter 1479 Talking to someone

Chapter 1479 Say something to someone

somewhere in the manor.

Wang Jingyang looked at the man in front of him thoughtfully and said: “I always believe that the destruction of mountains and seas should have

something to do with Pei Yucheng.” The man was silent.

“Qinglong, I really don’t understand why you have been in the prison of the Hunter’s Guild for so many years. With your ability, you should not be caught.” A

moment later, the man called Qinglong seemed to return from his memories. After passing by, looked towards Wang Jingyang.

Wang Jingyang was right. With his ability, he would naturally not be taken into prison by the Hunter’s Guild. The reason why he was in that place for these years was just to redeem his sins.

“I see.” Suddenly, Wang Jingyang seemed to think of something, and smiled towards Qinglong: “The current Hunter Guild is a genius. To some extent, he is Jiufeng’s younger brother…

Lin Nuo was not caught, so he didn’t fight back?” Qinglong stared at Wang Jingyang, and then said after a long time: “Agou, call your subordinate Qin Huan back.”

As Qinglong’s voice fell, Wang Jingyang was slightly taken aback. There was a puzzled question: “What do you mean?”

Before, he asked Qin Huan to find a way to obtain some confidential information from the Tian Amnesty Information Department. This information is divided into two parts. The first part is to understand some special organization information in the Holy Land. , Secondly, I want to get the truth about the destruction of mountains and seas from Tian Amnesty’s intelligence department.

Did Pei Yucheng betray Tian Amnesty?

Although Wang Jingyang knew that Pei Yucheng was currently the seventh generation of Tian Amnesty, the information from that year might not have been preserved.

After a long time, Qinglong seemed to have made up his mind, staring at Wang Jingyang, with a serious expression: “Agou, you know, the prison of the Hunter’s Guild really can’t hold me…for so many years, I haven’t come out of it, but this I was out of the prison for the second time, would you like to know the reason?”

Wang Jingyang was taken aback after hearing the sound, this was indeed what Wang Jingyang doubted.

Even Wang Jingyang once believed that Qinglong had died on the battlefield.

“Why.” Wang Jingyang asked curiously.

“As I said before, I entered the prison for my sins, and this time I came out because of my sins that I hope to save.” Qinglong said blankly.

“Can you speak something human.” Wang Jingyang looked inexplicable.

Wang Jingyang didn’t understand what Qinglong was saying, or what he wanted to express in his words.

“Pei Yucheng is innocent. It wasn’t that Pei Yucheng had leaked our whereabouts back then. It was someone else. Although Pei Yucheng was most suspicious, it was a pity…” Qinglong said.

Wang Jingyang stared at Qinglong, and said after a long time: “Why are you so sure? Since you are so clear and confirmed that Pei Yucheng is innocent, then who leaked the whereabouts of the mountains and seas back then, including the information that Jiufeng is Mu Jiamuyan? …”

Only Shanhai members and Pei Yucheng knew the true identity of Jiufeng. If it weren’t for Pei Yucheng, it could only be revealed by the people of Shanhai, but everyone was dead, only he and Jiufeng were alive.

Thinking of this, Wang Jingyang couldn’t help but look up Qinglong.

No, besides him and Jiufeng, there is also this man.


Qinglong retracted his gaze and looked at Wang Jingyang.

As Qinglong’s voice fell, even Wang Jingyang, who had some guesses, couldn’t help but tremble all over. He knew that he hadn’t heard it wrong. Qinglong said it was him who did it, but Wang Jingyang still couldn’t believe it, or even be able to. accept.