Van Ha’s (Duke, Proposal Location Wrong!) Abstract

반 하는 님의 <공작님, 청혼 장소가 틀렸어요!> Written by: Banha

One day I suddenly became a spirit person .

Now, I’ve been away from the family that persecutes myself and walked along the flower road .

Because no one can see the spirit, you are going to prison as a pretender !

But the Duke of Hatton, called the Imperial Sword, came .

“ Lady Elonia . Marry me . We need someone who can deceive you as a spiritist .”

“ Duke , maybe … … Do you believe in the spirits ?”

“ No. ”

“You may not believe it , but I am a real spiritsman .”

“ … … I see . Return it to the cell .”

What do you mean . El Catalonia Dev you , today is the faux jeongryeongsa .