Senior, don’t wear that lipstick


Without knowing what her lover is, Song-a took out a pink lipstick that would make Hyun-seung’s excitement even today. With the pretty lines and the slightly thicker lips tinged with pink, it became so greedy that I wanted to cut it right away without fail today.

‘Damn it.’

When I thought that I would whisper love like a chirping bird in front of a trash guy with those lips, Hyeonseung’s hand, grasping the mouse, began to burn. Song-A’s figure with that lipstick on did not look pretty anymore. And I couldn’t just look at it anymore.


Song-a’s face, who had closed the lid of her lipstick at his call, turned to him.


Hyeonseung, who pulled the chair closer to her, continued talking, reaching out to her lips, innocently asking her face.

“Don’t apply that lipstick.”

The pink color that had disturbed him by his hand rubbing his lips while holding his chin gently crushed.

Song-a’s eyes widened, who had been terrorized.

The romance and excitement of a lovable lovely senior and a straight male junior who have all the handsomeness, cuteness, sexyness and seriousness!

Senior, don’t wear that lipstick
Associated Names: 선배, 그 립스틱 바르지마요, She Would Never Know
Genres: Web novel, romance
Year: 2017
Status: ongoing

List of Chapters:

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