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Chapter 2 (King’s return)

I go, this happiness comes too suddenly, right?

Fan Jianming followed the two of them into the Civil Affairs Bureau. After filling out the marriage application form, he took a wedding photo in the nearby shop. When he received the marriage certificate, he felt completely sleepwalking.

Fang Yadan then pulled Li Qianqian aside and whispered: “I know you are very difficult. Now this 600,000 is an astronomical figure for you, but it is not a small number for me. We Must set a time limit for return, right?”

Fang Yadan’s request was not excessive, but Li Qianqian was speechless. She was so indebted that she really didn’t know when she would have the money to pay back.

“You…you set a deadline, right?”

Fang Yadan sighed: “Let’s do it, for the friendship you just mentioned for more than 20 years, within a year, if you have a child with Fan Jianming, I won’t let you pay back the 600,000. Otherwise, I Relax for another year, and within two years, you must pay back my 600,000 yuan.”

Li Qianqian’s father had kidney necrosis. It costs 300,000 yuan to buy a kidney alone, not including the cost of surgical treatment, plus the recovery and their daily living expenses. This 600,000 yuan is really life-saving money.

Li Qianqian’s father, Li Jialiang, used to be the head of the Quality Inspection Station of the Construction Engineering Bureau. Although his position is not high, he has real power. All developers in the area under his jurisdiction must have him on the spot to check the quality before proceeding. The next process.

Later, several developers jointly accused him of taking bribes, sentenced him to five years in prison, received financial penalties, owed a lot of debts, and was double-opened. His wife Jia Xiaoyan also divorced him.

Li Jialiang, who has no job, has also suspended social security for several years. This operation is completely at his own expense.

In order to pay off the debts owed by her father, Li Qianqian, who was a teacher in elementary school, has borrowed all her relatives and friends. The debts in the past have not been paid off, and now her father needs a kidney transplant.

Li Qianqian, desperate, can only speak to Fang Yadan, her former girlfriend and current rival.

She was fully mentally prepared, and the moment she began to borrow money from Fang Yadan, she decided to give up Zhang Guodong.

Li Qianqian loves Zhang Guodong so much that he doesn’t want to drag him down, not to mention that Zhang Guodong’s parents are firmly opposed to this marriage, let alone loaned money to Li Qianqian’s father for treatment.

Now Fang Yadan not only promised to borrow money, but also promised that as long as Li Qianqian and Fan Jianming gave birth to a child, the money would not be repaid.

Li Qianqian also figured it out. Anyway, she has been married to Fan Jianming. For the 600,000, the conditions for having a child with Fan Jianming within a year are indeed not exaggerated.

To put it bluntly, Fang Yadan wanted Zhang Guodong and Li Qianqian to give up on each other.

Although she was forced to sign the alliance under the city, Li Qianqian nodded without hesitation. But I hated Fan Jianming in my heart.

She didn’t know that Fan Jianming just returned to China today. Fang Yadan happened to ran into Fan Jianming when he was driving past the train station. She thought that Fan Jianming and Fang Yadan had colluded early.

Li Qianqian even suspected that the 600,000 yuan was Fan Jianming’s money, otherwise Fang Yadan would not be so generous.

After Li Qianqian agreed, Fang Yadan walked to Fan Jianming and left his mobile phone number. At the same time, he dragged him into the WeChat group of his classmates. Finally, he said: “I wish you two happiness. Let me know when the wedding is held. Be your witness.”

After speaking, Fang Yadan made a grimace at Fan Jianming, walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau in large strides, and left in a sports car.

Fan Jianming looked at her back and didn’t recall it for a long time.

“Li… Qianqian,” Fan Jianming didn’t know what to call, and smiled awkwardly, “I…I don’t know what’s going on.”

“I know.” Li Qianqian asked blankly, “Is it going to your house or the hotel?”

“My house? Hotel?” Fan Jianming looked at Li Qianqian with a blank expression.

“Didn’t we just get the certificate? We are already a legal couple.”

If I go, legal couples should be anxious to do that kind of thing? Hasn’t the wedding been held yet?

“Then what, Qianqian, there is one thing I didn’t understand. What did Fang Yadan tell you, how can you get the certificate from me so easily?”

Li Qianqian snorted coldly, turned around and walked out of the hall.

She thought Fan Jianming was pretending, and she didn’t pretend to look like it at all.

Fan Jianming immediately followed out. When they came to the side of the road and were about to beckon the taxi, Zhang Guodong suddenly appeared on the battery car.

“Old Zhang?”

Fan Jianming did not expect such a coincidence to meet Zhang Guodong here.

Compared with the tall and handsome of his student days, Zhang Guodong is still handsome and handsome, but his face is a little more mature, and his demeanor is not as arrogant as it used to be. In addition, he is riding a battery car, and he looks just so ordinary.

Zhang Guodong, Fan Jianming, Fang Yadan, and Li Qianqian were all high school classmates. Zhang Guodong had just received a call from Fang Yadan, saying that Li Qianqian seemed to be getting a certificate from other men in the Civil Affairs Bureau, and then rushed over in a rush on a battery car.

He didn’t notice Fan Jianming at all. After hearing the shout, he blinked and looked for a while before he recognized Fan Jianming.

“Guilty… cheap?”

“Hahaha, Lao Zhang, what a coincidence?”

Fan Jianming was about to greet him, but Li Qianqian suddenly took his arm and said to him: “Go, there is an empty taxi.”

When Zhang Guodong saw Li Qianqian actually taking up Fan Jianming’s arm, he was stunned on the spot.

Fan Jianming still didn’t know the relationship between Zhang Guodong and Li Qianqian, only that he was surprised that Li Qianqian, a great beauty, would be so affectionate to him.

He took out the marriage certificate and shook: “Lao Zhang, I didn’t expect it, we just got the certificate!”

Hearing this, Zhang Guodong pushed the battery car to the ground with both hands, stepped over the battery car and rushed over, grabbing the marriage certificate from Fan Jianming’s hand and looking at it, shaking with anger.

“Qianqian, why? It’s actually… cheap? Even if you don’t like me, who is not good for you to choose, why do you choose him as a bastard?”

When he was studying, there were 31 boys in the class with Fan Jianming. Fan Jianming had been beaten by 29 classmates. Apart from himself, there was only one honest Wang Wei who had not beaten him. That was the only one of him. friend.

Every time he was beaten, he basically asked for it on his own, that’s why he got the nickname “Guilty”.

The breakup proposed by Li Qianqian had hit Zhang Guodong hard enough, and she actually chose Fan Jianming, which was simply the death of Zhang Guodong!

In Zhang Guodong’s view, he can lose to any man in the world, except Fan Jianming.

Only then did Fan Jianming realize that Zhang Guodong’s relationship with Li Qianqian was unusual.

Li Qianqian said to Zhang Guodong blankly: “Speak with respect, who is a bastard? He is my husband now!”

“Husband? Hahaha—”

Zhang Guodong laughed angrily. He didn’t even notice that Fan Jianming was about the same height as him, even slightly bigger than him. Suddenly, he slammed the marriage certificate into Fan Jianming’s face, then punched and kicked. The raindrops of fists fell on Fan Jianming’s body until he knocked Fan Jianming to the ground.

Originally, Zhang Guodong was one of Fan Jianming’s creditors, and he has been bullying him since he was a child. He didn’t expect that Zhang Guodong would beat him again in front of Li Qianqian as he did in the past.

Fan Jianming tried hard to endure it, all new and old hatreds were in his heart, and more importantly, he wanted to see Li Qianqian’s reaction.

“What are you doing?” Li Qianqian suddenly rushed over, hugged Fan Jianming tightly, and blocked Zhang Guodong with her body. “The surname is Zhang, don’t be too much, or I will call the police!”

“Call the police? You are cheap… You are cheap, call the police? Haha, hahaha—”

Zhang Guodong, who was in despair, smiled miserably and yelled. He didn’t even support the battery car that fell on the ground. Instead, he spread his legs and ran aimlessly to the side.

Li Qianqian saw in her eyes and hurt her heart. She really wanted to chase Zhang Guodong and stop Zhang Guodong, but she thought of the scene of her father lying in the hospital, waiting for the operation painfully. She was born with tears that were about to gush out, but her lips were covered She bit it.

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