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You are my city camp 02

In fact, regardless of whether Xing Kelei personally visited the training ground, the training intensity and subjects of the recruits followed the outline. However, he gave everyone a disarming attitude as soon as he came, so that the few female soldiers who were humming before did not dare to say anything. After all, everyone who came to the army knew that there were no human relations in the barracks, only rules. Because of this, Xing Kelei was unwilling to meet this delicate and tender girl on the training ground deep in his heart.

Xing Kelei’s facial features are very keen, and he is so close to face each other, naturally he will not ignore the camouflage-wrapped Mijia standing at the end of the female soldiers’ queue. The surprised expression faded from his handsome face, and it was replaced by annoyance. Perhaps it is not accurate to use the word annoyance to describe his rare entangled emotions.

In short, he is wondering in his heart: What kind of sin is a girl who runs here? Of course the most important thing is: she did not report to him as a soldier? ! Then I remembered that He Xi, the prospective wife of the 532 Regimental Staff, was a criminal police officer. Combining with Mi Tu and her recent sister relationship, he guessed that Mi Tu’s “joining the army” might have been influenced by Officer He. If he is unfortunate enough, Xing Kelei decides to drink a drink again.

The Chief of Staff or something, even though it is dangerous, it can also win in danger!

Compared to Xing Kelei’s accident, Mi Jia was even more surprised that he would be so annoying at the boot camp. Although she doesn’t know much about the organization of the troops, she did her homework before coming here. She knew that Xing Kelei, who was carrying two bars and one star on her shoulders, was a major military dumpling. His position was division staff and assistant division chief of staff He Yicheng. work. Mi Hao didn’t understand why he would suddenly appear in the new barracks.

She remembered Xing Kelei’s “goodness” in her heart, but his unexpected appearance also evoked the memory that was not a good thing for her. Mi Jia took Xing Kelei’s little bit of resentment and took a look at Xing Kelei, and then pressured his focused gaze. Next, she turned aside her little face, which was blushing because of her shyness or whether it was blown by the cold wind, to express her unwelcome to someone with action.

However, this little action that seemed a little naive to outsiders suddenly turned Xing Kelei’s mood from cloudy to clear. Finally understood that Heyi City had to work hard for him, Xing Kele no longer rejected being sent to the new barracks, and silently thanked the chief a hundred times in his heart!

Under the full view of everyone, Xing Kelei and Mi Ha would certainly not be able to exchange opinions, so even though they had their own thoughts, they could only continue the next training casually. However, what Xing Kelei did not expect was that the chick, who had always been a marshmallow, actually rebelled.

For example, when Xing Kelei prompted “head up, chest, legs clamped, and hips” while standing in a military posture, Mi Yan stopped cold violence against him, but directly refused him to correct his actions, and protested in a low voice: “Men and women can’t accept it. Dear!” When Xing Kelei found a stick from nowhere and corrected it, she stubbornly murmured and accused: “This is an improper personal attack and contact!”

Who did you learn this from? I haven’t seen it for a few days, and I’m a lot more clever. Xing Kelei’s mood continued uncharacteristically, and he smiled at Mi Yan’s intentional “provocation”. Just when Mi Yan secretly rejoiced that he finally retaliated against him, Xing Kelei resorted to his killer. He calculated the time for Sheng Nan, the captain of the female soldier team, to sound the emergency assembly call. At this time, Mi Yan and other female soldiers were in the bathroom. They were either surrounded by shower gel bubbles or just on their hair. After wiping the shampoo, in short, one is more embarrassed than the other. So when all the female soldiers ran out of breath to the playground in a rush of turmoil, almost all of them were like freshly baked ice cream with foam heads.

With a smile, he glanced at Mi Yan, who obviously didn’t wash away the foaming hair. Xing Ke raised his face and looked at the table below, and then with his low mellow voice, he said to the female soldiers unhurriedly: “How can this be done? Well, why don’t you come twice to deepen your memory and improve your grades?”

The tall and tall Xing Kelei is still in the daytime training uniform, standing among a group of officers, looking out of the ordinary. The gazes of the female soldiers fixed on his handsome face, wondering if the more handsome the officer was, the less impersonal he was. In a sigh of mourning, Mi Yan sullen his face and confronted with silence.

Xing Kelei was amused by her serious little expression, but only coldly let Sheng Nan give the order to disband, and then when Mi Ha moved, he casually added: “Mi Ha stayed.” Look like.

The female soldiers looked at Mi Yan, gave her a look of sympathy and jealousy, and quickly left the training ground.

Until there were only two of them on the huge training ground. Xing Kelei just laughed at Ni while Mi Ha said nothing.

Mi Yan avoided his gaze, but she was a little impulsive in her heart to give him a punch, breaking the smile on his face.

For a moment, Xing Kelei smiled, and looked at her wearing a large camouflage uniform, and reprimanded her in his typical Xing language: “Your brain structure is not normal. You came to serve as a soldier?! It’s very hard, very tired, hard to endure, don’t you? know?”

Without hearing his extraneous concern, Mi Yan squirmed his neck: “What do you mean? Just be mean by yourself. Why do you criticize me?”

Xing Kelei stood head-on with her, with a childish look on his handsome face: “How did you get in because of your physical fitness?” He paused, and he asked the question about Jianxing with a confused expression: “You are a soldier, we What should I do with the two?”

Mi Yan tilted his head and glanced at him. It was a puzzled expression mixed with a little annoyance: “Who is with you and me? It’s clear that you are you and I am me, OK? What should I do?”

Seeing her as if she was drawing a barrier with him, Xing Kelei smiled like a flower bone, and glanced around with his eyes, making sure that no one was passing by. He stepped forward and asked in a soft tone: “Are you still angry? I apologized, you still don’t reconcile with me?”

Of course, Mi Yan understood what Xing Kelei’s apology was. She stepped back subconsciously, turned her little head aside to avoid his gaze, and said with no confidence: “Apology, I have to accept the apology? I haven’t thought yet. Do you want to forgive you!”

When Xing Kelei saw this, he leaned over and stroked Mi Yan’s ears with a warm breath, “Didn’t I have a drink, I’m not a gangster.” After a pause, he chuckled softly: “You are a soldier, I’m I’m a little overwhelmed.”

Mi Hao automatically blocked his second sentence, and only grabbed the first sentence and said: “Drinking can make mistakes as you please? I killed you and you said that if you accidentally drank some alcohol, is it okay?”

“The metaphor of killing me isn’t appropriate?” After all, it was in the military camp, and to avoid frightening her, Xing Kele and Mi Jia kept a little distance, “Besides, can life not make mistakes? You must give me a chance to reform. Ah. You see if I call and you don’t answer or send messages, I’m not always good at visiting directly, right? Of course, if you want, I’m fine. Hey, why did you leave? I’ll pay. Haven’t finished talking, chick?”

Staring at Mi Yan’s angrily leaving back, Xing Kelei smiled, thinking that this chick is really interesting, she doesn’t have any explosive power and she always likes to look impatient. Then he called Heyicheng and directly asked without any preparation: “Boss, what’s the matter with Mi Yan?”

Heyi City is very quiet, apparently still in the office, he said slowly: “Recruit, what else is going on?”

Xing Kelei knew something was happening as soon as he heard the chief’s tone: “She is like a soldier? I don’t have to use all my energy. I can push people down with my fingers, and I can’t get up again.”

“I’m afraid that you will use all your energy outside of training.” Heyicheng snorted and expressed disagreement, and teased: “Is it necessary to go to the 52nd Regiment? If you insist, I can consider it. , After all, it’s a bit of an overkill to let your dignified major go to a place like the boot camp…

Xing Kelei immediately expressed his determination: “What did the chief say? You sent me, not to mention the new barracks, I can also take the pictures of the devil training camp.” Then he heard the Heyicheng training on the phone and said: “Speaking better than singing! I don’t know who is in confinement or on hunger strike. It’s not too shabby!”

Whoever goes on a hunger strike is sick! Xing Kelei smiled happily: “It’s not me to be shameless, you are my leader, the chief!”

He Yicheng’s anger has not disappeared: “I feel useless for having a subordinate like you!”

Xing Kelei made a deep statement: “This time I deeply realized my own shortcomings, so I decided to check the five thousand words and I must write well, and I firmly disagree with Comrade Shu Wenbo’s ghostwriting…”

Dare to mention ghostwriters! He Yicheng laughed and scolded: “Bullshit!”

Seeing that the military situation has eased, Xing Kelei took advantage of the heat and asked about Mi Yan’s appearance in the new barracks.

Heyicheng deliberately hung his appetite. After he honestly reported the work on the recruiting camp, he said casually: “The rules of their hospital are that new doctors must go to the army to receive a month’s recruit training. There are two people.”

“Which corner waste hospital has such abnormal rules?” Mi Yan is known to Xing Kelei of the medical school, but her image, temperament, and even personality are more in line with nurses, so he has always positioned her Become a little angel.

“They can assist in emergency health care training.” Heyicheng explained the situation concisely, and finally said: “This can also be regarded as a’marriage’ between the army and the hospital, which is a win-win situation.”

Marriage? Also win-win? Xing Kelei had to admit that Comrade Chief’s language proficiency was comparable to him.

He grinned: “Boss, are you talking about yourself? Huo, you said that when you and your sister-in-law get the certificate, are you marrying someone into the army or going to the hospital?” He was afraid of being repaired. Give Heyicheng a chance to speak and say, “Okay, boss, don’t disturb your date, I’m going to’marriage’.”

Look, his subordinates’ receptive ability is as strong as their combat effectiveness. This learns to use flexibly.

He Yicheng smiled bitterly as he listened to the blind tone from the microphone.

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