Chapter 1481 It is for the atonement

Chapter 1481 is for atonement

. In the past , Qinglong went out to perform a mission, but he did not expect that the enemy was too strong and was severely injured.

Qinglong ran away desperately, but was lucky enough to save his life, but was seriously injured and fainted somewhere.

When Qinglong wakes up, he has been rescued by the young Jiufeng.

Only at the first glance, Qinglong recognized Jiufeng, this girl, in the future, will seriously affect the balance between the evolutionary, so…must get rid of!

However, at that time, Shanhai had already begun to take shape. Jiufeng was surrounded by several powerful evolutionaries including Shanhai Tiangu, and he was seriously injured and could not move at all.

Therefore, Qinglong concealed his identity, defrauded the trust of Jiufeng and several members, and even successfully joined Shanhai and obtained the title of Shanhai Qinglong.

“You are really a beast.” Wang Jingyang looked at Qinglong coldly: “Every member of Shanhai… is our closest teammate, a partner, a brother or a sister… you kill them all. …This is what you call justice, this is the balance in your mouth, the supreme ideal in your heart?!”

As Wang Jingyang’s voice fell, Qinglong’s body trembled slightly.

“Sorry… I… I didn’t expect it to be like this… If… if they didn’t hinder the Holy Land, didn’t stop and attack, they wouldn’t…”

“You fart!”

Wang Jingyang shouted angrily and hit him with a punch. On Qinglong’s face.

Qinglong was hit by a punch and fell to the ground.

In the next second, Wang Jingyang rode on Qinglong, with his fist hitting Qinglong’s face like rain.

“They all regard Jiufeng as their relatives…as family members, and every member of Shanhai is the most worthy family member…How could they let the people of the Holy Land take away their closest family members, ah!”

“Do you still remember how Fatty died? It was to cover your life as a beast. Do you remember what Fatty said to you in the last second before he died!”

Qinglong’s pupils shrank suddenly.

The fat man in Wang Jingyang’s mouth is a glutton of mountains and seas, and a very powerful evolutionary.

Taotie thought that the people from the holy land would attack him, so he stopped those people until he died in battle.

But Wang Jingyang’s words made Qinglong see the memory he has been avoiding and dare not face.

A word before     Yu Tie’s death… was to make him…


suddenly, Qinglong kicked Wang Jingyang up.

“Even if you want to kill me, now is not the time. I came out this time not to let you beat me, but to redeem the sin. The premise of the atonement is that I must live.” Qinglong wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Back then, Qinglong hesitated and struggled.

Whether Jiufeng or Shanhai is his lifesaver, wouldn’t he be ungrateful if he reported their whereabouts and abilities.

But then, he thought of his parents.

Jiufeng’s ability is too dangerous. If it is not eradicated, the future evolutionary world will most likely be reshuffled because of this girl and cannot take this risk.

But for a long time, Qinglong did not have a good opportunity to bring the intelligence back to the Holy Land.

With the longer and longer contact in Shanhai, the more he regards every member of Shanhai as his closest family members, the bond between them…Even, he has never been in his sister’s body. Feel it.

But in the end, he still betrayed them and killed them…