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Chapter 3 (King’s return)

Fan Jianming, who was lying on the floor, saw Li Qianqian covering herself with her body. He was in a good mood and excited for a while, but he knew it and asked, “Qianqian, thank you. What’s wrong with Lao Zhang, is he crazy? You can see that, this This time I didn’t make a bad deal, it was him…”

Li Qianqian stood up suddenly, said coldly, “Get up”, immediately turned around and walked to the side of the road, waving to the taxi.

Fan Jianming quickly got up from the ground and walked to Li Qianqian’s side. Just as he was about to say something, Li Qianqian glared at him in disgust, “Stay away from me, don’t stand so close!”

Fan Jianming was stunned for a moment: I was anxious to do something just now, why now…

Li Qianqian seemed to have guessed his thoughts, and then added another sentence: “Don’t worry, I will round up with you tonight, but I don’t like twitching and entangled, so you’d better stay away from me!”

“No, I didn’t mean that, I…”

“What do you mean? Don’t you just take advantage of the danger and partner with Fang Yadan to humiliate me? Very good, I will perfect you, don’t you want my body? I will give it to you tonight!”

“Take advantage of others? I…”

A taxi stopped in front of them, and Li Qianqian opened the door of the co-pilot and sat in.

When Fan Jianming was hesitating to get on the bus, Li Qianqian asked coldly: “Why are you still standing there? Get on the bus!”

Fan Jianming smiled bitterly, scratched his head inexplicably, opened the back seat door and sat in.

In any case, the marriage certificate has already been received, and he still wants to figure out what Li Qianqian said about taking advantage of others?

Li Qianqian just said to the driver to go to the First People’s Hospital. Her and Fan Jianming’s mobile phones rang at the same time, which was a WeChat alert tone.

The two of them took out their phones almost at the same time and clicked on them. The WeChat group of students almost exploded.

It turns out that Fang Yadan just announced a piece of news: According to reliable sources, Fan Jianming and Li Qianqian received their certificates at the Civil Affairs Bureau today. Please congratulate them!

——Fuck, Fang Damei, the rumor is going to be invited to drink tea!

——Hold on, hold on, where is Fan Jianming’s sacred? Is it the clown nicknamed the guilty jumper? What’s wrong with Zhang Guodong? Tell me if you have a waist. You don’t need to find someone to help you, right?

——Call Dame Li, call Dame Li, if you have a big belly, no one will accept it, and you don’t need to transfer money to the bad guy. I will take it all and give you a luxurious wedding!

——Don’t mess around. I heard that Li Qianqian’s father was seriously ill. It seemed that he was going to change his kidney, which required hundreds of thousands, so…

——So what, is it that the gangster was taken care of by a rich woman, or he robbed the bank?

——Be guilty of being cheap and being taken care of by a rich woman? Rob the bank? I just ha ha ha~

——Damn, no wonder this guy entered the group somehow, where is the group owner? This clown kicked out!

Fan Jianming suddenly understood that Li Qianqian’s father needed a lot of money, and Fang Yadan must have just made a deal with her.

Damn, what are hundreds of thousands? It’s not enough to give Lao Tzu a tooth sacrifice!

Fan Jianming didn’t understand that Li Qianqian is so beautiful, how come she is so bad, there are not even hundreds of thousands in her family?

As he expected, these stupid classmates were still looking at him with old eyes. When he resisted his anger and looked down patiently, he unexpectedly received a system prompt message: Sorry! You have been removed from the “City Sixth Middle School Classmate Group” by the group owner Liu Yunkun.

Liu Yunkun?

Fan Jianming’s anger rose.

When Liu Yunkun was a kid, he was always a follower of Zhang Guodong, and he often bullied Fan Jianming in a bully manner, and then kicked him out of the group of classmates.

The hateful itch Fan Jianming almost threw the phone away. He vowed that he would rather not trouble the black intermediary and Zhang Guodong, and would first teach this guy a lesson.

Li Qianqian still looked down at the WeChat message, but did not respond.

Li Qianqian’s heart was still bleeding because she hurt Zhang Guodong face-to-face just now, but now seeing the cynicism of her classmates, she felt a little better in her heart.

After all, everyone is fighting against Zhang Guodong. In Li Qianqian’s view, this can be regarded as another form of compensation for Zhang Guodong.

However, after a while, she saw Zhang Guodong withdraw from the group, and she couldn’t help but feel colic.

At this time, Liu Yunkun sent another WeChat message: Qianqian, don’t be impulsive, wait for me, I don’t mind becoming Dong’s pick-up man!

——Mum Dan, Lao Liu, if you want to be a picker, you have to divorce your sister-in-law first, right?

——OK, as long as Qianqian nods, I will go through the divorce formalities now!

——Then I will be behind Yunkun!

–And I!

At this time, a female classmate actually sent a message: Qianqian, I really want to ask weakly, is it particularly powerful in the aspect of being cheap?

Li Qianqian smiled bitterly. She knew Fang Yadan was watching the screen, and wanted to see her being misunderstood and humiliated.

After the taxi stopped at the entrance of the hospital, Li Qianqian pushed the door and got out of the car, not even willing to look at Fan Jianming.

Fan Jianming followed her to the toll office. He watched her pay 400,000 yuan in advance with her card, and then came to the ward with her. After seeing Li Jialiang lying on the bed, he respectfully yelled: “Hello, Uncle Li.”

Li Jialiang was stunned for a while, and after watching for a long time, he recognized Li Qianqian and asked Li Qianqian with a puzzled look: “Bad?”


Even Li Jialiang knew his nickname, which Fan Jianming didn’t expect.

Li Qianqian said blankly: “Dad, I have paid the hospital expenses. I will meet the director again to see if the operation can be performed next week.”

Li Jialiang nodded, just a little puzzled. In the morning, Li Qianqian said that she would never find any more money. Why did she hand in the money this afternoon?

Li Qianqian went on to say, “Dad, there is something else to tell you. I have already signed a marriage certificate with him. After you are discharged from the hospital, we will go to the wedding.”

What, marry Yuan Jian?

Li Jialiang knew that his daughter liked Zhang Guodong. Since he was hospitalized, Zhang Guodong has been here on duty to accompany him every night, how…

Li Jialiang suddenly understood that the expenses that his daughter had just paid must be related to Fan Jianming. Could it be that Fan Jianming made a lot of money after he went abroad for a few years?

It is true that people are not to be seen, and the sea is not to be measured.

However, Li Jialiang knew that her daughter was by no means the kind of person who saw money and was extremely affectionate with Zhang Guodong. The reason she did this was entirely for her own sake.

Apart from sighing, Li Jialiang didn’t know what to say.

When Li Qianqian turned and left the ward, he didn’t even bother to say hello to Fan Jianming. After leaving Li Jialiang with a smile on his face, Fan Jianming hurriedly followed Li Qianqian to leave.

When they came to the entrance of the hospital, Li Qianqian asked again: “Let’s go to your house or the hotel?”

Because Fang Yadan gave it a one-year period, and now it is Li Qianqian’s “dangerous period”. If it happens, he might be pregnant today.

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