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You are my city camp 08

The moment Mi Tu raised his head, Shao Yuhan calmly replied, “Teach Tu’s tutor is also Professor Ruan.”

Professor Ruan? When Shao Yuhan was in graduate school, that teacher Ruan Shaoqi who specialized in intractable diseases? He Yayan remembered.

It turned out that they were actually senior brothers and sisters. But due to the ten-year-old age difference between Shao Yuhan and Mi Ha, they shouldn’t have overlapped. After thinking about it, he was as smart as He Yayan and understood.

Shao Yuhan is Ruan Shaoqi’s most proud student. After graduating from graduate school, he always kept in touch with his tutor, who was recommended for an internship at the Army Hospital, and often visited Ruan Shaoqi’s home. Shao Yuhan was able to become the youngest dean in the industry, not only because of his extraordinary talents, but also because he has been guided and guided by his mentor.

So the acquaintance between him and Mi Ha should be at Ruan Shaoqi’s house. So it’s no wonder that they understand each other’s eating habits, it should be because of the relationship of the mentor that they had eaten together at that time. But Yimihan’s performance seemed to be unknown to her before today that Shao Yuhan was the dean of the Army Hospital. He Yayan was a little confused. Could it be that they haven’t contacted since his cousin went abroad? So why is his cousin…

Seeing He Yayan thoughtfully, Mi Yan explained timidly: “Sister Yayan, are you not angry? I didn’t tell you just now because I only found out in the morning, and I haven’t fully digested the news yet.”

He Yayan retracted his thoughts and smiled: “I forgot to tell you that we are cousins. So my introduction to the dean in the morning was actually for Wang Po to sell melons.”

Hearing that, his gaze shifted from Shao Yuhan to He Yayan, and Mi Yan said faintly: “Okay, it’s a tie.”

Looking at Mi Yan with a smile, Shao Yuhan suggested: “Go to visit the tutor together another day?”

Attention was drawn back, and Mi Yan responded happily: “Okay, just to report to his old man that I have passed the recruit training, and he questioned me before.”

Shao Yuhan promised like coaxing a child: “Brother will give you a testimony.”

Mi Hao smiled: “It must be.”

A faint tenderness loomed between Shao Yuhan’s eyebrows, and he nodded solemnly.

The relationship between the brothers and sisters made Mi Yan, who was pure-minded, did not resist Shao Yuhan in the slightest.

As the cousin of the person who came here, he used the right method.

Thinking of Xing Kelei’s scorn, He Yayan only hoped that he would ask for more blessings.

As the overall medical level of the Army Hospital is very high, there are many patients. On the first day of employment, Mi Tu quickly entered the state under He Yayan’s guidance. Don’t look at her usually naive and indifferent, but she is very researched academically, not only true, but also her own unique insights. He Yayan finally understood why Ruan Shaoqi, who is very picky about students, would be willing to be Mi Tu’s tutor and personally recommend it.

She is not worried about Mi Jie’s technical problems. After all, those who can pass the assessment to enter the hospital have real materials, but for a beautiful girl who has just entered the society, He Yayan is even more afraid that she will suffer a loss in dealing with others.

So when Shao Yuhan didn’t shy away from Mi Ha and asked her what she wanted to tell him on the phone that day, He Yayan suggested that Mi Ha should be brought by her herself, and that he would not obey the arrangement of the department director Pu Boyuan. Shao Yuhan was silent for a moment with an unclear expression, and agreed.

Pu Boyuan is thirty-three years old, tall and thin, with an ordinary appearance, only the unconscious expression of loneliness between his eyebrows, coupled with a white doctor’s uniform, makes him exude a melancholy scholarly temperament in his gestures. When he was about to get off work, Mi Yan finally saw the legendary him outside the operating room.

Pu Boyuan has just completed a difficult operation. There are subtle red blood streaks in his eyes, which faintly reminds him of his fatigue. He Yayan said that Mi Ha is a new intern in the department. He raised his eyes to Mi Ha. speak.

Mi Hao smiled politely: “Hello Director, this is Mi Ha.”

Pu Boyuan glanced at her lightly, then exchanged information with He Yayan about the patient’s condition, gave the nurse a few more words, and turned away.

For his inexplicable reaction, Mi Yan asked He Yayan with his eyes.

He Yayan patted Mi Yan on the shoulder, “It’s none of your business.” Then he leaned into her ear and whispered, “I have been in a bad mood for being forced to marry by his fiancee. Just stay away from him.”

Mi Ha shrugged and smiled like a sly little fox.

The next few days were relatively calm, except that Mi Yan scalded Pu Boyuan in the tea room, nothing special happened. The doctors in the department, including He Yayan, were not there at the time. He only heard Pu Boyuan say that Mi Hao accidentally got it when he turned around, but he didn’t care. Only when Xing Kelei called Mi Ha that night, she sensitively discovered that she was not in a beautiful mood.

Standing in front of the window and looking at the dark barracks, Xing Kelei supported the window frame with one hand, and asked casually, “Isn’t you living a life without me?”

Mi Yan reached out and threw the pillow out, “I can’t live without your beating and scolding. Are you satisfied with that?”

Realizing that she was in a bad mood, Xing Kelei changed the conversation: “Little girl, I ask you, why do you know why you can be a soldier at the age of eighteen and an officer at the age of 25 can get married?” Although it was a question, she didn’t mean to make her answer. , He said to himself: “Because women are harder to deal with than enemies!”

His deep and powerful voice came from the microphone. Even though it was still the usual ridiculous tone, it effectively eased Mi Jia’s emotions. However, she seemed to have been accustomed to carrying Xing Kelei, so she retorted stiffly: “Why are you so disgusting? Who is it? Xing Kelei, I tell you, if I couldn’t beat you, I would have turned my face with you.”

Xing Kelei laughed lowly, “For the sake of our friendship, let’s change the subject. Let me talk about what happened, and I will analyze the pros and cons for you.”

“I’m too lazy to talk to you, you don’t understand it!” Mi Yan complained and slandered to herself: What else do you know besides training?

How dare to talk to him like this? ! Xing Kelei cleared his throat and prepared to teach her a lesson: “I have never heard of it: reading ten thousand books is not as good as traveling ten thousand miles, and traveling ten thousand miles is not as good as a master teacher? Of course, I dare not be a master teacher, but you too Can’t you despise my understanding of the world?”

“Tang Seng recites the scriptures for you.” The tired Mi Yan interrupted him impatiently: “Is there any business? I won’t go to bed at night, talk about it, I’m hanging up.”

“You think I’m annoying?!” Xing Kelei’s sword eyebrows showed a tendency to explode, somehow he pressed it down again, “When I have free time to take care of you, it’s okay, go as a pig and hang up.” Before the sound fell, the call actually ended.

Mi Yan was criticizing himself for not being a gentleman, and Xing Kelei’s text message came:

“Sleep you well, don’t think about it. If anyone bullies you, tell me, I’ll kill him!”

Mi Yan laughed: “You are a dog, and you still bite?”

Xing Kelei quickly replied: “I am a wolf, pervert!”

Then another one came up: “I will go to town to do errands on weekends, and I will pick you up for dinner.”

His tone of “not exchanging opinions with you, but notifying you” made Mi Yan instinctively refused: “I have an appointment, I am not free.”

Xing Kelei suddenly became sensitive: “With whom? A man or a woman?”

Mi Yan, who was in the bed, replied with four words: “You care about me!”

A second later Mi Ha’s cell phone rang again, and Xing Kele commanded loudly, “I warn you, all men will refuse me!”

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