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Chapter 3 Restart

The boy in white clothes named Ye Xi is the son of Ye Chen’s uncle Ye Lin. He is a few months older than him. The boy in Tsing Yi is Ye Xi’s younger brother Ye Tian.

“Trash! Don’t you have eyes?” Ye Xi saw that it was Ye Chen, and shouted angrily.

“Who do you think is trash?” Ye Chen’s face sank.

“What’s wrong with me saying you are trash? Are you not convinced? You hit me!” Ye Tian sneered disdainfully.


Ye Chen didn’t hesitate, and punched directly. Ye Tian didn’t have the slightest defense, so he was beaten by Ye Chen with a punch.


Ye Tian clutched his chest, spouted a mouthful of blood, stared at Ye Chen angrily, and roared: “Trash! Do you dare to hit me!”

“What if I hit you?” Ye Chen hummed.

“You dare to move my brother, I will break your leg today!” Ye Xi is also a short-term protector, aggressive, and he will teach Ye Chen a step forward.

Ye Chen snorted coldly, spiritual power gushing out, the light of both fists flickered, and he blasted towards Ye Xi.

Ye Xi was shocked. Ye Chen’s spiritual power was stronger than his. When the two collided, Ye Xi directly retreated. Before Ye Xi recovered from his surprise, Ye Chen’s body flashed before he came to Ye Xi’s face and slapped it again.


Ye Xi’s body flew out several feet, and there was a sharp pain in his chest, which was extremely uncomfortable.

But he was even more surprised. Yesterday Ye Chen had no power to fight back in his hands, but today he has surpassed him.

“Did you break through the third level of the Qi training realm?” Ye Xi looked at Ye Chen in shock.

Ye Chen walked to Ye Xi’s side, stared at the Ye Xi brothers coldly, and said coldly: “You remember it for me, if someone calls me trash again, I don’t mind breaking his leg! Also, Ye Tian , I am your second brother, if you are rude to me, I will teach you that for granted.”



Ye Tian’s eyes were full of anger. Just when he was about to say something, Ye Chen slapped it over with a slap, his voice was extremely crisp, leaving five palm prints on his face.

“Remember, I’m your second brother!” Ye Chen stared at Ye Tian every word.

Ye Tian held his red and swollen face and looked at Ye Chen’s cold eyes, and he dared not say a word.

“Brother, we are all men of the Ye family. I hope that everyone can do something for the Ye family in the future, instead of bullying the weak here.” Ye Chen threw a word and left quickly.

Ye Xi was still in a daze. He couldn’t figure out why Ye Chen hadn’t made a breakthrough in three years. Why did he break through overnight?

“Big Brother, I must get back this account!” Ye Tian said coldly, covering his face.

“You idiot! Now that Ye Chen has broken through, the family must take it very seriously. If you want to move Ye Chen in the future, can you still do as you like before?” Ye Xi cursed.

“Mother!” Ye Chen rushed into an exquisite courtyard and shouted as soon as he entered the courtyard.

“Chen’er, what’s so happy?” Ling Yun walked out of the room. Although he was middle-aged, he still had the charm.

“Mother, look!” Ye Chen didn’t say directly, just spread out his palms to release his spiritual power.

The vigorous spiritual power was surging, shining with a ray of light, completely covering Ye Chen’s hand.

Ling Yun saw Ye Chen’s spiritual power, his eyes widened, and he was speechless for a while, and then his eyes moistened, “Have you broken through the third level of Qi training?”

“Yeah!” Ye Chen nodded vigorously, looking at Ling Yun’s tears of excitement, the tip of Ye Chen’s nose was also sour, and there was an unspeakable bitterness.

Ling Yun hugged Ye Chen in his arms, excited and happy, “That’s great, boy, you finally succeeded!”

“Mother, I’m sorry, I’ve made you worry about it these years, because Chen’er is not good.” Ye Chen blamed himself.

“Stupid boy, it’s not your fault.” Ling Yun touched Ye Chen’s head fondly, and smiled comfortingly: “Does your father know about this?”

“I just broke through, Dad doesn’t know yet.” Ye Chen smiled.

“Let me tell your grandpa first, he will be very happy if he knows.” Ling Yun is in a particularly good mood. After three years, he can finally exhale.

Ye Chen’s breakthrough to the third level of Qi training soon became known to the entire Ye family, and Ye Chen’s grandfather Ye Nantian was extremely happy, and directly called Ye Fen and Ye Lin back.

In the Ye Family Hall, Ye Nantian was refreshed and refreshed. His spirit was exceptionally good, and the smile on his face had not disappeared.

“Today is a happy day. Chen’er finally broke through. We will host a banquet to celebrate Chen’er.” Ye Nantian laughed, and the worries that had been preoccupied for three years were completely let go.

“This is indeed just to celebrate. Chen’er is already very talented. If I ended my cultivation career in this way, it would be the biggest loss for my Ye family.” Ye Lin smiled.

“Chen’er, you will always be the pride of me and your mother.” Ye Fen smiled comfortedly. Although his face looked calmer, he was excited by everyone in his heart.

“Father, I will continue to work hard, and I won’t let you down.” Ye Chen was very energetic, and the confidence he had returned three years ago.

At the evening banquet, the Ye family’s old and young all gathered together. Although in the same compound, except for all special days, the family rarely gathers for dinner.

Ye Nantian has liked Ye Chen since he was a child. Now that Ye Chen has broken through, he is naturally so happy that he naturally drank too much wine…

At the dinner, the most unnatural thing was Ye Xi and Ye Lin. The two hadn’t said anything, and there were five fingerprints on Ye Tian’s face. They didn’t dare to say that Ye Chen played it. Ye Xi had to fight. This matter was on his own head, and finally he was reprimanded by Ye Lin.

After eating the dinner, Ye Chen returned to his room, he opened the window, Haoyue was headed, countless stars dotted the entire night sky, looking at the night scene like this, recalling some things in the past, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Ye Chen let out a long sigh and solemnly said to the sky: “From today, this is my starting point for Ye Chen. My future is absolutely not bound by the sky. I will surely rush to the sky!”

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