Chapter 1483 Break your legs

Chapter 1483 Interrupting your legs and

hearing the sound, Qin Huan sneered: “Did I force you? Didn’t I give you money? Where is the face when bargaining with me? You who don’t have the slightest professional ethics are worthy to say Morality.”

“Sister Yan, I was really forced. I confiscated the money…” Wu Yue looked at Lin Yan.

Lin Yan smiled slightly at Wu Yue: “Wait for how much money will be charged, remember to transfer the money to me, and then… you owe me the money, don’t forget, if you miss me a penny, I will interrupt you. legs. “

Wu Yue:” …… ” “

Star Shen Pei brother …… …… I you, but you have to ask again sorry, I know nothing, nothing will say, I do not know , You just kill me.” Qin Huan said.

“Qin Huan, have you forgotten what Brother Pei did to us? You betrayed Brother Pei over and over again. You are still not a human being!” Xing Chen shouted angrily.

“So… I’m sorry Brother Pei, but before Brother Pei, I have been loyal… Forget it, each is the owner, there is nothing to say.” Qin Huan said.

“So, everything about you is fake, and you are following Brother Pei, which is also a complete conspiracy.” Xing Chen said.

“Yes!” Qin Huan gritted his teeth.

“It’s a tengu.” After a long time, Pei Yucheng said.

As Pei Yucheng’s voice fell, Xing Chen and the others were puzzled, only Qin Huan looked surprised.

“Brother Pei, you, how did you know?”

No one should know about this.

“What I know may be more than this.” Pei Yucheng said.

Shanhai Tiangou, Mu Yang…

His childhood friend, the friendship between them, naturally, need not say much.

Back then, Pei Yucheng was a guest at the Mu family and studied with the Mu family’s mistress for a period of time. In a sense, the Mu family’s mistress was his enlightenment teacher.

During the time at Mu’s family, Pei Yucheng befriended Mu Yang and Mu Yan. He had a deep relationship with Mu Yang. If there weren’t the incident of Shanhai, maybe…

But Pei Yucheng was dumb and ate Huanglian. Hard to tell.

Knowing that Jiufeng did not die and became a matter of Jiufeng Shanhai, only he and Shanhai people know the truth. Although, afterwards, Xiaoji’s younger brother Xiao Yao and others also learned the truth, but they were due to the time difference. There is no suspicion.

In that battle, almost all the people in Shanhai died. Tengu fleeed with Jiufeng, and Xiao Ji nearly died with serious injuries.

It is particularly coincidental that a few days before the accident, he happened to meet Jiufeng and the people of Shanhai. An accident happened a few days after he left. This suspicion naturally fell on him.

Originally, Pei Yucheng was a bad-spoken person. He tried to explain the truth to the Tengu, but… it was counterproductive, and his suspicion was indeed too great.


Lin Yan looked puzzled.

“Wang Jingyang.” Pei Yucheng Road.

“Wang Jingyang?” Lin Yan was stunned for a moment, and then smiled subconsciously: “Wang Jingyang you said is Wang Jingyang in my cognition?”

“Yeah.” Pei Yucheng Road.

Since seeing Wang Jingyang’s first side, he has recognized Wang Jingyang, but he has not broken it.

Once broken, in addition to a battle between him and Wang Jingyang, Wang Jingyang will also leave with Lin Yan again, so he can only pretend that he didn’t recognize Wang Jingyang’s method.

Facts have proved that his approach is indeed correct.

Even Pei Yucheng at this moment knew why Wang Jingyang arranged Qin Huan with him.