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Chapter 4 Children Born in an Eggs

Douluo star, a land of the far north.

Part of the snow in the canyon has been cleared. After a full twenty-four hours of various explorations. Lan Xiao and his investigation team have confirmed that there should be no danger in the place where the two colors of gold and silver are flashing and the strong life energy fluctuations are transmitted.

Lan Xiao accurately judged that this should be a ruin. If there is no danger, a ruin with a 100,000-year soul beast’s vitality is definitely a big discovery for them.

Next is the excavation of the ruins.

The two working mechas have been busy for a long time, finally clearing the most surface snow. But there is still hard ice under the snow. These hard ice, which has been frozen for many years, are even harder than steel in many cases. In order to avoid damaging the contents inside, they have to be especially careful.

The ice layer is very thick, but after clearing the snow on the surface, the transparent solid ice more clearly reflects the existence of the golden and silver halo inside.

The light is faintly visible, not very strong, but very clear.

The life detectors have been exploring the situation inside, and the life energy has always remained the same, and there has been no fluctuation due to everything they did outside.

This is a good phenomenon, and it may prove to be less harmful.

The soul energy slowly cuts the energy, constantly judging the specific location of this thing inside.

After cutting down about four meters of ice in a full two hours, they were able to roughly determine the size of this object.

“It’s about half a meter in diameter and about 30 cm wide. It’s an elliptical object. It’s definitely not a soul beast. It’s a bit like an egg.” Nan Cheng reported back to Lan Xiao.

Lan Xiao’s eyes sparkled, “If this is really an egg, then we might have done a great job. Although from the current situation, I still can’t tell what kind of soul beast’s egg it is. But it’s just the egg itself. It can exude a 100,000-year level of life aura. It is conceivable that this should be the egg left by the beast of the Beastmaster level. What is rare is that there is still such a strong life energy under the condition of ice, and incubation is very possible. This is a treasure!”

One hundred thousand year soul beasts existed in those two soul beast planets, but they have long since disappeared in Douluo Continent. Moreover, the Federation has an agreement with the two soul beast stars. Once a soul beast of this level is found, it will be sent to the soul beast star. In return, the soul beast star will also be in addition to the tax burden they paid to the Federation. Increase the resources required by the Federation. To achieve mutual benefit.

As discoverers, their research team will not only get a promotion in terms of military rank, but will also have substantial material rewards for inspiration.

“It seems that this is a wedding gift from God!” Lan Xiao took the opportunity to grab Nan Cheng’s shoulder and said with a grin.

“Don’t be careless, let’s get it back first.” Nan Cheng whispered.

Lan Xiao smiled and said: “I like you like this…”

“Besides I’m stupid, I’ll be anxious with you.” Nan Cheng took the initiative to interrupt him and made a threatening gesture.

“Boss, got up.”

Lan Xiao hurriedly looked at the screen. In the screen, a mecha dragged a square ice cube cut out by them and lifted it in front of the camera.

Sure enough, amidst the transparent ice, there was an egg. On the surface of the oval egg, there were fine and densely entangled golden patterns and silver patterns.

The two patterns alternately shone with brilliance, which is very strange.

“Quickly, bring it back.” Lan Xiao ordered immediately.

Soon, this frozen egg appeared in front of them.

There are also a series of inspection devices on the reconnaissance plane. Under investigation, the only thing that can be proved is that this strange egg contains very rich life energy.

And compared to the soul beast map of the Federal Research Institute, no soul beast eggs were found to be similar to it.

“Do you want to refrigerate it?” Nan Cheng and Lan Xiao stood together in front of the strange soul beast egg. The reason she asked this was because the ice on the surface of the egg was almost melted during their previous test. This also allowed them to see the body of the egg more clearly.

First of all, it is smooth. The eggs with gold and silver patterns are very smooth, and the lines on the surface are slender, whether it is golden or silver. It looks like twists and turns are entangled with each other.

Lan Xiao frowned and said, “In theory, it contains such a strong life energy. No environment should have much impact, but for the sake of safety, prevent it from being an ice-snow soul beast. If it affects, let’s store it at low temperature first. We will talk about it when we return to the research institute. Before handing in, we have to conduct a series of detailed tests and tests. This is a rare good opportunity, and such an experiment may be difficult to replicate in the future. “When he talked about the experiment, his eyes lit up, and he was extremely interested in ancient spirit beasts, and he also had a wealth of knowledge. When he was still in the academy, it was called the Living Ancient Soul Beast Encyclopedia.

“Chacha.” The slight sound made them all stunned.

“Is it ringing?” Nan Cheng asked silently.

“Quickly, come here, everyone. The soul guide shield of the test bed rises.” Lan Xiao hurriedly ordered. This thing contains such a huge amount of life energy. If there is any life form, God knows whether it will be innately capable of attack. Although this situation is very small, it is not uncommon.

On the surface of the test bench, the white protective cover rose, but the “chatter” inside appeared again.

“Chacha, chacha, chacha…” The voice began to become dense, and the other staff of the test team also surrounded them, watching curiously.

There are a total of eight people in their scientific expedition team. In addition to Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng, there are also two team members who are specifically responsible for outgoing collections, two pilots and two researchers. This is a standard scientific expedition team configuration.

At this time, except for a pilot who was flying the plane, everyone else gathered around, looking at the egg in front of them curiously.

“Chacha, chacha, chacha!” Suddenly, a small crack appeared on the corner of the eggshell surface.

“Are you coming out?” Nan Cheng dodged behind Lan Xiao subconsciously. Others also took a step back subconsciously.

“Don’t be afraid. Even if it is a powerful creature with innate aggressiveness, it will not have too strong combat effectiveness at birth.” Lan Xiao took the initiative to take a few steps, and a circle of spirit rings rose from under his feet, two yellow and two Purple, one black, five spirit rings. Represents the cultivation base of his soul king level. At his age, this is already a very outstanding level, and it is also one of the important reasons for his rapid rise in military rank.

“Kacha, kacha…” The crisp sound began to sound one after another, and it began to become more and more dense.

“Puff—” Finally, a corner of the eggshell broke open, and a white object came out of it.

Everyone watched nervously, and their eyes were all focused on the white thing.

That was… the

next moment, everyone was stunned.

Nan Cheng stuck his head out from behind Lan Xiao, staring at the white thing blankly, and muttered: “Well, that…, how come it looks like a hand?”

Yes, Bai Nennen, powder puff, small. Although it was clenched into a fist, it looked like a hand, the small hand of a human baby.

And the next moment, the little hand dropped slightly, grabbing the eggshell, and it seemed to snap down very lightly, and with a click, a piece of the eggshell was broken off, and then it went back into the eggshell.

“Chacha, chacha, chacha.”

“Kacha, chacha, chacha!”

The sound continued, and just for a moment, the little hand stretched out again, and another eggshell broke off.

“Could he be…” Lan Xiao stepped forward quickly and looked inside through the shield.

At this time, the eggshell was not exposed too much, only a white and tender existence could be vaguely seen inside, and then the “click, click” sound continued.

“The life energy is declining, and it’s declining drastically. Only the ten thousand year soul beast level.” Nan Cheng said suddenly.

“Huh?” Lan Xiao looked at her in surprise. Nan Cheng’s gaze was always on the screen, “Continue to decline, and the speed has dropped even faster.”

“Crack!” The little hand stretched out and broke another piece.

“Kacha, Kacha, Kacha!”

“Only the life energy of the thousand-year soul beast has fluctuated.” Nan Cheng’s voice was already a little eager.

Lan Xiao took a deep breath, made a decisive decision, and said, “Open the shield.”

Only by opening the soul-guiding energy shield can we observe further.

The shield opened, revealing the egg inside, no energy appeared, and as the pink little hand kept breaking apart, his true face was finally revealed.

How to describe it?

When Lan Xiao saw him for the first time, he was instantly attracted by his appearance. He was absolutely certain that he had never seen such a beautiful baby in his life, yes, a human baby, a human baby born from an egg.

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