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You are my city camp 09

If it was said that the meal was not an exchange of opinions but a notice, this warning has been upgraded to an order at all.

What is an order? The so-called military order is definitely not a joke.

Some people say that emotions are sometimes temporary emotions, but Xing Kelei is serious about Mi Tu.

The tree is quieter but the wind keeps on, the more I love and she doesn’t understand! This kind of cognition gave Xing Kelei some emotions and did not give Mi Ha a chance to refute. With a strong tone, he passed every syllable through vigorously: “I have been waiting for you for a long time, Mi Ha! My patience is not without. Ending, can you quickly get into the state? What are you, you, me? I tell you that I am talking to you on the topic of’if you have reservations, and if you don’t have any comments, agree to’, everything else is invalid!” Then The blind tone came, and he actually hung up her phone for the second time.

Behind the overbearing is an ambition to win. It’s a pity that Xing Kelei’s words were too radical, and at this time, apart from making Mi Ha all kinds of irritation into anger, he didn’t get the answer he wanted. To be precise, he was so excited by her “Do you care about me” that he had forgotten the topic.

Indeed, the call this evening was terrible. As a “smiling tiger”, Xing Kelei’s most proud self-control in his life was disintegrated by Mi Jia in minutes. Of course, this is not the first time. Xing Kelei couldn’t help thinking: It is said that distance produces beauty, but if the distance is there, the third party comes, what should I do? So he decided to make a quick fight.

However, the troops are in order, and Major Xing, who is in the new barracks, is naturally unable to come and go freely. Just when Xing Kelei exhausted all his brain cells to study the “battle plan”, a call from Heyicheng fulfilled him.

In nearly an hour’s drive, Xing Kelei went from the new barracks in the suburbs to the division headquarters in the city in less than 40 minutes.

“Report!” Xing Kelei stood outside the door, he looked particularly tall and straight in the military uniform, his voice calm and powerful.

“Come in.” His eyes stayed on the battle plan, Heyicheng’s low voice brought the solemnity of his work.

Xing Kelei pushed the door in, took off his military cap and placed it on the table: “What new task is there, boss?”

He Yicheng ignored him for a long time before asking: “What’s the matter with you and Mi Yan?”

No wonder the tone on the phone was a bit wrong, the chick really complained? Xing Kelei got the truth, but he still stubbornly refused to admit it: “Huh? Ah, it’s nothing, we just established a revolutionary comrade relationship…”

“Then tell me how you provoke revolutionary comrades!” He Yicheng raised his eyes, his eyes fixed sharply on his invincible face, and his tone suddenly became severe: “Military discipline has no binding force on you, ah?! Yes?! Isn’t it that you feel uncomfortable if you don’t cause trouble?”

“How come?!” Xing Kelei smiled, “I can carry two cents on my shoulders. The level is not low, and there is still a sense of consciousness.”

“Stop teasing me!” Throwing aside the combat plan, He Yicheng glared at him: “I didn’t see any ideological awareness of you! Come on, let me deal with the problem of style!”

“Boss, don’t buckle me such a big hat. The style problem is very serious.” Xing Kelei pointed to the green military cap. His majestic figure and cynical tone formed a strong contrast. “This color is choking enough.”

He Yicheng laughed angrily and cursed: “Fuck!”

When the alarm was lifted, Xing Kelei asked, “Sister-in-law called you? The chick accused me of being black?”

“Telled you wrong?” Heyicheng condemned him with his eyes, and passed on the experience as he came over: “As a staff, I don’t know that you have to pay attention to strategy and tactics in the same way as you are in love? With your current status and qualifications, what is your position Ordering people? It’s still arrogant, getting better and better, Major Xing!”

After a night of precipitation, Xing Kelei also felt that his performance was abnormal last night. After all, in terms of emotions, Mi Jia is still in the stage of development, and it is not suitable to be too radical. However, according to her pure personality cultivated by drinking pure water and pure milk, can he not take it seriously?

Except for fighting and training soldiers, he rarely sees Xing Kelei’s serious expression. He Yicheng calmed down his tone: “Your sister-in-law also said Mi Yan and realized that, if it is really interesting, please have a snack.” Suddenly he thought of something, he Rarely asked gossiping: “What did you do to the little girl at the celebration party? How did I hear that you were drunk and only returned to the dormitory in the middle of the night?”

Why don’t you say that you were drunk and didn’t return to the army all night. Xing Kelei refused to admit it while slandering: “What’s the middle of the night? Nothing! Shu Wenbo said it? Wait until I turn around to practice him!” Seeing Heyicheng staring at him playfully, he twisted once in 800 years. Explaining: “I promised her not to say. The girl is so shallow, she is embarrassed to say.”

Xing Kelei’s unprecedented counsel caused Heyicheng to laugh out loud, and laughed enough, he solemnly reminded: “Always keep in mind your identity as a soldier, do things properly, and don’t go out of line.”

When Xing Kelei heard the words, he smiled and responded: “Understand!”

He knew about Xing Kelei’s personality, Heyicheng, and he believed that he would not do anything insulting military uniforms, so he finished. Passing over the battle plan on the table, he commanded: “I have time to ponder, I don’t want to see someone flailing in front of me.” The annual assessment is over, but there are more important confrontation tasks. This is the reason for the eagerness to call Xing Kelei back to the division.

Xing Kelei took the information and turned over two pages and laughed: “The 522 regiment is okay, it’s invincible.” Don’t look at him smiling, but he remembers the previous exercise, for the head of the scout, He Hongxun. , And the chief of staff who has a five-year special career, Xing Kelei expressed a lot of pressure.

“It is reasonable to say that they are all my subordinates, who wins and who loses is the same.” Heyicheng had a meal, took a sip from the cup, and continued lightly: “But it is said that this time the tank brigade assessment is very undecent. If I don’t remember Wrong, that was the unit where Major Xing had been squatting.”

Xing Kelei looked at Heyi City angrily when he heard the words, and snapped the plan in his hand: “It’s totally unreasonable!”

Heyi City looked down at the battle map and adopted a radical approach: “Whether the hatred that blasted your chariot can be reported depends on your ability.”

Xing Kelei remembered that Li Xing had said in the last exercise that he would take off his epaulettes if he couldn’t stand it, “Then I’ll call you to see it!”

Please don’t be as aggressive as a general, He Yicheng deliberately promoted the ambition of others: “He Hongxun is brave in combat and good at using soldiers. You have all seen this. As long as you don’t lose too shame, I can accept it.”

“Who do you look down on?!” Xing Kele raised his eyebrows, and then a smile appeared on his lips. There was a slight sloppy expression in his expression. “I deeply agree with the combat effectiveness of the 52nd Regiment, so it is indeed a bit difficult to digest the fighting power of the fifty-two regiment. , But if you play some tricks,” he paused, and he raised one eyebrow: “As long as you can win, boss, don’t you mind?”

“What kind of conspiracy? Sorry people?” Heyicheng couldn’t see him look scornful, and lightly blamed: “Brilliant!”

“Fuck him?” Xing Kelei seemed to be picked up, his face was full of excitement: “Soldiers are not tired of deceit, and it’s okay to mislead him.”

He Yicheng didn’t speak, obviously meaning “you can figure it out by yourself”. Then the two studied the training outlines reported by each regiment. When Xing Kelei was about to leave, Heyicheng asked: “What are you going to do next? Your sister-in-law said, the little girl was so angry that you had breakfast. I didn’t eat it, it’s not your fault.” So Mi Yan didn’t make a complaint at all, it was just the little girl who said something bad about Xing Kelai with He Yayan.

Emotion is better than no reaction. Xing Kele replied while putting on his hat, “Huh! My mouth is not just for eating, but it also has the function of coaxing my daughter-in-law!” Then, under Heyicheng’s gaze, he saluted and left. He turned back soon afterwards, stood outside the door and leaned half of his body in: “I asked for a leave in the afternoon. Boss, you approved it.”

Heyicheng rubbed his temples, and asked knowingly, “What are you going to do?”

Xing Kelei smiled scornfully: “I want a name!”

“Fuck off!” The response to him was the document that Chief of Staff He raised his hand and smashed it over.

Leaving the division, Xing Kele went straight to the Army Hospital. For the first time in his life, he felt that the hospital was such a wonderful place to go, but the good mood did not last to the end, and was broken by a sudden accident. Xing Kelei parked the car. Before people entered the lobby on the first floor, they were attracted by the inexplicable riot…

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