Chapter 1484 Come a ton of walnuts

Chapter 1484 A ton of walnuts,

even if Wang Jingyang believes that he has leaked the whereabouts of Shanhai, betrayed Shanhai, betrayed him, and even betrayed Jiufeng, but deep down, Wang Jingyang still has a trace of anticipation and does not believe in the betrayer It was him, so he arranged Qin Huan to approach him so that Qin Huan could find out if he did it.

Otherwise, Wang Jingyang doesn’t need to spend his time sending people to approach him, just identify him and find him for revenge. Why bother.

Perhaps, even Wang Jingyang himself did not realize this.

“Wait, wait, I’m a bit messy, let me think about it.” Lin Yan frowned.

Her best friend, the brothers who grew up together, is Qin Huan’s master… and sent Qin Huan to Pei Yucheng’s side…

The small note she wrote when she recovered her memory did not mention Wang Jingyang.

Her mind is a little messy.

“Brother Pei, can you show it to Miss Lin Yan now?” Xing Chen asked.

“Look.” Pei Yucheng nodded.

At this moment, it is best for Lin Yan to remember everything, otherwise…

Immediately, Xing Chen opened the video with a special mobile phone and handed it to Lin Yan.

Looking at the video on the phone, Lin Yan recalled that this was a short story that he made Wang Jingyang pretend to be a man in black and filmed some time ago.

At the beginning, it still looked the same, the same as she remembered, but after Si Bai suddenly appeared, everything was beyond Lin Yan’s cognition.


Lin Yan stared at the terrifying evolutionary power shown by Wang Jingyang in the video.

Not only Wang Jingyang, but his unconscious self also showed an indescribable evolutionary power.

Therefore, she is really the creator of Shanhai Jiufeng, and Wang Jingyang’s true identity is… Shanhai Tiangu? !

“Wang Jingyang is not only a tengu.” Pei Yucheng looked at Lin Yan: “He is still your brother, Muyang.”


Wang Jingyang’s evolutionary power and identity had already made Lin Yan unacceptable, and now he has added another brother. …

“Wang Jingyang was adopted by the mother of Mu’s family. Although you are not related by blood, you are no different from your siblings.” Pei Yucheng said.

Lin Yan: “…”

Her mind is getting messed up. I am afraid that she needs walnuts to fill her mind.

“Miss Lin Yan, don’t blame him…” Suddenly, Qin Huan looked at Lin Yan: “Everything he did was for you, for you… to live.”

“Can you tell me everything.” Lin Yan He glanced at Qin Huan first, then looked towards Pei Yucheng.

After thinking for a while, Pei Yucheng asked Xing Chen to take everyone down first, leaving Lin Yan and him in the room.


After everyone left, Pei Yucheng nodded and said: “I thought time would allow you to recall everything slowly… but now it seems that I can only tell you.”

“Thank you…”

“But The story is a bit long, you need to be patient.”

“You were originally the daughter of the Shang clan…”

Just as Pei Yucheng said something , Lin Yan was surprised: “Why is there another Shang clan? Am I not from the Mu clan? “

Remember what you told me before, did anyone claim to be your fifth brother and your sister.”

Lin Yan nodded, “Does it have anything to do with those people.”

“They are your biological father, the patriarch of the Shang clan , Shang Yuan’s adopted son and adopted daughter.”

Lin Yan: “…” Who would give her a ton of walnuts to nourish her brain?

This amount of information is a bit too much…