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You are my city camp 03

The Army Hospital is certainly not a scrap hospital as Xing Kelei said. As a hospital affiliated to the military region, the hospital has express requirements for the physicians in the hospital: In addition to being a soldier, all doctors who do not have military dumplings must participate in a one-month recruit training before becoming a resident doctor and pass the examination results, otherwise they will be rejected . Therefore, even if it is not a “regular army,” Mi Ha still has to receive the same rigorous training as recruits enlisted in the army.

After the lights went off, the barracks were completely dark. Obviously tired, Mi Yan can’t sleep over and over again. I jumped out of my mind uncontrollably when I entered the new barracks and turned in the short message I received one second before the mobile phone turned over: “Persevere, waiting for you!” The four words Liao and Liao gave Mi Yan a great encouragement, even if it was. Unfamiliar numbers and no signatures, but she felt a sense of familiarity. Who is the one? With questions on her back, she stared at the top of the wall with the moonlight projected from the window.

Xu Yanshan also did not sleep. When Mi Yan did not know how many times she turned over, she poked her head out of the upper bunk and asked thiefly: “What did the major leave you for?”

Thoughts were interrupted, Mi Yan shook Xing Kelei’s swaggering smiling face after returning to his senses, and pouted.

How to answer? The matter with him is not clear in one sentence. And she couldn’t say it, although he was indeed her savior, but besides that, he was still a hooligan! Mi Hao didn’t know how to answer for a while, and found that the snoring sound of the bed on the right had disappeared.

It turned out that this was a question shared by all female soldiers in the dormitory.

After a while of speechlessness, Mi Yan shrank into the bed and replied in a low voice: “Stay fine!” She seemed worried that this little lie was not persuasive, and she added with a guilty conscience: “Punish me for talking too much!”

He does not mean that. Xu Yanshan thought that Mi Yan was a pun, and retracted her head to sleep.

The dormitory was quiet again, and under the touch of the moonlight, the tired Mi Yan slowly fell asleep, dreamless all night.

The training of recruits follows the principle of separate training for men and women. The male company under the new barracks and a female unit where Mi Tu is located are fighting in the same training field. Xing Kelei, who was appointed by the head of the division to participate in the whole process, was responsible for supervising and guiding the training of the new barracks. Xing Kelei’s individual combat ability is well-known throughout the division and even the group army. In addition, everyone knows that he, who was given the nickname “Laughing Tiger”, trained his troops so fiercely that Li Ping, the commander of the new barracks, did not dare to take the training. Snub.

As a professional soldier, he came from Heyi City again. Naturally, Xing Kelei would not focus his energy on a small group of female soldiers. If it weren’t for Mi Ha’s sake, he would never spend a whole day dealing with a group of squeamish and willful female soldiers. Therefore, from the next day, he moved to the men’s company according to the plan, only intending to check and accept the results during the periodic assessment. As for whether he has selfishness, it is because he doesn’t take action or something to ignore the training of the female soldier team, it is not known.

The training intensity of female soldiers has been greatly reduced compared with that of male soldiers, but Mi Ha’s physical strength has been exhausted. Especially after completing the five-kilometer cross-country training for the first time, her physical endurance seems to have reached the limit. But even with the symptoms of dizziness, she appeared on the playground with a pale face.

Approaching noon, Xing Kelei was giving the male soldiers a lesson at nine o’clock in the training field. When he was talking about not expecting him to be merciful to them, there was a riot at three o’clock. He turned his head back with displeased emotions, cast his gaze across the field, and when he could not find a figure, his brows gathered slightly.

Xu Yanshan yelled to let the female soldiers disperse, trying to let the fainted Mi Jia breathe fresh air while pinching her among the people. However, the female soldiers were all guys with no common sense of medicine. In their urgency, they surrounded Mi Jia and even hindered her rescue.

At this time, a low male voice broke in: “Get out of the way!” Before the words fell, Xing Kele had already approached.

His eyes touched Mi Yan’s pale paper face, his expression condensed and he waved away from the crowd, then leaned over to pick her up, and hurried to the infirmary.

Mi Yan opened her eyes and was leaning in Xing Kelei’s arms. After she was fully conscious, her small face turned red and struggling to sit upright. She lowered her head and refused: “Don’t help!”

“If your captain couldn’t hold you, I wouldn’t bother to care about it. How much food do you have at noon? Dead!” The moment she escaped from his embrace Xing Kele regained his usual smirk, and easily covered his previous eyes. Surging strange tenderness.

Mi Jia was ill and refused to accept it, “I can’t bear the rice and buns of your troops? I want to eat more to make your budget exceed the standard!”

Xing Kelei smiled and looked at her slender body: “If you can make our expenses exceed the standard, my last name will be with you.”

Mi Yan made a disgust: “Who wants you?”

Her stubborn little appearance is like a child. Xing Kelei’s eyes projected on her face unconsciously turned into a soft focus. He raised his head and rubbed her disheveled hair. The stern tone of her mouth did not match the gentle look in her eyes: “It’s okay to be uncomfortable. Asking for leave, what’s the best? The healer does not heal himself, be careful I let you fail the assessment!”

Mi Yan slapped him vigorously: “You use power for personal gain? Do you dare to disqualify me, I’ll give you a small report!”

Dare to threaten him! Xing Kelei squeezed her hand narrowly: “The expression is in place, come on, go on. I gave a small report, and then?”

Mi Jia frowned, then smiled slyly, and then-rubbed his hand that was a little dirty during training.

Xing Kelei wasn’t angry either, “Let’s rest a few days by fainting. Don’t worry, I am here and I promise to pass you.”

“Who wants you to release the water!” Mi Yan refused his kindness: “A strong physique is also something I should have as a doctor. What if I fainted on the operating table due to lack of physical strength one day? The hospital has regulations. I don’t want to be lazy either.” Meeting Xing Kelei’s gaze, Mi Yan’s childish face was full of seriousness: “Didn’t you tell me, a group of people who can’t even walk in the queue, dare not imagine what it is like on the battlefield. Since I chose the Army Hospital, I have to do it: I am a doctor in peacetime, and an army in wartime!”

He is a doctor in peacetime, and an army in wartime! Xing Kelei did not expect that she would say such mature words when she looked thin and small, and he would never admit that Mi Ha’s mental consciousness was higher than himself! However, her concentrated expression that did not match her appearance, to be honest, caused an inexplicable emotion to rise in his chest.

“I’m very pleased that you have such thoughts.” Xing Kelei looked at her with arms on his chest for a moment, and actually instilled political theory into her with a tone of voice: “If you don’t study, you will really fall behind! In order to make progress together in the future, It is also convenient for us to handle the relationship between’revolutionary comrades’, and it will work hard for you.”

What and what? ! Mi Yan swears to the moon, absolutely not intending to make progress with him.

Grabbing the pillow behind him and smashing it over, Mi Yan was out of anger: “Please don’t be ignorant for me in the future, and now I have to “compromise”, okay?”

“Don’t mess around, I really don’t care about you when I get the sheets in the infirmary.” If you tease her again, it will really blow up. Xing Kelei Mingjin retreated, and finally, don’t give her a deep glance.

Mi Jia was stunned, and later realized that the physical discomfort he had just pointed out was referring to her for the few days of the month, and her cheeks suddenly became flushed. She was embarrassed and pushed him hard: “Go away, I don’t want to see you.”

Xing Kelei couldn’t help but smile, and before leaving, he confessed in an orderly tone: “Wait a while after the infusion, wear my training uniform and go back.”

When she first met, she looked disheveled, and now…Mi Yan was so embarrassed that she even reddened her toes. She covered her face with his strong masculine training uniform, showing all sorts of self-confidence.

Xing Kelei just smiled indifferently.

Mi Hao participated in the next training as usual. The only difference was that Xing Kelei had checked on the women’s team from time to time since that day. Xu Yanshan sensitively discovered that they had significantly more time to rest than before Mi Yan fainted.

When it came to the field rescue training, Xing Kelei explained to Li Ping that the male and female soldiers should be brought together and carried out at the same time.

After the training began, Mi Jie and Xu Yanshan were divided into two groups and used their expertise to explain and drill for the recruits.

What Xu Yanshan wanted to deal with was a bleeding injury on her right arm. She came to the soldier who played the wounded soldier and gave a presentation. Mi Jia had to deal with a broken leg, and the injured soldier was actually Major Xing.

Mi Jie ignored his non-smiling expression and ordered him to lie down professionally to pretend to have a broken leg. Xing Kelei did so. Then Mi Ha skillfully picked up the splint, and patiently explained to the soldiers while operating: “This wounded has a larger fracture area and a lot of bleeding. We need to fix it with two splints, first with a bandage on the thigh. ……” During the words, her plain hand traversed Xing Kelei’s thigh unconsciously, “When the bandage is knotted, the tightness must be controlled well. If it is too loose, it will not have a fixed effect, and if it is too tight, it will not be conducive to…” He said that he shouldn’t be too tight, but his hands were squeezed hard.

Of course, Mi Jia’s original intention was to hurt someone, but Xing Kelei’s body has been tempered by the troops, where can her hand strength hurt? He only felt a strange feeling in the place touched by her soft hand. And this feeling made him look very bad. Xing Kelei felt it necessary to teach Mi Yan a lesson, such as telling her: a man’s body is very sensitive!

After the training of the day was completed, Xing Kelei took an opportunity to get close to Mi Yan without knowing it, and whispered: “I decided to be hospitalized after completing this mission and follow you.” Seeing Mi Yan suddenly. Frowning his eyebrows, he also grinned and added: “Crush your hospital!”

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