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Chapter 1 What is that?

The round-cake-shaped all-weather soul-guided reconnaissance plane swept across the sea slowly, and in the distance, the white snow line could already be seen.

“Director, I’m about to arrive in the extreme north.” A clear voice sounded, and Nan Cheng in a white military uniform reported to Lan Xiao who was sitting in the position of the deputy captain.

They are a scientific research team from the Ancient Soul Beast Research Institute under the Tiandou Branch of the Douluo Federal Academy of Sciences. Since the Douluo Federation completed its first space journey about nine thousand years ago, mankind has begun to explore the space non-stop. Constant exploration and constant discovery have given mankind more and more understanding of the vastness of the universe.

With the increase in population and some other problems, humans began to try interstellar migration. After thousands of years of unremitting efforts, the immigration of the first planet was finally completed more than a thousand years ago. After more than a thousand years, mankind has completed the migration plan to the seven planets and developed them.

Since the soul beast almost brought an annihilating disaster thousands of years ago, the speaker of the generation called Mo Lan, known as the mother of peace in the Douluo Federation, declared that humans and the soul beasts coexist peacefully. All killings of soul beasts are forbidden.

When the Federation was colonizing the third planet, it gave this planet to the soul beast, led by the contemporary kings of soul beasts, and carried out a large migration from the small plane of the beast platform. The soul beast finally has its own homeland.

After that, the seventh planet was given to the soul beast. With two planets of its own, the soul beast has been fully recuperated for thousands of years, and the enmity between it and humans has been completely resolved. Mankind is fully cooperating with soul beasts in a brand new way. For tens of thousands of years, from soul beasts occupying the entire Douluo star, human beings struggled to survive, to the invention of the soul guide, and began to compress the living space of soul beasts, and then ten thousand years ago.

The awakened king of soul beasts leads the remaining soul beasts to take revenge on mankind. Today, humans and soul beasts coexist peacefully. The changes of the times have finally brought humans and soul beasts closely related because of the soul master profession into a period of peaceful development.

The scientific expedition team led by Lan Xiao came to the far north to investigate and see if there were any remaining ice-snow soul beasts or soul beast relics, so as to conduct research on ancient soul beasts.

The Far North was once known as the last pure land of the Douluo Continent. The harsh environment here prevented some of the remaining soul beasts from being harmed by humans. Later, the same migration was also carried out, but the spirit beast world here was self-contained, and it took a lot of effort to get the vast majority of spirit beasts to approve the immigration. But there are still some options to stay or hide.

“Okay.” Lan Xiao has the rank of major on his shoulders and looks handsome. He is 31 years old this year and graduated from the Douluo Federal National Institute of Science and Technology, focusing on soul beast research. All scientific research units are awarded military ranks and are managed by the Federation.

While agreeing, his eyes fell unconsciously on the graceful curve under Nan Cheng’s military uniform. Apart from being colleagues, they were also a couple. Not long after the beautiful Nan Cheng entered the institute, he was approached by his director. The two have a very good relationship, and they are planning to get married after returning from the scientific examination.

Nan Cheng glared at him, don’t look too far. Lan Xiao’s delicate appearance made Lan Xiao smile knowingly.

“After entering the far north, immediately turn on the life detector. The detection intensity is increased to the ten-year spirit beast level.” Lan Xiao ordered.

“Yes.” Nan Cheng was specifically responsible for the detection, and immediately responded.

The extreme north has been a place of bitter cold since ancient times. There are almost no plants that can survive here. When there were soul beasts in the past, cold-resistant large soul beasts were the main ones. There are also some special soul beasts similar to Bing Bi Xie and Xue Nu.

Soon, the all-weather soul-guided reconnaissance plane entered the far north and flew to the inner circle. A soft white halo surrounded the reconnaissance plane, isolating the bitter cold outside.

At the center of the flat airplane’s lower abdomen, a light green light spilled. When the light fell on the ground, it formed a green aperture that could cover one square kilometer. In the aperture, any soul beast with a life strength of more than ten years would be detected. This is the latest life detector. The fineness is enough to reach 100 meters deep underground.

The reconnaissance plane moved along the coastline while scanning. Although the detection range of the life detector is very large, the far north is very vast, and it takes a long time to scan the whole area, or even to detect only a part of it.

“Well, now that we are in the place, we have set up the detection program and everyone has a rest. I hope I can find something this time.” Lan Xiao stretched out his body and said lazily. There was always a faint smile at the corner of his mouth.

Looking at his appearance, Nan Cheng curled his lips. This guy, always like this, seems to do everything carelessly, but he can do everything well. When he was in school, he didn’t see how hard he worked, and he became a schoolmaster. After working, he was easily admitted to the institute. Obviously he was admitted with him, but now he is still a lieutenant, and he has been promoted twice. You must know that promotion of military rank is extremely difficult. In the absence of war, it is possible to gradually get to school-level officers at least forty years old. But this guy is only thirty-one years old this year.

Thinking about it, I’m really not convinced, I’m obviously working harder than him! Even when he was chasing himself, he seemed to be just ignorant and surrendered under his harmless smile. Humph!

As I was thinking, there was already a shadow covering the light in front of me, and a big hand rubbed her head, and the familiar voice sounded in my ears, “Okay, detect which instrument will automatically alarm, accompany me Let’s eat.” When

someone else became a lover with a colleague in such an important department, he would definitely be cautious in his words and deeds, but Lan Xiao had no such consciousness at all, so he blatantly got close to Nan Cheng. I have reminded him many times, but he is still the same as me, and his beautiful name is: I can’t help it!

“Yeah.” Nan Cheng stood up, and then realized that he had listened to him easily again. Damn it!

He looked up and wanted to stare at him, but Lan Xiao’s charming smile was greeted. With his eyes kept, he grabbed his little hand and walked to the spaceship’s restaurant. The voice of this guy was still heard in the ear, “I like your stupid look.”

Who is that stupid? Who are you talking about? Just when she was thinking about whether to have an attack. Suddenly, a series of rapid “didi” sounds attracted everyone’s attention.

Nan Cheng rushed back to her position almost completely subconsciously, and quickly performed a series of operations. The screen in front of her zoomed in quickly, and she could clearly see that a strong halo spread out in the screen. Outside release.

Lan Xiao followed closely, and came to her side, looking at the screen, his face also became solemn.

“All units pay attention, all units pay attention. There may be powerful life forms. The reconnaissance aircraft rises to three kilometers, and the life detectors focus on detection. The protective cover is temporarily opened to the maximum strength, and the interception weapons are ready.” He did not hesitate a series of Ordered, the lazy look on his face disappeared, replaced by solemnity.

The diffusing halo on the screen was red, and he knew exactly what it meant. Only a soul beast with a 100,000-year level could release such a powerful life energy.

“Use reconnaissance satellites to observe in detail.” Lan Xiao patted Nan Cheng on the shoulder.

“Yeah.” Nan Cheng operated on the console in front of her with her hands like a butterfly wearing flowers. Soon, the satellite was connected, and the high-definition reconnaissance satellite locked the target under her guidance.

Lan Xiao stood upright and turned to the main screen of the reconnaissance plane. On the main screen, a picture was being rapidly enlarged.

At the beginning, it was just a white piece, and soon, the snow melted clearly. Then, there was a valley surrounded by snow and ice.

Saying it is a valley, it is actually more like a crack. The crack is rapidly enlarged in the high-definition detection of the reconnaissance satellite until it reaches the depth of the valley. Next to a broken rock.

That huge life energy came from here. When the satellite was positioned at that point, both Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng could clearly see that under the snow cover, there was a faint golden halo flickering.

“Amplify more.” Lan Xiao said solemnly.

The picture continued to zoom in, and it became clearer this time. The snow surface was shining not only gold, but also silver. The two colors flashed slowly and alternately.

Nan Cheng turned to look at him and whispered, “What is that?”

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