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Chapter 2 Defrosting and Resurrection

As the first administrative star discovered by mankind and successfully emigrated, Tiandouxing has a history of thousands of years. This planet is about one-half the size of the original Douluo Star, and 54% of the planet’s surface is covered by oceans, of which 40% are freshwater seas, and the other 60% are saltwater seas.

The surface of the planet was originally without organisms. After the arrival of human beings, the entire surface of the planet was developed with the power of science and technology.

Although Tian Douxing itself has no organisms, it has an environmental foundation similar to Douluo Xing 80%. According to human scientists’ estimates, as long as the first cellular organism appears, it may only take tens of thousands of years to be born. A planet with civilization has emerged. And the arrival of Star Douluo’s interstellar colonization undoubtedly greatly increased this speed.

The reason why Tian Dou was named was to commemorate that once the most powerful country on the Douluo Continent.

Since the disaster caused by the soul beast happened ten thousand years ago, the entire Douluo star has begun to evolve because of a blessing in disguise, and human beings have also abandoned their previous suspicions. At that time, the Douluo Federation, Heaven Dou Empire, and Xingluo Empire, which were originally three-quarters of the world, decided to merge after nearly a hundred years of negotiation and negotiation, and they were still called the Douluo Federation.

The original Tiandou Empire and Xingluo Empire became two autonomous regions. It is called Tiandou Autonomous Region and Xingluo Autonomous Region in history. The interior is fully autonomous, but the resources are shared with the Federation. Thereby accelerating scientific exploration and research.

Douluo Star, where Douluo Continent is located, is now also called its home planet. Tian Douxing, as the first administrative star to be colonized, is undoubtedly the most perfect in development. In addition to the overall energy level that cannot be compared with the home planet, everything here It is also not much different from the parent star.

In particular, Tiandouxing is extremely rich in minerals and rich in various rare metals. It is precisely because of it that humans have more power to continue interstellar migration. You know, the resources consumed by each interstellar migration are absolute astronomical numbers.

Tian Dou Xing, the headquarters of the Tian Dou Xing Branch of the Federal Academy of Sciences, is conducting an epoch-making scientific research experiment.

In the huge dome laboratory, hundreds of top scientists are busy separately. In the center of the laboratory, a human figure is immersed in liquid in a huge petri dish.

“Prepare to begin to heat up and melt. Add high-concentration biological nutrients. Prepare to inject soul-guiding energy.” Standing in the main position, an old white-haired scientist gave orders in a low voice.

In the petri dish, because of the turbidity of the liquid, it is not clear what kind of existence is inside, but all scientists are a little nervous at this time.

This is a thaw resurrection test. The specimen was discovered in the far north of the parent star as early as 300 years ago. The corpse was kept extremely intact, without any wounds. Because the technology at that time was not perfect, no attempt was made to thaw.

In recent thousands of years, as mankind develops more planets and discovers more substances, the level of science has advanced by leaps and bounds. Many thawing and revival trials have been successfully carried out. Some creatures that have been frozen for several years can also be successfully thawed and revived.

And this corpse in front of him, conservatively estimated that it has existed for thousands of years. It is the first time in human history to thaw a corpse that has been frozen for so long, and it has an epoch-making significance. And according to the inferences of scientists, this person in the ice may have existed for a very long time. If the resurrection is successful, she will bring not only scientific significance, but also historical significance.

For today’s thawing and revival experiment, scientists have made full preparations and thought of countless kinds of plans.

“It’s starting to melt. According to the speed of ice melting, the experimental body is likely to last longer.” The longer the

freezing time of the solid ice, the longer it will melt.

Scientists are all a little excited. Undoubtedly, the longer this corpse exists, the more meaningful it will be if she can come back to life.

“The melting is over and the body is exposed. Do you start to inject brain repair fluid and organ repair fluid?”

“Start injection.”

“Yes, repeat, start injection.” The

scientists were busy nervously.

But in the next instant, the harsh alarm sounded. “Urgent report, injection is not possible. The alloy needle cannot penetrate the subject and has broken.”

“What?” The headed old scientist was taken aback. He couldn’t understand the strength of the alloy needle. Even if it is as hard as a mecha, it can be pierced easily!

“Is it not completely melted? The body itself has not melted?”

“The body melts smoothly, the body is already soft, but the skin is abnormally tough, and it just can’t be penetrated. Chief, what should I do now?”

“Inject the soul energy immediately,” Perform a strong stimulus recovery.” The chief scientist promptly issued the order. But his face was already slumped. Not only him, but also the scientists around him.

They are all aware that the possibility of the subject’s rebirth is very small. According to past experience, the thawed experimental body must undergo brain repair and organ repair as soon as possible before it is possible to survive. The best thing for cryopreservation is blood, and the most harmful thing is the brain. If the brain is not repaired in the first time, there is no possibility of resurrection even 1%. Unless it is frozen for only a few hours. What’s more, this experimental body has been frozen for thousands of years. The repair fluids prepared for her are all strengthened, and now they cannot be injected into the body. They are just soaked outside, and the effect is definitely much worse.

Along with the infusion of soul-conducting energy in the petri dish, a faint white halo began to be emitted.

The chief scientist sighed, “We are still careless and did not consider this situation. This experimental body is probably very unusual, and it may even be a soul beast cultivator, so the body strength is so high. Now it is too late to change the needle. I have known that I should apply to the headquarters for the highest-strength infusion needles. I will bear this responsibility.”

“Chief, don’t say that. Everyone has not considered this issue. What responsibilities should we shoulder together!” A middle-aged man beside him hurriedly said.

“Wait a minute, look.” Suddenly, an elderly female scientist on the other side suddenly pointed to the petri dish.

The gazes of the scientists followed, and they were surprised to find that the turbid liquid in the petri dish suddenly became transparent, and the human figure inside began to become clearer.

“this is……”

When the figure gradually revealed its original appearance, everyone couldn’t help but look a little dumbfounded.

It was a young girl, a beautiful girl. Because she was enclosed in a thick layer of ice, she couldn’t see all of her appearance.

Her body is covered by a long silver dress, her hair is also silver, and her figure is slender. Although the eyes were closed tightly, the long eyelashes still had a breathtaking feeling. The eyes of all the male scientific researchers present were attracted to her involuntarily, and for a while, they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

“Quickly, increase the soul-conducting energy injection. She seems to be absorbing the nutrient solution in the petri dish by herself, replacing it with the nutrient solution, fast!” The chief scientist yelled almost frantically, and at the same time awakened the sluggish scientists.

The laboratory became busy again, and the scientists moved quickly.

The nutrient solution is re-infused into the petri dish, and the soul-conducting energy is continuously injected. However, a strange situation appeared. No matter how the nutrient solution was injected, the liquid in the petri dish was always clear. The girl’s body was like the sea of ​​stars, swallowing all the nutrients and the soul energy that was injected.

This process took an entire hour.

“Look, she, she seemed to frown just now?” a sharp-eyed young scientist suddenly pointed to the petri dish and said.

There is no need to prove his words, because in the next instant, through the sound transmission equipment, a slight heartbeat rang, “Boom, boom, boom.”

For scientists, this is simply the sound of nature! What surprised them even more was that the girl in the petri dish moved her eyelashes and slowly opened her eyes.

Her eyes were lavender, and her eyes were dull, showing extreme fatigue. She looked at the petri dish in front of her blankly, raised her hand, as if she wanted to move.

“Stop the nutrient solution injection. Release the nutrient solution and oxygen injection.” The chief scientist quickly issued an order. People who have just awakened from freezing are most afraid of suffocation. That is likely to cause a second brain death.

Liquid is poured and oxygen is injected. The girl’s eyes seemed to become even more bleak. She muttered blankly, “I’m so tired, who am I? Where am I?”

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