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Chapter 5 Is this just an ordinary child?

The pink and tender baby has smooth and crystal clear skin, like jelly, and can vaguely see the blood vessels under the skin.

He closed his eyes, but his black hair and long eyelashes have grown. Two little hands were holding the eggshells, and they kept sending them to their mouths, chewing “Kaka”.

He has teeth, it looks like the kind of white, baby teeth like ordinary children. But, how can a newborn baby have a neat white baby teeth?

Lan Xiao touched the surface of the egg for the first time, and the egg felt slightly warm. Other than that, he couldn’t feel anything, and there seemed to be no energy in it.

“Oh my God! Only the life energy of a hundred years of soul beast level is left. What should I do?” Nan Cheng asked Lan Xiao eagerly.

Lan Xiao smiled bitterly: “What else can I do? It’s too weird, continue to observe. This egg is really a child, a baby born from the egg, do you dare to believe it?”

Another researcher next to him said: ” Boss, will it be the one hundred thousand year soul beast rebuild?”

Lan Xiao opened his mouth, just about to speak, Nan Cheng’s report came again, “Ten years, only ten years of soul beast energy levels are left.”

Lan Xiao smiled bitterly, “According to the Federation’s records on ancient soul beasts and the information given to us by god-level soul beasts, after a hundred thousand-year soul beast is rebuilt, the energy level of a hundred-year-old soul beast can be maintained at a minimum, and the original memory is still preserved. And wisdom will never become the size of a baby to be slaughtered. Generally, they will become children and have a certain ability to protect themselves.”

“Kacha!” Together, continue to eat!

“We also break off a piece of eggshell and take it back for research. Nan Cheng, come over and take this child out. Let’s keep this eggshell to prove the results of our scientific expedition.” Lan Xiao said to Nancheng.

Nan Cheng just walked over. When she saw the baby in the eggshell, her eyes couldn’t move away.

The white and tender, pinkish, slightly fat round face can be broken with a blow, and there are two small dimples on the cheeks. It’s as cute as it is. In an instant, her unconscious maternal love overflowed, and her eyes became tender.

Lest he hurt the child, he slowly probed his hand and lifted the little baby out of the hole in the eggshell. He is not heavy, he looks about six or seven catties, his body is soft, soft, with warmth, and a faint fragrance.

Nan Cheng carefully hugged him in his arms, and couldn’t help but softly said: “He is so beautiful!” The

other team members also saw it, didn’t they? This child is so pretty and so pretty.

Suddenly, the baby’s hand paused, and he fished around, but it was empty. The eggshell in his hand has been eaten.

“Wow, wow!” He cried suddenly, and the loud cries spread throughout the cabin.

Nan Cheng was not married yet, and had no children. He was shocked, and everyone else panicked.

Lan Xiao, who was about to take the eggshell away, was also stunned.

“Why are you crying?”

Nan Cheng was also a little panicked, “I shouldn’t hurt him! Ah! It’s an eggshell, he should eat it, let him get another piece soon.”

While talking, she held him in her arms. When the child came to Lan Xiao’s side, the moment the baby’s hand touched the eggshell, the little wrist flipped flexibly, grabbed the edge, broke another piece, and then sent it to his mouth, “click,” He continued to eat, but he didn’t cry anymore.

“You want to take his food, can he not cry?” Nan Cheng said distressedly.

“This…, but we need to do research!” Lan Xiao said helplessly.

Nan Cheng also hesitated. Of course, she knew the importance of research. Moreover, this child who could be born from an egg was too strange, especially since the egg he was in previously exudes extremely huge life energy. .

Lan Xiao has always made a decision, but just thinks about it: “Check the child’s body and let him continue to eat. After eating, we will save a small piece and take it back for research.”

“Yes!” The

various experimental equipment on the reconnaissance plane is very complete. , Especially for all kinds of vital signs testing equipment can be said to be readily available, not inferior to the laboratory.

The baby “clicks, clicks,” eats sweetly, and in a while, he has eaten most of the eggshell. The basic vital signs examination has also been completed.

Lan Xiao, Nan Cheng, and the researchers at Yiying looked at all the inspection data in front of them, but were stunned.

It’s not because of how weird the inspection data is, but because the inspection data is too normal. As normal as normal people.

What data is a normal newborn baby, what he is. And the data is basically in the middle of normal data. The life energy was the same as that of a normal baby, and no spirit beast aura was also detected. But the child was very strong, and he didn’t cry even during the blood test. Of course, it was probably related to the fact that he was eating eggshells all the time. When his skin was pierced, he just frowned and frowned, and then continued with him. “Kacha, Kacha”.

“Is this really just an ordinary child?” Lan Xiao couldn’t believe it anyway, not just him, but also all the researchers on the plane!

Can a child born from an egg found under the ultra-low temperature ice in the far north be normal? Without any soul beast bloodline, without any special energy and abnormality, everything is normal and can no longer be normal. How is this possible!

A normal embryo baby was frozen to death long ago under the ice!

However, data cannot be faked, it is all cutting-edge equipment. Perhaps the only difference for this child is that he is too normal. For ordinary babies, some indicators are more or less low or high, but he does not, he is completely normal.

In summary, this is a healthy, extremely normal, human baby.

“Kacha, khacha, khacha!” The egg shell continued to be eaten, and the little baby didn’t know what was going on.

“What to do?” Nan Cheng looked at Lan Xiao.

Lan Xiao was also a little confused now. Everyone, including him, originally thought that this would be a rare discovery, perhaps even a great achievement, a discovery that played an important role in the study of ancient soul beasts. But what is happening now means that they are likely to face a weird situation.

“Boss, I’m afraid there is something wrong!” Researcher Chen Wei smiled bitterly. “Not long ago, the Federation has dealt a serious scientific research fraud case. We really have a hundred mouths on our bodies and we can’t tell you!”

Research fraud, we are fighting. The Romanian Federation ranks among the top felonies. The reason is very simple. A scientific research fraud is likely to bring devastating disasters to the Federation and even mankind. Scientific research fraud varies according to its severity and punishment. It is one of the few felonies in the federal government that can be sentenced to the highest death penalty. This also reminds researchers at all times not to be too aggressive just because of the generous rewards. Before you are absolutely sure, you must not easily submit scientific research results, otherwise, once you are accused of fraud, it will be a big trouble.

Another researcher, Li Tingyin, said: “Isn’t it, don’t we still have eggshells?”

Chen Wei smiled bitterly: “This is also the only hope. I hope that something special can be found on this eggshell.

Otherwise …” Lan Xiao understands what he meant, otherwise, today’s discovery will be nothing but joy.

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