Chapter 1486 Even if it’s a god

Chapter 1486 Even if it’s a god

, it won’t work. “What about after discovering my power?” Lin Yan continued to ask.

“Kill you.” Pei Yucheng Road.

“Huh?” Lin Yan was a little dazed.

“Back in the Holy Land, you were smashed off the cliff by your master. You were bound to die, but I don’t know whether it was your ability or a coincidence. Instead, you didn’t die. Instead, you were saved by Wang Jingyang.

Then Wang Jingyang took you away from the Holy Land. , Did not dare to return to the Mu family, for fear of being discovered by the master, so he changed his face and wandered around, forming the mountain and sea.”

“But I… why don’t I have any memory at all.” Lin Yan murmured.

“It should be a sequelae caused by your ability.” Pei Yucheng explained: “Your ability is very special. Any memories that will hurt you and make you painful will be deleted, and may even form false memories for memory restoration.” Pei Yucheng hesitated. .

“Even so, why did the Lord of the Holy Land do this? If I were his apprentice, he had loved me so much, even if he knew that I had this power, he could guide me, there was no need to kill me.” Lin Flue.

“Everyone’s thoughts are different. Even if you can recognize this, if one day, a powerful evolver takes you away, how can you be unpredictable? For him, you are the most unstable. Only by letting this power disappear is the greatest balance.” Pei Yucheng Road.

“So…that’s me damn it?” Lin Yan was angry and funny.

She was shot while lying down.

Pei Yucheng shook his head: “So I said that everyone has different ideas and different positions. The biggest mistake of the master is to regard himself as a true god. No matter who it is, he cannot decide a person’s fate, even without sin. Under circumstances, deprive a person of life. Delusion to control everything.”

Pei Yucheng’s eyes were firm: “Even if it’s a god… it won’t work.”

“Your mountains and seas were betrayed by the Holy Land. After learning that you were not dead, the Holy Land dispatched a guardian to sweep the mountains and seas. Except for you and Wang Jingyang, as well as Xiao Ji, almost all of them died in battle. He died just because… I want you to live. For them, you are the most important family member.” Pei Yucheng said.

For some reason, after mentioning the mountains and seas, Lin Yan’s heart felt a touch of sorrow that could not be dissipated, and this sorrow seemed to come from deep in his heart.

“Who betrayed us?” Lin Yan asked coldly.

Pei Yucheng: “…”

“Wang Jingyang believes it is me.” Pei Yucheng was a little helpless.

“There must be a misunderstanding.” Lin Yan said without hesitation.

She believed in the man in front of her.

Seeing Lin Yan’s trusting gaze, Pei Yucheng’s eyes trembled slightly, “I have been investigating this matter, but I have no clue, but what is certain is that it has nothing to do with me.” After

knowing that the Lord of the Holy Land killed Lin Yan. , Pei Yucheng had already begun to hate the Holy Land, and even wanted to kill his master to avenge Lin Yan.

However, how could Pei Yucheng be the opponent of the Lord of the Holy Land at that time, so he could only forbear and find the opportunity.

After that, he joined Tianshan and even became the seventh generation of Tianshan.

But even so, the horror of the Holy Land was still unshakable, until he found Lin Yan on a foreign racing track…

When he found Lin Yan, everything became unimportant.

Unfortunately, he was too afraid of losing her after experiencing Lin Yan’s death at that time, and used extreme methods to protect her.

Because of his paranoia, he almost lost her once again…

If it weren’t for his mental power to be drawn to her later, perhaps he would never have the opportunity to approach her again in his life. Because that kind of self is no longer protecting her, but hurting her existence.