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Chapter 3 The star who is in trouble?

The sea washed the shore, and there was a vast and long sound of “crushing”. The faint sea breeze has a slightly salty smell, blowing on the shore.

With a bamboo basket in her hand, Le Qingling walked happily on the beach with bare feet.

Every day when the tide is low, she will come to catch the sea. Catch some crabs and shells. Since the start of interstellar migration, Douluo’s ecology has continued to improve, and various basic creatures have lived very well, and there has been a lot of environmental pollution.

Their family was particularly unwilling to emigrate, and there were messages from their ancestors, who were born as Douluo people and died as Douluo ghosts. No matter what the Douluo Continent becomes, their Lejia will not leave.

Le Qingling is nineteen years old this year, but at the age of her first love. She recently stayed home during the summer vacation and then picked up the habit of going to the sea.

The South China Sea on the Douluo Continent has the most abundant marine life. She loves to eat some seashells with some white grape juice, which is not too delicious. I especially like the lobster baked in white wine made by my father. In her opinion, it is the best food in the world.

At this time, there were already some shells and a few larger crabs in the bamboo basket. No matter how hard they struggled, they were always blocked by a faint golden light on the surface of the bamboo basket.

Le Qingling ran a few steps quickly, and took three or four meters in a violent vertical jump, spreading his arms and shaking the bamboo basket, as if to glide in the air.

“Hey, when can I fly! Why didn’t my talents appear after my spirit awakened? It’s really annoying! I want to fly, I want to fly, I want to fly!”

“Huh?” When the air fell to the ground, she suddenly saw that something on the coast in the distance changed her eyes.

what is that?

Le Qingling has always had a strong curiosity about new things, and immediately ran over. When she got closer, she slowed down instead. Because she was surprised to find that it seemed to be a person. Half of this person’s body was immersed in sea water. The other half is on the beach. But he seems to be heavy, no matter how the sea washes, he seems to be stuck on the beach, motionless.

That is……


Le Qing shivered cleverly, and stopped her step immediately. How can there be corpses by the sea?

She calmed down, took a deep breath, a faint white halo poured out of her body, and then, two yellow and one purple under her feet, three spirit rings slowly rose.

“What are you afraid of? I’m a great spirit master. Even if he is a wraith, zombie or something, I can purify him. Look at me, holy light, shine!”

The first yellow spirit ring flashed on his body. Bright, a white light shot from her hand and went straight to the “corpse”.

Seeing the white light shining on that person, she was very satisfied with her. Her holy light has healing and purifying effects for normal people. For those bad evil spirits, purification will turn into an attack, and the effect is extremely good.

The white light fell on the person, and Le Qingling could see clearly with the help of the light. The person’s two legs were exposed, and the upper body was still under the water. This strengthened her, the idea that this was a corpse. Drowning is also drowned!

However, under the shining light of the holy light, the exposed legs of the man looked very shiny, straight and slender. Until half a foot above the knee, soaked in sea water.

“Huh.” The primate Le Qing exhaled, and thought to himself that this was really just a corpse. Just call the police and let the relevant departments collect the corpses.

The Holy Light recovered, just as Le Qingling was about to use her soul communicator to contact the relevant departments, a scene she had never expected happened.

Hearing the sound of water, the man suddenly sat up from the sea. Except for the buttocks and key parts of the male who are still in the sea, the upper itself is completely exposed.

“Ah -” Le Qingling screamed, she had already forgotten what courage and things like before. She leaped back sharply, turned and ran.

After all, she has the cultivation base of the three-ringed great spirit master, and the speed of this rush out is simply incredibly fast. It was already 100 meters away in an instant.

Only now did I dare to look back. I saw that the man was still sitting in the water, seeming to shook his head gently, but he didn’t mean to chase him.

With her chest ups and downs, Le Qingling patted her chest, stabilizing her panicked mood, slowed down and stopped slowly.

“I am a great soul master, I am a great soul master, what am I afraid of! What is terrible about me! I am not afraid, not afraid! Not afraid!”

She turned around again, but did not dare to come closer, just watching from a distance That person.

Because of the long distance, I can’t see the person’s appearance, but I can vaguely see that the person’s figure is excellent. Although he is sitting in the sea, he has broad shoulders and a bee-like waist. A long dark blue hair hung over his shoulders, covering most of his appearance.

Le Qingling’s curiosity began to drill out again, slightly overcoming his fear. Just as she was about to walk back, the man stood up suddenly.

“Ah—” Le Qingling screamed again. It was really because I saw things that her 19-year-old little girl had never seen before.

She hurriedly turned her head and pointed her right in the direction of the man, “Smelly rascal, you are shameless!” The

man seemed to understand what she meant, looked down at herself, and was stunned, “I’m sorry, I…” he Le Qingling’s voice was a bit stiff, but very pleasing to the ears. Le Qingling was surprised to find that the distance between the two was nearly two hundred meters, but that person’s voice seemed to be ringing directly in his ears.

Still apologize?

“You, you put it on.” She threw her jacket around her waist on the ground, turned and ran away.

“Oh, good.” When the person’s voice sounded again, the harshness seemed to decrease a lot.

For some reason, Le Qingling suddenly had the urge to turn her head and take another look. It seems that I just saw the eight pack abdominal muscles distinct! The figure is really good.

“I’m fine.” The voice came again.

Le Qingling turned around now, and she found that the person was already where she stood before, and his coat was surrounded by him, blocking important parts, but most of the places were still naked, showing perfection. figure.

This time, Le Qingling finally saw his face. Her eyes were suddenly straight and not enough, so handsome, he is so handsome!

The bridge of the nose is straight, the lips are moderately thick, and the big eyes are very beautiful. They are obviously black, but why does it seem to have a faint golden halo inside. A long blue hair was scattered behind his head, soft and shiny, and he looked like he was in his twenties, not much older than himself. Is this appearance a big star in trouble?

The man spoke again, his voice a little confused, “Hello, can you tell me, where is this? And, who am I?”

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