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Chapter 4 Humiliation?

In his sleep, Ye Chen sat cross-legged in the Tai Chi Bagua Diagram and practiced in this Tai Chi Bagua Diagram much faster than in the outside world.

In just a few hours, Ye Chen felt that he had risen from the early stage to the middle stage of the third stage of the Qi training realm. Facing such a speed, Ye Chen could hardly describe it as a surprise.

“At this rate, I will soon break through to the fourth level of the Qi Practicing Realm.” Ye Chen was extremely excited, and he found that the divine liquid in the Yin Yang fish’s eyes had one more drop, becoming four drops.

“Could it be possible that such a divine liquid can condense every day?” Ye Chen felt his chin and thought.

In the next two days, there were two more drops of divine liquid in the eyes of Yin Yang fish, which made Ye Chen feel extremely surprised and excited.

“This sacred lotion contains extremely powerful spiritual energy. When that time comes, you must let your grandfather and parents take it to help them improve their realm.” After the excitement passed, Ye Chen nodded secretly.

However, he also knew that the secrets of Tai Chi Bagua Diagrams could not be told, otherwise if the wind was leaked, the entire Ye family would bring huge disasters.

Therefore, he must think of a way to justify himself and explain the origin of the divine liquid.

At this moment, in the Ye Family Hall, Ye Fen was holding an invitation card in his hand, his expression extremely ugly.

“Brother Fen, why is your face so ugly?” Ling Yun walked to the hall and saw Ye Fen’s muffled face, and asked concerned.

“The Zhao family sent an invitation. The Zhao family and the Wu family are married.” Ye Fen raised his head and looked at Ling Yun, his face was ugly, with a hint of worry.

Ling Yun also trembled. Although she was a female generation, Ling Yun still knew the whole situation in Longyang Town very well.

If the Wu family and the Zhao family marry, it will be extremely unfavorable to the Ye family, and the situation of the three major families will be completely changed.

More importantly, the Ye Family and the Wu Family have completely quarreled, and there is no room for maneuver.

“The Wu family has only one daughter. Could it be that Wu Lan went to marry?” Ling Yun said.

“It’s Wu Lan and Zhao Feng.” Ye Fen said, “Wu Lan just broke off the marriage contract with my family Chener, and now she is married to the Zhao family again, and has also sent an invitation. Isn’t this a slap in the face to insult us?”

“Then don’t go, anyway, it will be the enemy in the future.” Ling Yun said.

“Go, why not!” At this moment, Ye Chen walked into the hall, with a hint of arrogance.

Ye Fen and Ling Yun both froze for a while. Ye Chen smiled and said, “My mother, Ye Chenxiu’s Wu Lan, why do we have no face? And today is different. My son is not a waste now, and I will also It will make the Wu family regret it.”

“Good son, you’re right, Brother Fen, let’s go, not only do we have to go, but we must also go with a lot of momentum, so we can’t lose the face of our Ye family.” Ling Yun said with spirit after hearing what Ye Chen said.

Ye Fen also felt very reasonable, and he was in a good mood. The sorrow on his face also disappeared. He laughed and said, “I really want to go, but I can’t lose the face of my Ye family. Chen’er, you go with your father! Take advantage of this. This opportunity also tells everyone that my son Ye Chen is not a waste!”

The marriage between the Zhao family and the Wu family spread throughout Longyang Town, and many residents in Longyang Town were surprised.

“I have long heard that the Wu family regretted their marriage because Ye Chen couldn’t practice. The two families were having trouble. Now they marry the Zhao family so soon. Do the Wu family and the Zhao family want to deal with the Ye family?”

“The Wu family is hitting the Ye family’s face. It seems that Longyang Town’s peaceful days are about to break.”

“I’m afraid there will be a good show after three days.”

Among the people’s discussions, three days passed quickly, and the Zhao family was full of lights and festivities on this day.

Three years ago, when the Ye family and the Wu family were married, the Ye family only held an engagement ceremony in a low-key manner. Such a high-profile move by the Zhao family gave people a feeling that the Zhao family was deliberately slapping Ye family in the face.

The Zhao family also sent out invitations, and those who came to congratulate would have to trample on the threshold of the Zhao family.

Ye Fen and Ye Chen brought a few celebrities to send a lot of gifts, and they both smiled and didn’t look unhappy at all.

This is in great contrast to the situation in everyone’s guess.

“Why is the Ye Family so happy? The Zhao Family is slapped this time. Don’t the Ye Family know?” Someone whispered.

“Ye Chen was divorced by the Wu family, and now he still has a face to follow. Is this a broken jar?”

Everyone whispered, and they were confused about the Ye Family’s attitude. According to the general situation, the Ye Family is also the three major families in Longyang Town. No matter what, the face is the most important. But now the Ye Family’s approach is completely It is contrary to everyone’s ideas.

“The Zhao family and the Wu family just want us to be ugly, and we can’t let them succeed.” Ye Fen thought more clearly these past two days. Seeing the Zhao family’s bright lights and colorful lights, he was more calm, not at all. pissed off.

“Today it is not that the Zhao family made the Ye family ugly, but we want to make the Zhao family and the Wu family faceless.” Ye Chen said with a smile.

“Brother Zhao, congratulations.” Ye Fen walked to the door of Zhao’s house and smiled and gave his blessings. Ye Fen didn’t seem to be upset at all.

Zhao Jin from the Zhao family personally greeted him at the door. This was the enthusiasm of the Zhao family, and the other was that he wanted to be angry. The latter was the main purpose.

But at this time Zhao Jin saw Ye Fen’s blessings with a smile, which also caught Zhao Jin off guard, which was completely unexpected.

“Haha… Brother Ye is polite.” Zhao Jin didn’t know what to say at once, it was too sudden, and it was a thousand miles worse than he expected.

“Chen’er, let’s call Uncle Zhao,” Ye Fen scolded.

“Hello, Uncle Zhao.” Ye Chen shouted with a smile.

Zhao Jin also reacted now, with the demeanor of the Patriarch, smiled and said, “Is my nephew okay now?”

“Very good, can eat, drink and sleep.” Ye Fen said with a smile.

There was a look of disdain in Zhao Jin’s eyes, but it also flashed by, and smiled and said: “This is also very good. Although you can’t become a strong monk, you can still take care of the family business in the future. This can also make a huge contribution to the family. Contributed.”

“Uncle Zhao is absolutely right.” Ye Chen smiled and nodded, without any unpleasant expression.

Seeing Ye Chen’s expression unchanged, Zhao Jin felt a little uneasy in his heart, didn’t say much, smiled and said, “Brother Ye, please come inside.”

Ye Fen and Ye Chen both laughed loudly and walked in. After Zhao Jin took a look, he immediately returned to entertain the other guests with smiles.

“Who was here at the time? It turned out to be our great genius.” At this time, a voice with irony came, extremely harsh.

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