Chapter 1 It’s cold, are you going to be eaten?

“Wow, wow, wow!” Weak cries reverberated in the narrow and airy room.

A woman hugged the child in her arms tightly, using a quilt that could be regarded as broken cotton to resist the cold wind that seeped in through the doors and windows.

The room was very dim, just like the gloomy atmosphere. An oil lamp seems likely to go out at any time.

“Wow, wow, wow!” Tang San tried to make a sound again, but he could only make the most basic cry.

It’s been a few days since I came into this world, yes, only a few days. He was just born, which is just three days old. But he has already felt a deep bad feeling.

As a former god king, in order to pursue his reincarnated wife, he gave up everything. At last he received a touch of induction before the divine consciousness was about to die, so he came to this world.

No matter how strong he used to be, he is also reborn, now he is just a baby. The most precious thing is the memory of his previous life, and the saddest thing is that no matter how strong the memory is, it can’t change his fragile and slender little body.

Three days after he was born, eating the barren milk of this world’s mother, he still couldn’t even understand the language of this world. After all, this also takes time. But he clearly felt that the world he was born into was probably more difficult than he thought.

In his previous life, he was born in a family of blacksmiths, and his father was a hidden generation of strong men, and he even possessed a powerful talent. But now, his biggest worry is whether he can survive.

The long-distance search in the universe made his spiritual sense barely carry the memory, and beyond that, he couldn’t do anything at all. But he can also feel how miserable his small body is.

My mother, who lacks nutrition for a long time, caused my reborn body to be malnourished in an absolute sense. Even the crying is very weak.

In his previous life, he was also a person with children. He still knows how normal children should cry! But the current self is even struggling to cry. It seems that it is possible to die at any time.

Although he never thought that he would be reborn into a family with a golden spoon in it, he never thought it would be so miserable. The god king is reborn and is about to die at any time. Isn’t that the end of everything? Write a novel without a chapter before the end of the play?

However, in these short three days, he still felt something. Have a little understanding of this world. The reason why I feel that I am in a bad situation has a very important relationship with this understanding.

He was reborn as a human being, at least a human being that was not much different from the world he used to be. However, in this world, humans seem to be very humble existences, in short, slaves! As a slave to a higher race. That’s why it is so miserable.

For three days, he hadn’t seen his father in this world, he just depended on his mother. Every day there will be other humans in ragged clothes, quietly sending some food to their own mother, in order to maintain their survival.

Everyone’s expressions are dull, or numb. They seem to have become accustomed to the situation before them.

After all, Tang San had memories of his previous life, and his divine consciousness would also make his spirit in this world stronger than normal people. And the most important reason why he hasn’t learned the language of this world is that these humans rarely speak and communicate. Even if it is speaking, it is just a few simple words.

Isn’t it cold? The corners of Tang San’s mouth twitched, and he couldn’t help crying “Wow, Wow” again.

Xiao Wu, if you are reincarnated, you must bless your husband! Don’t say anything else, please bless your husband to live. Otherwise, we will really not be able to reunite as a family.

The weakness of his body made him fall asleep again without knowing it. And a whole month passed through such a muddle-headed day.

After eating a little milk from my mother every day, I didn’t starve to death. But there is no doubt about the weakness of the small body. Based on Tang San’s perception of his body, that fragile little meridian! That weak body! It’s been almost a month, I am afraid that my weight is about five or six kilograms, which is about the same as a normal newborn baby in the previous life.

“Bang!” The fragile door suddenly opened. This was the biggest sound Tang San ever heard when he came into this world. Subconsciously opened his eyes and looked.

A guy with a strong figure got in from the door, seeing his appearance, Tang San couldn’t help feeling a little dazed.

Because this is really not human. In the world he once saw, various monsters have also been seen a lot, but this one is definitely something new in front of him. The one that got in should be a male, similar to a human body, two meters away, but with a wolf head. The fangs are protruding, and there is a faint smell on his body. That strong physique almost broke the door frame.

“It’s been a month, give it to me.” The werewolf roared to Tang San’s mother in this world.

Tang San’s mother hugged him tightly, tears streaming down almost instantly in her eyes.

In a month, Tang San could finally understand some words of this world simply. At this time, he felt an unspeakable feeling in his heart.

What this werewolf wants is obviously himself, why is he wanting to go over? Eat?