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Chapter 1 (King’s return)

Finally home!

Fan Jianming walked out of the train station and took a deep breath involuntarily when he saw the familiar street.

Seven years of wandering overseas is finally over.

Today, he is not just returning home in fine clothes, he has to retaliate, and implement his revenge plan to all those who have bullied him, despised him, rejected or even framed him.

No matter who it is, as long as you owe him, you will get it back this time!

In order to better see the ugly faces of the creditors in the past, Fan Jianming hid his identity as a wealthy and enemy country. Before he set foot on the train back to his hometown, he bought a stall.

The first thing he did when he returned to his hometown, the first thing he looked for was the black intermediary of that year.

Fan Jianming walked out of the train station and was about to walk towards the bus station in the distance. A red Ferrari sports car passed by Fan Jianming and suddenly stopped by the road in front.

When Fan Jianming walked to the side of the sports car, the window glass was lowered, a very beautiful face turned his head, and he took off his sunglasses and shouted at Fan Jianming in astonishment: “Bad?”

Fan Jianming turned his face to take a look, and said in astonishment: “Fang Yadan?”

“It’s really you? You look like a dog, I thought I was wrong.” Fang Yadan shook his head, “Get in the car!”

Fang Yadan, the daughter of a local tyrant in Jiangcheng, and Li Qianqian were known as the twin stars of the school, Luo Tianyi and Le Zhengling walking on the campus!

Fan Jianming hurriedly got into the car, and a light and elegant fragrance came to him, cheering him up.

Fang Yadan was wearing a dress, and his two snow-white legs were not only as dazzling as before, but also a lot more sexy. Fan Jianming couldn’t help swallowing.

“It has been missing for many years. I heard that after graduating from high school, you went to work abroad. How are you doing now?”

“What part-time job? My name is labor export, which means moving bricks on foreign construction sites.”

“The income is pretty good?” Fang Yadan also looked at Fan Jianming.

Compared with the past, Fan Jianming was a little taller, his skin was a little darker, and his figure was a little more burly. He was fine when he didn’t speak, and when he opened his mouth, the nasty look of childhood came out again.

“Don’t talk about income. I met a black intermediary that year. The country we visited has been fighting for years and it was too late to escape. No, I was ransacked by unidentified local armed forces before returning to China. If it wasn’t for the embassy’s funding, I would come back. Air tickets can’t even be bought.”

Fang Yadan believed what he said when he saw him spread the goods all over.

Fang Yadan’s mind suddenly flashed Li Qianqian wanting to cry without tears, and a strange light flashed in his eyes.

“Right,” Fang Yadan asked as he drove the car, “Back then, you seemed to have a crush on Li Qianqian, right?”

Not only Fan Jianming, almost all male classmates have secretly loved Li Qianqian and Fang Yadan.

“Who said that? I have a crush on you!”

This must come from Zhang Guodong’s mouth, Fang Yadan inevitably got excited, but it was from Fan Jianming’s mouth, Fang Yadan only raised the corner of his mouth slightly.

Fang Yadan smiled slightly: “Do you want to marry Li Qianqian as a wife?”

Fan Jianming was stunned.

“If you think about it, I promise she will marry you!”

Fan Jianming looked shocked!

“Don’t be shy and sorry, for the sake of old classmates, I intend to fulfill you.”

Fan Jianming was speechless.

Li Qianqian is not only beautiful, but her father seems to be a leader in a certain unit. Except for the money, he is not as much as Fang Yadan. In terms of status and taste, it is only above Fang Yadan. Why does she call for Li Qianqian?

Fan Jianming said with disdain: “Beauty Fang, have you celebrated Women’s Day?”

“So you agreed?”


“Did you bring your ID card?”

“Even the passport is on me.”

Fang Yadan turned on the car phone, and Fan Jianming saw that Li Qianqian’s name was displayed on the screen, and the little heart couldn’t help but become excited.

“Qianqian, bring your ID card to the Civil Affairs Bureau. I will wait for you at the door.”

“Civil Affairs Bureau, now? Okay… right.”

Li Qianqian’s voice is still so nice, like Fang Yadan, can penetrate into the bones of people.

From Li Qianqian’s tone, Fan Jianming felt that Li Qianqian respected Yadan very much, and his attitude was extremely humble. What happened?

Fang Yadan parked the car at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau and immediately told Fan Jianming to get off.

“What are you doing here?” Fan Jianming asked.

“Get a marriage certificate! Didn’t you hear it just now? Li Qianqian rushed over immediately.”

“what do you mean–“

“I didn’t say that just now, I asked Li Qianqian to marry you!”

“Fang Damei, you’re a bit too joke, and it’s not funny at all.”

After a while, Li Qianqian rushed to fight with an anxious expression. She didn’t even look at Fan Jianming next to her, and ran directly in front of Fang Yadan.

Compared with Fang Yadan’s gorgeousness, Li Qianqian is much more elegant, wearing a long dress and trousers. Although she outlines her slender figure, she feels too thin.

Fan Jianming carefully observed the two of them. If they were Luo Tianyi and Le Zhengling in the past, they are now a bit like the White Lady and Xiaoqing.

Fang Yadan took Li Qianqian’s arm, dragged her to the side, and took out a card from her handbag. When Li Qianqian saw the card, it was like seeing a straw for life.

Before Fang Yadan could speak, Li Qianqian said first: “Don’t worry, I promise not to interact with Zhang Guodong again.”

“No, my conditions have changed.” Fang Yadan glanced at Fan Jianming, who was standing on the side, and said to Li Qianqian, “As long as you marry him, not only the money for the kidneys, the surgery fees and the cost of your father’s recovery, I can Take it all.”

Li Qianqian was stunned for a moment.

Breaking up with Zhang Guodong is one thing, letting her marry is another.

She turned her head and looked at it carefully for a long time before she recognized Fan Jianming standing on the side: “Bad?

Fan Jianming, who was confused by Monk Zhang Er, smiled awkwardly, and Li Qianqian almost fainted.

Seeing Li Qianqian’s desperation, Fang Yadan felt very refreshed.

She tried to conceal her pride, and said: “Qianqian, after passing this village, this shop is gone. Besides, Fan Jianming returned home from studying abroad, holding such a golden tortoise son-in-law, and said Maybe you will stand up from then on, I will have to rely on you for anything in the future!”

Fang Yadan was deliberately humiliating Li Qianqian, and Li Qianqian could only endure this humiliation, but they didn’t know that for any woman in the world, Fan Jianming today can definitely be called a golden turtle son-in-law.

It’s a pity that Li Qianqian still didn’t understand, she kept begging for food everywhere with her golden rice bowl.

Tears rolled in Li Qianqian’s eyes: “Ya Dan, we are friends for more than 20 years after all. I have promised not to interact with Zhang Guodong anymore. Why do you have to push me into the fire pit?”

“Qianqian, what you need is 600,000 yuan. I can’t borrow you 600,000 yuan in exchange for you like a resentful woman and let Zhang Guodong worry about it all day? Only you got married and gave birth to children. He will completely give up on you!”

Li Qianqian finally understood that Fang Yadan would not only snatch Zhang Guodong from her, but also humiliate her for a lifetime!

The problem is Fan Jianming, he is cheap…

In order to save her father, Li Qianqian stretched out her hands with tears of humiliation and nodded in despair but surely.

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