Chapter 1485 Turn on BUG mode

Chapter 1485 Turns on the BUG mode

“After you were born, Shang Yuan used some experimental techniques on your body, hoping that you could become the most powerful evolutionary, but another kind of evolutionary sublimation appeared in your body. The effect of this kind of power is terrible. You can allow any evolutionary with innate ability to evolve indefinitely.”

“Infinite?” Lin Yan looked shocked.

Even if she doesn’t know the evolutionary system very well, she can feel the terrible part of this power literally.

Just like playing a game, she can turn on bugs and increase her level indefinitely. That’s pretty good!

She still has this ability?

It’s no wonder that those evolvers before calling his predecessors, let themselves help them.

“The evolution of an evolutionary is like a double-edged sword. The higher the level of evolution, the stronger the ability, and the more side effects, just like Xiao Ji. Because his evolutionary level is too deep, his body cannot bear the burden, and his legs are dead, so You can only rely on a wheelchair.” Pei Yucheng Road.

“Xiao Ji… is also an evolutionary…” The corner of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched slightly.

“Well, he used to be a member of Shanhai, a think tank of Shanhai.” Pei Yucheng nodded.

Lin Yan: “…”

“So, as long as you want, you can eliminate Xiao Ji’s physical defects, and he can continue to evolve until he becomes the god of evolution in the true sense, but also because of your ability. ,

Which led to the internal division of the Shang family and the start of the struggle. For your safety, your father sent you to the Mu family and made you a lady of the Mu family. All the stories start from here.

” I met you and Muyang at Mu’s house. After that, in order to better study, we passed the entrance test of the Holy Land and entered the Holy Land to study. Because of our good performance, we were accepted as disciples by the Lord of the Holy Land, but the good times did not last long, Master I discovered your ability and came to a conclusion that this ability will affect the balance of the evolutionary world.”

“Why?” Lin Yan frowned.

“Because, at present, the strongest evolver is the master. He is a well-deserved god of evolvers. No evolver can fight against it. The creed of the master’s life is to maintain the peace between evolvers and protect the world of ordinary people. Let any evolutionary influence the ordinary world.” Pei Yucheng Road.

“And your abilities are very special, just like the creators of gods. If one day, certain people evolve indefinitely because of your abilities, and their abilities are equal to the master, and even surpass the master and surpass the holy land… What will happen? “

Lin Yan: “…”

“If those people are extremely righteous, the world will be peaceful, but if those people have ambitions, the Holy Land will be powerless to stop them, and even when there is no power to stop them, regardless of the evolutionary This world, or the world of ordinary people, will be a catastrophe.” Pei Yucheng Road.

“This…” Lin Yan brows thoughtfully, “I think it’s possible that the Lord of the Holy Land doesn’t want someone to surpass him.”

However, Pei Yucheng shook his head and said: “It’s possible, but… the master will He cried bitterly because he didn’t protect ordinary people, and he would kneel

in front of the grave for several days because of his disciple’s tragic death. No one in the world can stop him, but he trapped himself in the Holy Land. If there is nothing important, he would never leave the Holy Land for half a step. This is the strongest person Pei Yucheng has ever seen, but the purest character.