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The Fifth Personality Art Setting First Exposes the “Olydice Manor Investigation Report”

Just as everyone who comes to the manor has his reason, every setting in the manor also has its footnotes. With the official release of the “Olydice Manor Investigation Report”.

The asymmetrical confrontational competitive game “Fifth Personality” developed by NetEase has won super popularity and reputation since it was born in 2018. To this day, the unique art design of “The Fifth Personality” is still striking in the entire mobile game market. For this reason, the first atlas “Olydice Manor Investigation Report”, which revealed the art setting of the fifth personality, immediately launched a panic buying boom.

“Fifth Personality” has always been known for its unique artistic style and thrilling game experience. Among them, the charismatic character design with different personalities and destiny, and the absurd gothic style that is derived from the European style of the 20th century, and is full of fantasy colors, makes the entire game screen glow with a fascinating artistic atmosphere, allowing countless players to immerse Among them is amazed! Now, the essence of the fine arts since the establishment of “The Fifth Personality” is condensed in the “Investigation Report of Oulitis Manor”, what kind of surprises will it bring us?

More than 30 original design materials of the most attractive characters are included in the “Olydice Manor Investigation Report”. They are recorded in detail in the most rigorous file format! It also contains collection-level conceptual original paintings and vertical paintings, as well as more than 70 themed fashions with various artistic charms. They are the essence of the creativity of top designers and are enough to feast your eyes.

In addition, the book also comes with a set of scene settings and a plot booklet that deeply restore the game plot and world view. Not only that, in order to commemorate the publication of the first art design collection, the creative team meticulously designed the exclusive entourage “Torte”, which will also be included with the book, not to be missed.

Compared with the high-quality content of the “Oulitis Manor Investigation Report” is the printing process of this art set, which uses high-precision full-color printing, high-level production technology and special paper hardcover and packaging frame technology. Exquisite classic beauty, smooth and thick hand feel, great collection value. Whether it is a player who likes “The Fifth Personality”, or a game practitioner, or an art lover, the “Olydice Manor Investigation Report” is a unique collection treasure.

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