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You are my city camp 01

As a green signal flares rose into the sky, a three-day year-end assessment of a certain division came to an end in a confrontational exercise with live ammunition. This battle changed the previous practice of the 532nd Regiment dominating the list. The most outstanding performance was He Yicheng, the chief of staff of the Blue Army commander and division, and his major staff officer Xing Kelei. At the last moment of the confrontation, the two relied on their high combat command ability and strong combat skills to turn the tide and achieve an absolute victory. However, Xing Kelei, who had not yet received the verbal commendation, turned around and entered the confinement room.

By the way, it is not unusual to be confined in the army, especially the temperament of Xing Kelei who cannot restrain the sky and the ground, which is simply commonplace. But this time, he was not the one ordered by Heyicheng. In other words, he was locked up voluntarily and voluntarily, and did not open the door even if several staff officers called out.

Shu Wenbo understood Xing Kelei’s temper. Ten cows couldn’t hold back the stubbornness. He didn’t talk nonsense to persuade him. Instead, he first let him smooth his thoughts in it, and then went to the chief of staff.

Heyicheng didn’t know that Xing Kelei was already “rebelling” over there, so he picked up the phone to find someone and prepared to deploy the next step.

Xing Kelei’s personal wireless communication equipment was handed over to Shu Wenbo before entering the confinement room. Seeing that it was the chief of staff’s number, Shu Wenbo suddenly understood Xing Kelei’s intentions. He immediately connected and reported directly, “Comrade Chief, Xing Kelei is in-confinement, please give instructions!”

He Yicheng’s face sank when he heard the words, he “slapped” the file in his hand on the desk, and his tone suddenly became severe: “Then it’s off! He really needs to reflect on himself!”

Shu Wenbo knew that these two people were on the back again, and after thinking about it, he suggested: “Should I ask the political commissar to do his ideological work?”

He Yicheng certainly didn’t agree, and he was angry when he spoke again: “He has such a high level of ideological awareness, is it necessary for the political commissar to enlighten him?”

Shu Wenbo frowned: “But the new barracks…”

He was interrupted before he finished speaking. Heyicheng didn’t ask him to temporarily replace Xing Kelai, but instead confessed: “Tell the guard company not to deliver him food. His daily meals will be cancelled from now on!”

Yes, this is a big deal.

Hanging up the phone, Shu Wenbo sighed and thought: Comrade Xing Kele, it’s not that a brother doesn’t help you, it’s just military orders, you know.

For the next three days, the guard company did not deliver food to Xing Kelei.

Confinement, your major, lieutenant colonel, is all ineffective.

On the first day, Xing Kelei raised his sword eyebrows and protested with full anger: “Why don’t you feed me?! You are prisoners of torture! I tell you, I am in confinement, not on a hunger strike!”

The comrades of the guard company salute: “Comrade Major, you said that you are confined. We have not received an order from a superior, so we did not prepare for your part.”

The next day, Xing Kelei slammed the door emotionally: “Send Shu Wenbo to come!”

The comrades of the guard company warned again: “Comrade Major, Staff Officer Shu asked me to tell you that you are voluntarily detained and can enter and leave by yourself.”

On the third day, Xing Kelei wanted to go out but found that he couldn’t open the door.

Faced with Xing Kelei’s horizontal eyebrows, the comrades of the guard company saluted again: “Comrade Major, I heard that the Chief of Staff can’t find you everywhere. In order to ensure that you are there when he comes to find someone, we have to resort to abnormal means to first take you— -Lock it up!”

“It’s a robber logic!” Xing Kelei was akimbo, his eyes filled with irritability: “Are you sure that the chief will not find me?” It was clearly instructed by the chief, when he can’t tell when he is stupid?


“Really sure?”

“Really sure!”

“Dare you make sure again?!”


After three days without food, Xing Kelei felt hungry. Just as he was about to transfer the contradiction, Shu Wenbo relayed Heyicheng’s latest instructions: “Check the five thousand words, write it incompletely, rewrite it!”

“Five thousand characters? Boss, don’t you know that I didn’t graduate from elementary school?” Xing Kelei suddenly lay on his back like a corpse, muttering to himself: “But the chief is upset!”

When Shu Wenbo sent the five-thousand-word check, he watched the full text of “Punish me, I want to eat!” Heyicheng was very angry, and then ordered: “Bring me that bastard!”

Five minutes later, Xing Kelei deliberately weakly stood outside the door and shouted: “Report-report” in response to him was approved to enter one minute later.

Seeing that there was only Heyicheng in the office, he stood up straight and demanded: “Chief, you can approve me to go to the 52nd Regiment. I just want to see how they train. I really don’t believe this. How come there is no regiment in the entire army that can beat them!”

Although he showed his face during the assessment, he did not completely cover the limelight of the 5th and 32nd Regiment. Xing Kelei asked Heyicheng to send him to the 5th and 32nd Regiment to see how Li Xing trained his troops. After not being approved, he detained himself in order to protest. The purpose was self-evident. Of course, he hoped that Heyicheng would allow him to go to “Infernal Affairs” and was “hungry on a hunger strike” as a result.

He Yicheng didn’t even lift his head. As he looked at the file, he asked in a low voice, “How else can I train? Have you ever seen their training program?”

Xing Kelei bit his scalp and continued: “The outline is dead, and people are alive. The outline of the entire army looks the same, but the soldiers trained are different. Even if he is a special soldier, the combat effectiveness of their regiment is too strong. Right? Are you not curious?”

“I’m not curious for you!” Heyi City still has a lukewarm attitude, and it is obvious that he still does not plan to send him to the 52nd Regiment.

Xing Kelei took a step forward, trying to report his thoughts to the chief: “The chief, I…”

“Stand up!” Heyicheng smashed two words coldly, confirming that Xing Kelei was standing in a standard military posture. He threw the documents in his hand over, and said without rebuttal: “Get me on time!”

Xing Keletian was not afraid, and he was afraid that Comrade Chief would let him roll away smoothly, which means “no comments on unconditional implementation, and opinions and unconditional reservations.” Seeing Heyicheng looked up at him, he looked like “Is there something else?”, Xing Kelei, who didn’t want to continue to be confined and hunger striked, touched his nose and turned away.

It is really unwise to confine it or something.

Xing Kele had no choice but to take on the team: In addition to being afraid of his sister-in-law, the chief of staff is really hard to eat.

When he walked around to Shu Wenbo, he smiled and asked, “Anyone compromised?”

Xing Kelei squinted his eyes and greeted him with a sweep of his legs: “No food for me, eh?”

Then he grabbed the gentle Shu Wenbo by the collar and pressed him against the wall: “Let me write a check, eh?”

The last elbow fell on the brother’s abdomen: “Dare to laugh at me, huh?” A blow.

When he completed a series of actions, Master Li just passed by behind him.

The next day, when I stepped into the boundary of the training ground, I heard a weak, shrill voice yelling: “One, two, three, four…” Immediately, the team that broke into the line of sight was walking like scattered sand. Upon seeing this, Xing Ke’s surface in his training uniform was frozen like an iceberg, only the corner of his eyes jumped subconsciously.

Compared with the fierce confrontation exercises of multiple arms, the training ground at this time was not only lacking in bright spots, it was even more gentle. To be precise, for a militant like him, training recruits is really an unskilled job, especially for female soldiers.

In a place like the army, where there are “monks” everywhere, female soldiers should be such rare animals, even if they are not protected like giant pandas, they should not be too wronged. However, the beautiful and flowery female soldiers enlisted this time are a bit unfortunate, because the character of the major comrade sent by the division is too militarized.

On this seemingly ordinary morning, Xing Kelei walked at a standard pace in a mist of mist. He looked cold and straight, and his posture was upright. When his pair of black eyes swept across the crowd, he passed the sharp cold light. When the teacher collided with him, he was like two people.

The man standing in front of the morning light has an incredible aura, his eyes locked on the team in front of him, and Xing Kelei’s tone revealed sharp irony and obvious dissatisfaction when he spoke: “What are you shouting, you are not satisfied?! Do you know it? Do you know what is walking neatly?”

Recruit training has been carried out for three days. Xing Kelei’s task today is to check and accept the results of the first phase of training. After he entered the training ground, he was overwhelmed by the weak shouts of these girls. For three days, I didn’t even shout a password neatly, let alone the queue. Such results made him very emotional.

“According to your snail-like progress, let alone three months, even three years, the physical fitness can’t reach the standard.” Taohua’s eyes were cold, and Xing Kelei reprimanded relentlessly: “I’ll leave it here for the recruit training. Perform periodic assessments. Those who do not meet the standard will be covered and left! Don’t think that you are women, and the training intensity will be reduced.” After a pause, he glanced over everyone one by one, but his line of sight was touching a familiar one. A hint of surprise flashed across his face, and then he said in a powerful and complete sentence:

“My strong combat power is not for pitying Xiangxiyu!”

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