Chapter 1480 You are a person in the Holy Land

Chapter 1480 You are a person in the Holy Land.

This is more shocking than when Pei Yucheng betrayed them, and it is even more difficult for him to believe.

“Agou, I did it.” A complex expression appeared in Qinglong’s eyes.

Qinglong originally wanted to say something, but Wang Jingyang on the side blasted towards Qinglong with a punch without warning.

However, Qinglong escaped Wang Jingyang’s offensive in an instant.

“Agou, let me tell you a story.” Qinglong said towards Wang Jingyang.

“Talk about your horse!” Wang Jingyang, in a furious state, immediately rushed towards Qinglong.

However, no matter what Wang Jingyang did, Qinglong didn’t fight back, but just dodged and started his story.

“Many years ago, powerful evolvers covered the sky with their hands, and constantly triggered wars between evolvers, and even some ordinary people were implicated. There was a pair of ordinary couples who suffered innocent disasters and died in the hands of evolvers. “

Shut up!”

Wang Jingyang glared at Qinglong, he was not interested in listening to these messy stories.

However, Qinglong ignored them and continued: “The husband and wife left a pair of children. When the daughter was about to be brutally killed, the Holy Land’s Holy Lord descended from the sky like a god and sanctioned those powerful evolutionaries who disturbed the balance of the ordinary world. .

as a teenager his brother, saw it as strong as God and Lord of the holy Land, but looking at the bodies of his parents in tears, his remorse, did not protect ordinary people, not to punish those who appear strong and timely evolution of those The resulting chaos.”

“What are you trying to say.” Wang Jingyang said.

“Agou, can you imagine, the lord of the holy land, a man close to the god of evolution, a person with the name of the strongest evolution, and a person with invincible evolutionary power, would cry for ordinary people.”

Wang Jingyang stopped He went on the offensive and didn’t speak. He had already guessed that the pair of ordinary people in Qinglong’s mouth was Qinglong and his sister.

“The young man remembers that the Lord of the Holy Land buried his parents with his own hands, and knelt down in front of the grave to apologize. He pushed all the responsibilities and evil consequences on himself because he did not do a good job as a guardian, so that the ordinary People were killed by the evolvers, and even the war between evolvers has been caused by friction. As the Lord of the Holy Land, he wanted to balance everything and even put an end to it.”

“Later, the boy and his sister were both killed by the Holy Land. The Lord brought them into the Holy Land to practice and raised them, and that young man was me.”

Wang Jingyang stared at Qinglong and sneered: “So, after doing it for a long time, you are from the Holy Land.”

Qinglong did not answer, and continued: “Actually, do you know that there is no evil person in the Holy Land, especially the Lord of the Holy Land. He has the purest truth and goodness in the world. Everything he does is for the balance between the evolutionary and has a real Balance, there will be real peace, you regard him as a wicked person, it is only because you have different positions and perspectives, and look at issues differently, that’s all.”

“So, the dog of the Lord of the Holy Land, let you do whatever it takes. Join Shanhai as a spy?” Wang Jingyang said coldly.

However, Qinglong shook his head: “It’s not what you think.”

Qinglong stared at Wang Jingyang, and continued: “I hate some powerful evolvers very much. Relying on my powerful evolutionary power, I provoke evolution everywhere. The wars between the clan of the Zhe even regarded ordinary people as ants that can be pinched to death at will…

And my mission in the Holy Land has always been to kill these bad evolutionaries… And entering the mountains and seas was just an accident. .”