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You are my city camp 06

He Yicheng is certainly no stranger to Mi Yan.

That time, Xing Kelei rescued the kidnapped her and rushed to the training base to participate in the exercise. Heyi City, who was acting as a simulation unit of the Blue Army, and the Red Army Commander 532 Regiment met strictly on the battlefield. Because He Yicheng was defeated by the regiment leader He Hongxun, and Li Xing was prepared to honor his father-in-law with the results of this exercise, both sides worked hard to clean up each other. In the end, because the director’s department changed its previous confrontation routines, the red and blue armies had to temporarily change their combat plans on the battlefield, and jointly broke down the imposing special brigade.

After the victory, they went to the 52nd Regiment to participate in the celebration banquet, which coincided with the time when the rescued Mi Yan went to visit the injured He Xi. The scene that day was very lively. Mu Ke greeted her husband He Hongxun, He Xi waited to be enforced, and He Yayan went to his boyfriend He Yicheng. Among the eight people on the scene, only Xing Kelei and Mi Ha were single.

At that time, Xing Kelei got out of the car and saw that the chiefs were greeted by their wives. He couldn’t help feeling: “Oh, family day, how can I be such a bachelor.” He cast his eyes on the face of Mi Yan who appeared unexpectedly, and he said with a smile: “Little girl, If you don’t object, we two make do?”

Mi Yan shouldn’t make do with her.

With innocent and shy eyes, the little girl retaliated in front of everyone with two words: “Rogue!”

That was the first time Heyicheng saw Mi Yan. It was because of Xing Kelei’s subordinates that I paid attention to it. I felt that the baby-faced girl’s expression was somewhat similar to that of the niece shepherd, which was a little bit more favorable for no reason.

After the celebration banquet, Heyicheng was drunk and couldn’t drive. He Yayan originally planned to send Mi Yan, but was stopped by Xing Kelei, who also drank a lot of alcohol. In Mi Yan’s sad and worried eyes, Major Xing took over the escort to send the beautiful woman off.

Since that night, Heyicheng has sensitively discovered that the relationship between Xing Kelei and Mi Ha has become less simple. So when he learned from He Yayan that Mi Jia, who is about to become an intern at the Army Hospital, was going to participate in recruit training, he appointed Xing Kelei to stay in and take charge of the training of the recruit camp.

Judging from the relatively normal performance of Xing Kelei in the recent past, his unruly and rebellious mood continues to improve. He Yicheng believes that it is because of Mi Yan. He was very pleased with his wise decision.

Even though he was teased by Xing Kelei, Mi Yan behaved rather well in front of Heyi City. Although I don’t know much about the army, I see that no matter it is He Hongxun, Li Xing, or Xing Kelei, there are not as many stars on the shoulders of Heyi City, and every one of them must salute first. She is very honest to the Chief of Staff He Admire, to be exact a little admiration.

In addition to being easy to play abnormally in front of He Hongxun and occasionally naive, He Yicheng has always had a lot of elders and leaders. Seeing Mi Jia being taken into the box by his subordinates, he became serious and reprimanded Xing Kelei: “Pay attention to your image! It’s only been a few days, keep the honor!”

First he sat Mi Yan on the chair, and Xing Kele stood upright and pretended to salute: “Yes, the chief.”

He Yicheng kicked him: “Go away!”

Xing Kelei grinned: “It’s done for you.” Turning around, he instructed the waiter to serve the food.

Mi Yudong looked around and looked at Xing Kelei with a questioning look: “Is it called’Xing Mansion’ by coincidence? Or is it yours?”

Xing Kelei stretched out his long legs and sat down beside her, and patted his chest proudly: “I am the boss! How about it, do you want me to call all the waiters in to let them see the real body of the little boss?”

Mi Yan originally thought it was his house, but when he saw him admit it so unhumbly, and with a terrifying expression on his face, he didn’t believe it.

She pretended to splash him with tea, and was not ready to continue this unconstructive topic.

Xing Kelei didn’t care, and talked to Heyicheng about official business. While waiting for the dishes, Mi Jie and He Yayan talked about recruit training. When it came to the “Glorious Mission” military online game, she rarely praised Xing Kelei and praised him for playing the game well.

He Yicheng interjected with a smile upon hearing the words, “For playing, he Xing Kelei has the most knowledge.”

His evaluation between praise and criticism made Xing Kelei frowned: “Boss, are you complimenting me or scolding me? Why don’t you say that I am playing when I interfere with the opponent’s command network during the confrontation?”

Mi Yan didn’t understand, and asked strangely, “How can I interfere? You can win the battle by playing games?”

The layman is the most painful! Xing Kelei gave a tut and waved his hand over: “It’s good for you to talk less!”

Seeing Mi Yan pouting, He Yayan added tea to Heyicheng and explained: “It is electronic interference. It is intercepting the signal of enemy electronic equipment in the electromagnetic spectrum field, or interfering with the normal operation of equipment, causing their command system to fail.” She raised her chin towards Xing Kelei, and she stood up for someone: “Xing Kelei is a genius in this field, from the Electronic Warfare Battalion.”

“I don’t see that you are still a figure in the high-end field.” Mi Yan looked at Xing Kelei with distrustful eyes. “Didn’t you not graduate from elementary school? Computers are really good?”

Xing Kelei raised his hand and knocked on her forehead: “Believe everything! Little idiot!” Suddenly he squinted his eyes: “So don’t try to refuse to add me as a friend. I will make your computer useless, understand?”

Seeing Mi Yan’s daughter-in-law said “Oh”, He Yicheng and He Yayan smiled at each other.

The atmosphere during the banquet was very good. In addition, Xing’s food was really delicious, and the well-fed Mi Yan was happily forgotten. Xing Kelei was inattentive, and she was overwhelmed by alcohol. She accidentally drank his wine as a drink by mistake. , And less than five minutes later, she lay on the table with a “bang”, too drunk to wake up.

Xing Kelei was taken aback for a moment, and then spontaneously folded his arms around the person, and said lightly: “This little fool!”

Leaving “Xing Mansion”, Xing Kelei sent Mi Jia to He Yayan’s apartment. On the one hand, he insincerely expressed his apologies to the boss and said that he had delayed his good deeds. On the other hand, under the guidance of He Yayan, he hugged Mi Jia into the bedroom.

He Yicheng and He Yayan were talking in the living room, while Xing Kelei placed Mi Jia in the bedroom.

Mi Yan was drunk, holding Xing Kelei’s neck and rubbing his ruddy face against his collarbone.

Xing Kelei took a deep breath, continuously, and then tried to pull Mi Ha’s small body close to his strong chest.

Mi Yan hummed and refused to let go, and said coquettishly in her glutinous voice: “Mom, please help me plead, I want to go home, mom…”

Xing Kelei, who was called as his mother, had a fire. As for what the fire was, everyone was tacitly aware. With a slight force in his hand to pull the person away from his embrace, Xing Kelei warned in a very dissatisfied tone when Mi Ha was still struggling to climb over: “You have enough, men can’t stand the provocation!”

As if sensing his anger, the drunken Mi Yan finally became honest. She closed her eyes and obediently let Xing Kele take off her coat, and soon fell asleep soundly.

Pulling the goose-yellow cardigan that was twisted by her, gathering the tangled hair on her forehead, Xing Kelei raised his hand and stumped her blushing face. Mi Yan muttered in a dream: “Mom…” When he turned over, he unconsciously reached out and grabbed Xing Kelei’s hand and pressed it under his cheek.

The bright moonlight came in through the gaps in the curtains, and with the dim and soft light, it reflected the room temperature softly.

Xing Kelei sat motionless on the edge of the bed, allowing Mi Yan to hold his hand and drool on it.

The world is still and the universe is wild, Xing Kelei’s heart is too soft at this moment.

Finally unable to hold back, he slowly leaned over and kissed Mi Yan lightly on the cheek.

A different kind of gentleness is an expression that no one can touch.

Mi Yan seemed to wake up suddenly, uttering words very clearly and softly cursing: “Rogue!”

Xing Kelei froze immediately, keeping his leaning motion and waiting for a moment without seeing her moving, he curled his lips and smiled.

It’s nice to have him in her dream.

In order to get the quilt for Mi Yan, Xing Kelei put a big hand with a thin calli on her neck before getting up, and touched it with infinite tenderness, “If I know that it is yours… I will pay attention to the essentials of the action and give you Leave a good memory.” Then he laughed at himself, and after an imperceptible sigh, his deep and sexy voice echoed in the silent night:

“However, I am not sorry.”

I am not sorry, even if I apologize to you more than once. Because actually I am not drunk.

Perhaps he stayed in the room for too long, or he had insight into something. When Xing Kelei was preparing to leave Heyi City, He Yayan reminded him something in his words: “If you like it, just tell her directly, so it’s always funny. She, with her self-knowledge, would not understand.” After a moment of hesitation, she finally said, “Lest you miss it, you will regret it.”

Xing Kele took a sigh of shape, and then responded in a casual tone: “Who likes her?! Stupid.”

He Yayan thoughtfully, Xing Kelei went back, raking her short hair, he said: “I didn’t ask her carefully, it meant that I angered her dad. Sister-in-law, please ask tomorrow, and then persuade. Persuade her. Let her go back early and admit a mistake, hiding is not the way. Fight against Laozi, her number of paragraphs is obviously not enough.”

He Yayan chuckled lightly, thinking that the number of paragraphs is obviously not enough if you are on you.

Mi Ha only stayed at He Yayan’s house for one night. In the early morning of the next morning, Mi Ma Erin called to inform her that Mi Dad went out because of company affairs, and it would take half a month to come back. So Mi Jia went home happily with a small backpack, but before leaving, she cleaned the inside and out of He Yayan’s apartment, even though it was basically innocent, He Yayan couldn’t help but speak. Commend her for her “maid spirit”.

Irene loves her daughter the most. Seeing that Mi Yan has lost weight, her skin has become rougher than ever because of the wind and sun for a month. Mi Jia just nestled in her arms and said coquettishly: “There is no one who is thin, I have eaten a lot of the rice and white noodles of the army.” During the speech, she also raised her thin arm and gestured, “Look, I am stronger. Oh.”

Irene pinched her cheek lovingly, “Call your dad to admit your mistake at night, so that he won’t come back to fix you.” Seeing Mi Yan twisting and twisting in her arms, expressing her dissatisfaction, she smiled and reminded: “He initiated You have a temper, but you don’t even recognize your wife, you know.”

As a result, when Mi Jie called Lao Mi at night, his assistant Mr. Cheng picked up, and he said in a gentle manner: “Ye Jie, are you going home? Mr. Mi said that if you dare not come home at night, you will be more guilty. Also, he asked me to tell him what he said: I’ll take your skin when I go back!”

“…” Mi Jia decided to hate all assistants from now on.

In the early morning two days later, the intern Mi Hao, with a refreshing expression, went to the Army Hospital to report.

Entering the hall, Mi Yan couldn’t help his mouth curling upwards when he saw the silhouettes of new colleagues who had just put on white coats.

At this time, a long figure appeared in the hall, and people passing by saw him respectfully and warmly greet him: “Dean, early!”

He immediately responded: “Morning.” Low voice, gentle tone.

Hearing the sound, Mi Yan was about to turn around, just as He Yayan called, “Are you here yet? If you come, go straight to the second floor.”

“I’m here, Sister Yayan, come up here.” With the same sweet tone as before, Mi Yan hung up the phone and stepped upstairs with aqua blue high heels. Unexpectedly, the steps got smaller and his front foot only reached the edge of the steps. , The heel of the shoe was stuck, and she was too late to reach out and climb the handrail and leaned back with a “Oh,” she said. However, at the moment when the body lost balance, her slender waist was supported by a strong arm, and she fell gently and firmly into the arms of a man.

Mi Ha turned his head, behind him he was wearing a black shirt and windbreaker jacket, with clear eyes and smiling eyes.

With his eyes condensed in the air, Mi Yan heard him say: “The second, the second, the second!”

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