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Chapter 7 Lan Xuanyu

Yes, the egg shell has disappeared, and there is no trace left. what does that mean? It means that they have no way to report this incident, unless they can find out something different from this little baby. Otherwise, the Supervisory Committee of the Institute will definitely ask them what evidence they have to prove their gains.

Unless it’s…

“No, you can’t solve it in depth.” Nan Cheng felt a somewhat depressed atmosphere around him, and suddenly turned his back and stood in front of the protective cover.

The life detection on the reconnaissance aircraft and the various inspection equipment for life bodies are already the best. If you want to dig in depth, then only deep excavation is possible. However, what that means is self-evident.

“What do you think about you.” Lan Xiao said in an angry voice: “Even if we agree, it is impossible. This is a fresh life, not a corpse. Where is the depth of relief.” The

others looked at Nan Cheng. Nan Cheng realized that he had said something wrong and hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry everyone, I didn’t mean that. I just think this kid is really pitiful.”

Chen Wei smiled bitterly: “Boss, what should we do now?” The credit for getting it is gone, and the restoration of the original thought is a great achievement, of course everyone’s mood will not be too good.

Lan Xiao sighed softly, “If there is no credit, there will be no. We will continue to work hard in the future. After the child is brought back, we will perform an in-depth examination on him. If there is no result, then we are out of luck. As for him …”

“I adopted him.” Nan Cheng said without hesitation. I don’t know why, when she first saw this child, she had a kind of heartfelt love for him. She only felt that she had to take good care of this child and take good care of him anyway.

Lan Xiao smiled and said, “You have a son before you are unmarried!”

Nan Chengqiao flushed, and said stubbornly, “What’s the matter? Since he doesn’t have a mother, then I will be his mother.”

Lan Xiao looked at He looked at her with a bit of pity in his eyes, “If you say you are stupid, you still don’t admit it.”

Nan Cheng glared at him, “I’m not allowed to be stupid.”

Lan Xiao stepped forward, put her hand on her shoulder naturally, and embraced her in his arms, “I mean, this child Since it was discovered by all of us, we are all responsible to him. Moreover, I believe that this child born from an egg will show us his extraordinary side one day. In the end, what I mean is actually Yes, he not only needs a mother, but also a father. So, as long as you marry me first, and then announce that we have a child, it’s just the product of unmarried first pregnancy, then it’s not considered unmarried and first child. At most, it would be the first to get on the train and then make up the fare.”

Nan Cheng was stunned for a moment, and then a very complicated emotion developed in his heart, obviously he should be moved! I don’t know why, looking at the guy in front of her, she felt like she was going to beat him.

“Hahahaha!” The other people laughed in unison. Their team has always been united. Lan Xiao has an inexplicable charm that can always convince people around him, or this is emotional intelligence.

Lan Xiao turned to the others and said sternly: “This time, I’m really sorry everyone. If something strange happens to this child one day in the future, all the credit for the discovery must be shared with everyone.”

Li Tingyin shrugged She shrugged her shoulders and said, “It won’t matter much if you lose a credit. I just think, since you are going to adopt him, should you give him a name?”


Nan Cheng was dumbfounded, she In fact, he is not ready to be a mother!

Lan Xiao said, “

Why do n’t you call Lan Cheng?” Nan Cheng reacted immediately and stared at him, “Obviously I decided to adopt him first, so why not call him Nan Xiao. It has been stipulated a long time ago. The child may not have to be. It’s with your father’s last name.”

“Wait! Boss, Nan Cheng. Don’t you think this is a bit messy? You are all two-character names. If you simply use your two-character names to connect, your family of three will have this The names are too similar, too difficult to distinguish.” Chen Wei said silently.

Lan Xiao immediately said: “That’s all right, the last name is me, you take the first name.”

Nan Cheng pursed his red lips and said, “Why not the other way around?”

Lan Xiao smiled and said, “Because the last name Lan is better. You. Don’t you think? Remember when we met for the first time, you told me that the last name Lan was pretty good.”

“We are about to land, please return to your seats and sit down.” The driver’s voice came.

Three days later. Ancient Soul Beast Research Institute.

“Everything is normal, it is still the same, it is too normal. We have added a lot of data analysis, including some cell data analysis, which are all normal. The only thing that is a bit abnormal is his genetic analysis. From the perspective of gene pedigree, it is indeed Humans are right. It’s just that his genes are a little bit unclear, or even a little complicated. It can’t be completely analyzed with our instruments. It’s just that there’s a one-thousandth chance of this situation in humans. What happened does not mean anything.” Chen Wei reported the latest test report to Lan Xiao.

“It seems that my cheap daddy is determined!” Lan Xiao smiled bitterly. However, the bitter taste is not very strong.

After returning for three days, the child did not cry anymore, and was quiet when checking various indicators. And most of the time, he was smiling.

This child has a kind of inexplicable affinity. After he came to the institute, he soon became the darling of the whole institute.

As for his origin, in order not to be approached by the supervisory committee. After Lan Xiao frankly explained to the fellow researchers, he announced that he would be the son of himself and Nan Cheng.

The recent fraud incidents are on the cusp. Let’s not talk about Lan Xiao’s influence in the institute. He is just worried about being affected by the fraud incident. Coupled with these detection data, naturally no one has any objections.

And the child’s name has also been decided, called Lan Xuanyu. Nan Cheng said that this is what Qi Yuxuanang meant.

In order to give their children a legal federal status, Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng got married a month later and announced the fact that they got on the bus first and then made up for the ticket. Lan Xuanyu also officially had his own birth certificate. Father: Lan Xiao, mother: Nan Cheng.

No one knows what this means. The only thing that Lan Xiao is looking forward to is what kind of spirit will be awakened in the spirit awakening ceremony performed by all peers when this child is six years from now. .

In the world of Douluo Continent and the administrative stars occupied by the Douluo Federation, all children except for the two soul beasts must awaken their own spirits at the age of six.

Martial soul is also a characteristic of Douluo people. Everyone has their own martial soul, and the awakening of martial soul is also an important turning point in every Douluo person’s life.

A child born with an egg, if his martial soul is awakened, what will it be?

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