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You are my city camp 05

Since she was a child, Mijia has never lived outside of her home, and the dilemma of being unable to return home makes her a little frustrated. Especially when I heard Miyu’s meaning, Lao Mi was still in anger, she didn’t dare to challenge her father’s bottom line. So, decided to borrow.

Seeing that Xing Kelei was smiling and gloating on the sidelines, Mi Yan glared at him, dialed the number to find a place to live, and whispered in his heart that he was a bad guy who fell into trouble.

The first contact was my good friend Xiao Xia. As a result, after I got connected, I yelled at high decibels: “Do you still know to call? I thought you were kidnapped again? I shut it down for a month. Want me to beat you? When I go back, I won’t cramp you. !”

Mi Yan was shaken by her loud voice and took the phone a little bit away, until Xiao Xia got tired of scolding, she reported her current situation, and there was a fire over there again: “Deserve it! Disappeared for a month, I am your dad and beat me too. you!”

Xing Kelei was on the side, Mi Yan couldn’t hold her face, she reminded with a lack of confidence: “Hey, you’re enough, I’m not here to scold you, I’m asking for help, don’t you understand?”

“Please P, I haven’t given you the spare key? I can’t open it myself? You still use my old lady to fly back from the United States and lift you over with a sedan chair?”

“Ah? You went abroad? Why don’t I know…” Mi Yan was stupid.

“What else do you know besides taking medicine and injections!” Xiaoxia said in a voice that hates iron and steel, and finally said, “My dad is sick. I will come to see him and go back in about a week. If you want to live, just go by yourself. So, hang up.”

How come the reel, the key is in her bedroom. Could she let her climb the window under Lao Mi’s eyelids to retrieve it?

Mi Jia thinks it is safer to be exposed on the street.

Only Xiao Xia lived alone among his friends, and the others lived with her boyfriend or parents. Mi Yan looked through the address book and dialed a number to go out. The call was quickly picked up, and He Xiqing’s sweet and smiling voice rang in the microphone: “Haha, your training is over? How are you, have you passed the customs? Listen to Axing saying that Xing Kelei is responsible for the training of the new barracks, he did not bully you, right? ?”

Are you bullying? Mi Jia hasn’t thought about it yet. Without answering, she asked, “Sister He Xi, are you at home?”

Speaking of He Xi, Mi Yan’s acquaintance with her is dramatic. At that time, Mi Ha was sent by Lao Mi to accompany her mother Irene to the Old Town of Lijiang on vacation. After returning from an early holiday, Mi Jia was taken by her sister Mi Yu to a bar called “Tianchi”, and then she happily caught up with the police routine inspection. On that day, as a criminal policeman, He Xi, incarnation of Mi Ha, performed an undercover mission. Both her name and ID number were the same as her fake ID and Mi Tu’s real ID. Then, the unsuspecting police took the real and fake Mi Tu back to the police station at the same time.

Soon after, when Mi Yan was asked by a friend to go to “Tianchi”, he ran into He Xi again. That time, Mi Ha’s appearance almost exposed He Xi. In order to protect Mi Tu and to lure the suspect into a trap, He Xi made Mi Tu get out of his body first. But the matter was not over yet. The next morning, Mi Yan was kidnapped by a man named Chen Biao who was targeted by the police in his sister’s apartment.

That was the most thrilling and terrifying thing Mi Ha has experienced so far. At that time, He Xi was hit with a knife in the shoulder, and the Criminal Police Captain Zhuo Yao was also seriously injured. When Chen Biao was taken out of the apartment, as a high-achieving medical student, she knew she was crying, and even forgot to help He Xi stop bleeding first.

It was also that time that Mi Ha got acquainted with Xing Kelei. At that time, she and He Xi were trapped in a Cherokee jeep by Chen Biao and other criminals. In the pouring rain, I did not know where to catch up with the military off-road vehicle. Amidst the harsh gunfire, the off-road vehicle first knocked out the killer’s Golden Cup car on the mountain road, and then intercepted the broken Cherokee.

At that time, Xing Kelei was driving an off-road vehicle, and he also appeared at the same time as a special soldier. They divided the work and cooperated to rescue He Xi in the rain of bullets. The delicate Xing Kelei and He Xi’s pet dog, the black monkey, brought down some of Chen Biao’s men, and then took off their semi-wet training clothes and wrapped them in cotton cloth to sleep. Mi Yan in the skirt.

Because He Xi was hanging out, Xing Kelei drove her to the hospital. On the road, Mi Yan, who was sitting in the co-driver’s seat, shrank and cried with rain. At first, Xing Kelei thought that the little woman was frightened by being kidnapped, but later he understood why he screamed so loudly when he picked her up. It turned out that Mi Yan was afraid of everything with hairy things. So in fact, she was frightened by a Labrador named Heihouzi.

After successfully saving people, Xing Kelei rushed back to the training ground to participate in the exercise, but Mi Yan cried dimly, except for using his training suit sleeves as a tissue and wiping tears and nose. He didn’t care about anything. He didn’t have a chance to ask for his military uniform until He Xi bandaged the wound and came out.

Xing Kelei intervened between the two talking: “Can you wait to analyze the situation and look forward to the future? Now,” he paused, his eyes fixed on Mi Ha’s “standard” face, “First return the uniform. Me, I have to rush back to the base to report.”

Hearing this, Mi Yan looked down at the clothes wrapped around him, and thought of using the sleeves of other people’s clothes as paper towels a moment ago, his face flushed suddenly, “Well, or else, let me wash it for you. Tell me where you live. , I’ll send it to you in two days.”

Seeing the “little crowd”‘s mood stabilized, Xing Kelei’s handsome face smiled frantically: “What are you doing, look, it’s cleaner than my face.” He stretched out his hand to fetch the military uniform during the words. Touching Mi Yan’s soft little hands, he looked at her instantly red cheeks amusedly, and he teased her in his usual ridiculous tone: “Little girl, why are you blushing, I’m so embarrassed?”

It was from that time that the term “little girl” became exclusive to Xing Kelei for Mi Jia. It was this experience that made Xing Kelei become Mi Ha’s life-saver, and Mi Ha, because of his acquaintance with He Xi, successively met He Xi’s boyfriend Li Xing, who has been in love for ten years, as well as He Xi’s cousin He Hongxun, his cousin Mu Ke, His cousin He Yayan, and He Yayan’s prospective husband, Xing Kelei, He Yicheng. Since then, she has referred to these professional soldiers as “green forest heroes.”

Of course, heroes or something, not including Xing Kelei. Why does Mi Yan seem to be looking forward to seeing her savior? Because he saves people first, and “strong” people second. On a dark and windy night, Comrade Major offended Little Girl Mi. As for how to offend, Mi Yan was reluctant to tell others.

However, this difficult thing for her somehow spread to He Xi’s ears, perhaps because a little secret was shared, or perhaps the two had fallen in love with each other. Mi Ha and He Xi got closer, and it became a short time. Good sisters who talk about everything.

He Xi told Mi Yan about her whereabouts, and He Xi told the truth: “I’m in the 52nd Regiment. A Xing feels a little uncomfortable in the waist these days. I’ll wait for the uncle. What’s wrong with him?” Then the microphone spread. Strictly complained: “Who, Xiaoqi? Come over and continue the task, it hurts.”

Mi Yan laughed: “It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t bother you to serve Chief of Staff Li, I’m afraid he will start a fire and throw me into the fish pond.”

He Xi also laughed when he mentioned that he was strictly about to throw Mi Yan into fish ponds. She joked, “Then he is not under the control of Xing Ke?”

Mi Yan glanced at Xing Kelei, who pretended to concentrate on driving, “I have nothing to do with him.”

He Xi didn’t believe it: “It’s okay? Xing Kelei doesn’t think so, right? I think he is clearly responsible for the structure.”

Mi Yan stomped in embarrassment: “I won’t tell you, you are all in the same group.”

Seeing her muffled, Xing Kelei slowed down and looked back at her: “Speak, where to go? I’m in a hurry.” He didn’t want to care about her.

Mi Yan cast his eyes out of the window, angrily: “Just stop wherever you want to drop me, why do you want to go chanting, who wants you to take care of!”

Somehow, Xing Kelei’s words sounded like a spoilt in his ears.

He said like a little kid: “Whatever? Don’t say I kidnapped you then.”

Seeing him turning the front of the car, Mi Yan was awakened. Holding the backpack to her chest, she asked vigilantly, “Where are you taking me, Xing Kelei?” Seeing that he didn’t answer without any expression, she yelled, “Stop, I want to get off the car.”

Xing Kelei took his eyes through the rear mirror to warn her to sit down: “If you don’t sell you or eat you, why are you nervous?” Seeing her look wary, he rarely explained patiently: “Go to the sister-in-law, you are not together It’s convenient to go to work.”

Mi Yan knows that the sister-in-law in Xing Kelei’s mouth refers to He Yayan, her new colleague, the undocumented daughter-in-law of Heyi City. However, Mi Yan tilted his head and thought for a while: “Well, if I go, it will disturb the two-person world of her and Chief of Staff He.”

“You think too much.” Xing Kelei held the steering wheel with one hand while putting on his headphones: “The boss usually doesn’t go to his sister-in-law. Besides, they quarrel, and the sister-in-law won’t let him in. If you go, you will just be a peacemaker.”

“That’s it,” the homeless Mi Yan thought, “Well, I’ll call and ask…” Before she finished Xing Kelei had already connected to He Yayan’s phone.

He Yayan happened to be resting at home. When Xing Kelei said that Mi Ha was coming to live for a few days, he was particularly happy to agree, and asked Xing Kelei to call Mi Ha and criticized her for not calling her by herself. Mi Yan explained in a naive way: “I’m afraid that Chief of Staff He hates my light bulb.”

He Yayan smiled: “I am in charge of my territory.”

Therefore, Mi Jia was sent to He Yayan by Xing Kelei. It’s not that Xing Kele has no place to settle Mi Jie, but even if he simply solves her accommodation problem for her, Mi Jie will resist. Besides, they are still in the stage of increasing ambiguity, he doesn’t want to scare the little girl.

Xing Kelei had other things. After sending Mi Yan to the place, he left without even going upstairs. But before leaving, he used He Yicheng and He Yayan as an excuse to make an appointment with Mi Yan to have dinner together, and thiefly reminded Mi Yan not to tell He Yayan that He Yicheng would come in the evening.

Mi Hao believed that it was true, and she was not good at telling lies. She went to a restaurant called “Xing Mansion” near Tianhe Square.

Seeing He Yayan, Heyicheng, who was wearing casual clothes, greeted her and arranging her scarf, “I’m not telling you that the temperature dropped a bit today, why do you wear so little? My words are not strong, are they?”

He Yayan was angry that he was puzzled, opened his hand, and said slightly: “It’s fine to use your strength on your subordinates, don’t always put me on the line.”

He Yicheng smiled and held her shoulders: “How dare I, I am the leader in the army, you are my leader when I go home.”

He Yayan’s face turned red and gave him a light push.

Seeing how tired and crooked the two are, how can they look awkward?

Mi Jia finally realized that he was cheated by the rogue Xing Kelei.

Xing Kelei, wearing military boots and camouflage pants, just came down from the box on the second floor and saw Mi Yan. He also joked: “Come on, little girl, welcome.” Turning his face to look at Enai’s boss and sister-in-law, he smiled: “Oh! , Reconciliation? Mi Ha goes out, one is better than the other.” The answer to him was Mi Ha’s greet fanquan.

Mi Hao beat him like a madman: “Xing Kelei, you still pretend?! You bullied me three, four or five times, and there is no end to it?”

Xing Kelei tilted his head and laughed, and the peach blossoms slightly raised his eyes with brilliance, “What is this? I thought you were a normal woman, why are you crazy?” The tone was unabashedly pampered and full. Full of tenderness.

Ignoring the two, He Yicheng went upstairs with He Yayan in his arms.

As soon as he entered the box, He Yayan’s cell phone rang.

Seeing the caller ID, she quickly picked it up: “Cousin?”

“It’s me.” A low and gentle male voice came through the microphone, and Shao Yuhan confessed: “The military training of the interns is over. You tell them to rest for two days and report back to the hospital on the 10th.”

“I see.” He Yayan responded and asked again: “When will you be back?”

Shao Yuhan raised his wrist to check the time and replied, “It’s just these two days.”

“When you come back, I have something to discuss with you.”

“Okay, meet and say.”

At the end of the call, Xing Kelei came in with a dishonest Mi Yan.

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