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You are my city camp 04

Mi Ha said that he was very weak for Xing Kelei’s frequent rogue acts. Since they met, as long as they met, he couldn’t live without teasing her, which made Mi Yan almost think that Major Xing’s job is to make a joke every day!

Just rightly criticized her brain structure is abnormal, he is normal and he still needs to be hospitalized? Mi Yan felt that she was going to be admitted to a mental hospital if he continued to be entangled in this way. Lifting her foot and stomping hard on his feet twice, she slammed: “Smile, don’t be afraid of cramps in your cheeks!” She secretly slandered herself: If you wear high heels, it’s better and stronger.

Xing Kelei looked like an old god. He clasped her wrist with his backhand when Mi Ha passed by, and pressed her against the wall with a slight force of his arm. The corners of his eyes and eyebrows were full of smiles: “I found it in mine. Under the tune/teaching, you have grown up.” She wouldn’t be so quick to refute him when he teased her at first.

“What are you doing?” Mi Yan was trapped between Xing Kelei’s tall and straight body and the wall. The smell of tobacco that is not completely unfamiliar on his body seemed to be full of temptation at this moment, causing her to lose her language. Function, just watch him with a heartbeat.

If I remember correctly, this should be the first time Mi Yan looked at him so close. Xing Kelei’s facial features are very three-dimensional, especially the standing sword eyebrows. The tense sense of fortitude makes the lines of the entire face look very tough. Only the thin and moderate lips are extremely soft, and the slightly upward-turned corners make him even It’s like laughing without an expression. This feature not only gave him the nickname of “Laughing Tiger”, but also gave him the handsome face of a tough guy and a man, showing a hint of childishness.

Feeling him approaching seemingly like nothing, Mi Yan put his hands on his chest nervously, and stammered: “You, you let me go.” All the clever martial arts were vanished in front of his rascal.

Seeing her nervous and helpless, Xing Kelei smiled deeper, leaning over to her ear, and he whispered: “Why blush? It was natural when I’touched’ me before, eh?” His scorching breath touched her auricle, almost making Mi Yan’s heart numb, but it was only that, Xing Kelei didn’t get close anymore, he took a step back and shrugged indifferently: “Punish you, let’s not take it as an example.” Eliminate, walk away with a meteor step.

Fighting crazy with a lunatic, Mi Jia is obviously not an opponent. When she came to Ching Ming, Xing Kelei’s servant was gone.

What is the punishment as an example? With Mijia’s IQ, she didn’t understand it.

Thinking of Xing Kelei’s deliberate approach, she would have a series of chain reactions such as soft hands, soft feet, brain failure, etc. Mi Jie covered her face with her hands, annoyed by her failure.

Mi Yan completely ignored Xing Kelei. Whether it was a training interval or a canteen encounter, she always regarded him as air. Of course, Mi Jia’s so-called cold violence is not lethal to Xing Kelei. The reason why she was able to complete the last stage of training quietly was entirely because Xing Kelei was too busy to tease her. Uncommon as recorded in Xing’s quotations: Only he Xing Kelai did not want to attack the line of defense, and there was no line that Xing Ke could not attack.

I remember that the 532nd Regiment once commented on Xing Kelei in the confrontation: “good at defense and offensive.” So, even the opponents who were born in special forces did not dare to underestimate Xing Kele’s combat effectiveness. Mi Ha learned this point later.

With the passage of time, a month passed quickly, and finally came the day of assessment. Mi Yan tried her best, except for the last subject in progress, the weak and unreliable scores of her several assessments finally managed to win and barely passed the test.

In the army’s computer room, the female soldiers stared at the computer screen, holding the mouse in one hand and operating the keyboard in the other. Some of them have flexible fingering, such as Xu Yanshan, and some are clumsy. Passed by everyone, and finally stayed on Mi Yan who was in a corner in a mess.

At this time, the recruits are participating in a large-scale actual combat exercise code-named “Glorious Mission.”

The so-called “Glorious Mission” is a newly developed military online game based on military camp life. Because the combat tactics of the game are similar to the real tactics of the troops, and the equipment and field shadow simulation are realistic, and it also covers a wealth of military and political knowledge, it is now being tried out for the troops.

Mi Ha never played online games. Even though he had operated on the computer, his fingers were still as clumsy as a bear’s paw. Xing Kelei stood behind her, watching her being killed by the enemy again and again in just a few minutes, really wanting to knock her head open to see if it was filled with straw. The commander clearly ordered her to outflank the right wing, but she stupidly rushed straight to the left. Execution power or something, in front of her is a floating cloud.

When Mi Ha was knocked down for the Nth time, Xing Kelei couldn’t stand it.

Mi Yan was engrossed in the battle, and suddenly someone leaned in behind him. Xing Kelei leaned behind her, holding her hand in her right hand to move the mouse, while pushing her little paw with her left hand to tap the keyboard, while condensing a voice to remind: “If you don’t want to be left for training for another month because of this, don’t move. !” So Mi Yan really didn’t dare to move.

Xing Kelei’s operations are beautiful and his hands are extremely fast. Mi Yan moved with his hand like a puppet, her eyes gradually moved from the screen to his flying fingers, and then she slowly tilted her head, her eyes fixed on his sturdy side face.

This scene, Mi Yan recalled many years later, it was both ambiguous and warm. Xing Kele vainly hugged her into his arms behind him, his perfect profile that almost touched her skin, and the heat sprayed from his breath, Mi Yan was so deep that he would never forget it for a lifetime.

It wasn’t until he helped her pass the test in a disorderly manner that Mi Yan woke up like a dream. She struggled slightly and signaled him to get up. She muttered, “I didn’t expect your computer to be quite powerful.” In her impression Xing Kelei is the kind of person who is as neat as a martial artist, just like the time he rescued her, he was able to solve the kidnapper with three punches in the heavy rain.

“Just deal with it. If you play normally, I’m afraid that people will detect your abnormality.” Xing Kelei triumphed about her verbal praise: “You were still practicing Yizhi Zen when I was playing this kind of high-tech.” He was deliberately clumsy during the words. Poke a few keys with her index finger, as if she was doing what she was just now.

Mi Hao pouted: “You can’t chat without bragging.”

“Who is chatting with you? Don’t you know about the assessment?” Xing Ke slapped her hand, “Be serious!”

Mi Yan glared at him, “Fake and serious!”

Xing Kelei chuckled: “I’m not serious, I’m afraid you can’t bear it.” He adjusted his posture, and it seemed to outsiders that he was guiding combat, and asked her casually: “How much is the Penguin?”

“What penguin number? Ah, you say QQ.” Mi Yan replied subconsciously: “Three, six, eight, six, one, six, six, why do you ask?”

“My name is sixty-nine-nine-nine, remember, come back and add me.” Yu Guang glanced at Li Ping, and Xing Kelei got up at the right time: “The trumpet is overbearing? The net name is more overbearing: offensive, none, no , Ke!” After a word, he winked at her narrowly, and Mi Yan couldn’t help kicking him in such a seductive manner.

The day Mi Yan was “released after serving his sentence” coincided with Xing Kelei’s outing.

Looking at his domineering off-road vehicle, Mi Yan squeezed: “I’ll go by myself, so I won’t waste your time.”

“I thought someone made a special trip to see you off? I was going back to the division to pick you up by the way.” Xing Kelei raised his lower eyebrow and looked at Xu Yanshan: “Get in the car, beauty, and see you off.”

Xu Yanshan didn’t have much resistance to the handsome comrade major, she was overjoyed when she heard the words, “You’re welcome, then.” During the words, she opened the door of the co-pilot and sat on it.

Xing Kelei glanced at her and turned to Mi Ha: “What are you still doing? Get in the car. This place is as barren as a virgin forest, but there is no taxi for your consumption.”

Under Xu Yanshan’s urging eyes, Mi Yan took the back seat.

Xu Yanshan is very talkative, chatting with Xing Kelei enthusiastically all the way, and never cold. Xing Kelei is not the kind of man with a cold aura. Even if he responds a few occasionally, it won’t make people embarrassing. As a result, Xu Yanshan got more and more chatting, and later actually suggested to send Mi Yan first.

Mi Jie didn’t want to be alone with Xing Kelei, so she was very willing, and even put her down when it came to the city, and took the car home by herself. Xing Kelei didn’t express his position in words, just raised his eyes to look at her in the rear mirror of the car, and asked Xu Yanshan’s destination while hitting the steering wheel, pressing the accelerator to the end.

Xu Yanshan looked back from time to time after getting out of the car, quite reluctant to give up.

Xing Kelei didn’t even respond with a look, and turned around and left.

Mi Jia found out that the route was going to his home, which was a bit strange: “How do you know where I live?” Last time Xing Kelei sent her to his sister Miyu, he shouldn’t know the address of Mi’s house.

“What kind of battle is not in place for reconnaissance work? Isn’t it just waiting for the enemy to kill?”

“Why do you spy on me, am I not an enemy?”

Xing Kelei hissed: “How stupid are you? Why do I spy on you? Don’t you know? Don’t tell you, I don’t know! I tell you Mi Yan, it’s hard to find a lantern like me, you hold it again, I But…” Then his cell phone rang the next second, and when he quickly ended the call, the phone of Mi Jia began to sing again.

Mi Yu just pressed the call button, and the Miyu at the other end said, “Auntie, grandma, you finally turned on? I thought you were suspended from the new barracks. I told you to go home quickly. Old Mi is angry.”

Mi Jia looked nervous: “He found it? Didn’t my brother-in-law tell me to carry it? Is he okay? I don’t want to go back at this time, I’m going to your place, you don’t want to be so unrighteous, OK? Let me avoid the wind, please…”

“Just begging for a ghost, it’s useless if you just knock one out of me. In this case, how can I hide it for you? It’s strange if Lao Mi doesn’t remove Tan Ziyue. I’m not allowed to go to my house. No, I have to tell Ma Chen not to let it go. You come in!” Miyu hung up after speaking.

Homeless after leaving the training camp?

Mi Jia’s little shoulders collapsed, and she was exhausted.

Xing Kelei, who had listened to the entire conversation, trembled with a smile.

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