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You are my city camp 07

A black dress made Shao Yuhan unconsciously exude a cold aura, but his voice was very warm and soft, and his handsome face coupled with an approachable smile made people feel like a spring breeze.

Sunlight projected on him through the window, looking at him standing against the light, Mi Yan searched in her mind for the first time before the so-called second time, and then she couldn’t tell whether she was surprised or surprised: “It’s you?!”

She still remembers! This message quickly reached Shao Yuhan’s mind, and his heart warmed. With a gentle smile reaching the bottom of his eyes, Fu Miyan stood still, his eyes fixed on her childish face: “You will know you when you see the list.” He had already known her arrival.

List of interns? Did he see it? Mi Yan was taken aback, and it was rare to wisely recall that someone had greeted the dean from behind her, and the response was not exactly… Her mouth was half open in surprise, looking at him incredulously, her delicate appearance and surprised expression Jiao Han was in a mess.

Obviously it shouldn’t be rude, but Shao Yuhan couldn’t help raising his hand and rubbing the top of her hair affectionately, reminding: “If you don’t go up, you will be late.”

Mi Yan suddenly came back to her senses, raised her wrist to check the time, she whispered and ran away without saying anything. Shao Yuhan curled her lips and smiled and said softly towards her back: “Slow down, don’t fall again.” So familiar. The dialogue caused Mi Yan who ran to the corner to slow down subconsciously, and then she turned around and waved his hand to go first, and he nodded.

Mi Hao became a member of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. According to He Yayan, she met several new colleagues in the department, and went with He Yayan to rounds with Xu Yanshan, an intern in the same group.

He Yayan is a graduate student from the Military Medical University. He not only has rich clinical experience, he is also one of the few young doctors with scientific research achievements in the Army Hospital, so he is very famous in the industry. She is straightforward and sincere, with a rigorous work attitude, and is very popular with colleagues and patients. During the rounds, while checking the patient’s recovery, she patiently taught Mi Jia and Xu Yanshan the experience.

Mi Yan listened carefully, taking out a small notebook to record while asking questions in a timely manner. He Yayan carefully noticed that her little notebook was wrinkled but thick, and instantly understood that this was the notebook she had carried with her for a long time. Mi Ha’s concentration and earnestness caused He Yayan’s lips to bend slightly, and her eyes became more affectionate.

After checking the ward, He Yayan personally guided Mi Jia to familiarize himself with the distribution of the hospital’s wards and departments, and explained the hospital’s organizational structure. Looking at the dean’s name on the architecture diagram and the serious and energetic photos, Mi Yan’s memory of being awakened in the morning was revived. She recited Shao Yuhan’s name silently, and she recalled the scene of their first acquaintance.

It was an early morning similar to today, and Mi Yan was in a hurry. The difference was that Shao Yuhan did not go upstairs behind her that day, but walked upstairs and down with her head on. The cold morning light projected onto Shao Yuhan through the gaps in the leaves, shrouding his tall and straight figure in a piece of gold, lining his long body in casual clothes, with a graceful attitude.

It seems that embarrassment and recklessness are her patent. After three years, Mi Jia’s situation is exactly the same as the previous one. She got up late that day, so she ran all the way. When he rushed upstairs, at the moment he passed him, I didn’t know where the nerve was wrong. Mi Jia, who stepped on flat shoes under his feet, could not stand steady. When he stepped in the air, he rushed forward inertially and controlled. Constantly fell into Shao Yuhan’s arms. And his hands clasped her slender waist instinctively at the same time, and then Mi Jia heard his gentle reminder: “Slow down, don’t fall.”

Mi Yan stood firmly with his hands, patted his chest in shock, and thanked him sincerely. He smiled calmly, his deep eyes lingering on her delicate little face like a porcelain doll and said: “The tutor is waiting for you, hurry up.” The voice disappeared, and the others had already left.

I thought it was just a peaceful meeting, but Mi Ha did not expect that there would be an intersection in the future.

But later, they met again and again.

Then, there was no news for three years.

When Mi Yan was about to forget, he, who was already the dean, said again: “Slow down, don’t fall again.”

Noting that Mi Yan stared at Shao Yuhan’s photo, He Yayan’s expression changed slightly, and this subtle change was not noticed by others. After thinking about it, she asked in a joking tone: “How is it, the dean is handsome, isn’t it?”

Mi Jia’s reaction was unexpected. She tilted her head and smiled slyly, “I didn’t expect the dean to be so young, I thought it was an old man.”

Whether it is the tone or the expression, there is no meaning to dodge or avoid. Inexplicably, He Yayan breathed a sigh of relief for such an answer. She did not find any clues on Mi Jia’s face. She said in a steady tone: “The dean has a number of scientific research achievements and is an expert in the heart. He was regarded as a special talent by the hospital three years ago. Sent to study abroad. After returning to China, I took the project. I was promoted from deputy dean to dean two months ago and is the youngest dean in the industry.

A light of pride and admiration was surging in the depths of He Yayan’s eyes, causing Mi Yan to feel a sense of awe towards Shao Yuhan. She increasingly felt that insisting on choosing to come to the Army Hospital was the most correct choice. She believes that here, she can definitely learn more medical knowledge and learn more and richer clinical experience. This recognition gave her great encouragement and gave her the courage to face her father’s opposition.

However, Mi Yan didn’t know that the army hospital was the starting point of her dream, and it was the place where her destiny turned.

From today, the trajectory of her life will quietly change here.

The morning time passed through the busy schedule, and I arrived at Shao Yuhan in the cafeteria at lunch.

Seeing He Yayan, he came over and sat at a table with them.

Mi Yan certainly didn’t know that Shao Yuhan seldom went to the cafeteria to eat.

Therefore, his appearance at this moment confirmed certain speculations in He Yayan’s heart.

“President.” Mi Yan looked at him as he approached, said hello politely, and then continued to eat.

Shao Yuhan smiled very tolerantly at her indifferent: “I’m not welcome to have lunch with you?”

Mi Yan raised her head and received the gesture from him. She reflexively moved a position inside, while Shao Yuhan sat down beside her calmly, and then calmly handed the two drinks on his dinner plate to He Yayan and her. : “Healthy and delicious, good for ladies.”

It is vegetable juice, which can not only increase satiety, but also maintain the balance of acid in the body, and also help the digestion of lunch. As doctors, they generally pay more attention to health. And he has always been attentive, just a little thought can make people feel particularly considerate. But, has the cousin ever done this to whom? Except… He Yayan picked up the fruit juice, and his thoughts turned back and forth in an instant.

Mi Hao took a sip, and the fresh taste made her look satisfied, “Thank you, Dean, next time I invite you to drink.”

Shao Yuhan smiled: “Okay.”

Seeing her picking out the side dishes she didn’t eat little by little, he asked, “Still picky eaters or not eating coriander?” The cooked twist in his tone was hard to ignore.

Mi Jia asked instinctively: “How about you? Have you learned how to eat?”

As a cousin, He Yayan knew that Shao Yuhan had never eaten coriander since he was a child.

She was silent on the face, but there was a wave in her heart. She finally asked, “Do you know?”

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