Chapter 1482 There is only one goal in the Holy Land

Chapter 1482 There is only one goal in the Holy Land.

Is he wrong?

He is just for balance, just for peace, just to prevent more ordinary people from dying in the hands of those powerful evolvers. If the evolving world loses balance, what will this world be like?

He thought that he had finally completed his great loyalty, but when he saw the members of Shanhai die in front of him, his heart was extremely painful, more painful than when he saw his parents were killed.

This time, it was his own “hands” that killed the family who was still caring about him before he died…

After that, Qinglong left the holy ground and even took the initiative to enter the prison.

Everything is as he said, entering the prison is his sin. He originally thought that he would stay in the prison until Jiufeng entered it.

Jiufeng is not dead… He has only two choices.

First, complete the righteousness of the year, kill Jiufeng, or notify the Holy Land.

Second, complete self-salvation and use his blood-stained hands to protect his last family.

And leaving the prison this time is redemption, one is to redeem oneself, and the other is to redeem the world.

“Your choice is.” Wang Jingyang stared at Qinglong.

“This time…” Qinglong opened his eyes: “I want to protect my family… redeem myself.”

“How do I trust you.” Wang Jingyang asked.

Qinglong shook his head: “I have received news from the Holy Land. This time, the Lord of the Holy Land and the two Holy Land guardians are dispatched personally. Do I have to deceive you? The video that you have leaked before has already been covered with evolutionaries. How could it be possible to hide from the holy land in the Internet circle.”

Wang Jingyang didn’t question this time. Indeed, Qinglong didn’t have to lie to him.

The appearance of the two protectors and the Lord of the Holy Land is enough to explain the attitude that the Holy Land attaches the most importance to this matter. It is an invincible, powerful enemy like a god.

“You go, I have my own plan.” Wang Jingyang said.

“You don’t have to take Jiufeng away in delusion.” Qinglong said.

“What do you mean.” Wang Jingyang frowned and looked at Qinglong.

“You are too underestimating the ability of the Holy Land.” Qinglong said: “As early as the first time you revealed your position, the Holy Land has been dispatched and will secretly monitor the whereabouts of Jiufeng. No matter where you escape, he can’t escape…because , This time is the visit of the two law protectors and the Lord of the Holy Land.”

Upon hearing the sound, Wang Jingyang sneered: “I only monitored Jiufeng, not me?”

“Is there any need to monitor you? Can you influence the evolutionary world? Balance? The Holy Land has only one goal, and that is Jiufeng.”

“No matter what you say, you are a person from the Holy Land, and you have killed the brothers and sisters of Shanhai. “

Wang Jingyang said, turned and left.

“Wait.” Qinglong said: “Xiao Ji’s behavior, you don’t have to be surprised. He is the smartest person in our mountains and seas. The reason why Jiufeng’s ability is deliberately announced is to allow a large number of powerful evolutionaries to come.

Fighting for Jiufeng, trying to create obstacles to the Holy Land, his original intention… is still there.” “Cut, all the way.” Wang Jingyang sneered and disappeared immediately.

Yunjian Water Village.

Lin Yan and the others were watching Qin Huan who was caught back and was silent in the corner.

“You are dead.”

Suddenly, Qin Huan looked at Wu Yue.

“Ahhh!” Wu Yue glanced at Qin Huan, “I think you should die first… You scumbag, forced me to steal other people’s confidential documents. Your morals are corrupt. After the incident, Dongchuang not only did not repent, but also Threatening me!”