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Chapter 1342 Pretending to be struck by lighting

The last corner of the game was left, and the chase of the top six was extremely fierce.

With a loud “bang”, three cars crashed into each other behind, rushing out of the runway, and sparks shot in all directions.

Yunxuan, who was already in fourth place, was almost affected, and only after an urgent big turn did he narrowly avoid the flying debris.

He clenched the steering wheel and stared at Ling Yang, who was at the forefront. Unfortunately, it was too late… to exchange good books. Pay attention now to receive cash red envelopes!

With his current ability, it is far from enough to achieve a higher ranking. This is already the limit.

Yun Xuan could only watch the previous racers pass the corners one after another.

With the boiling sound of the audience, Ling Yang broke through the finish line with the first position of Group A.

“Ahhhhhh! Yangshen first!”

“Yangshen is so handsome! Yangshen is awesome!”

“I knew that Yangshen was the champion of the third league in the world!”

Yangshen picked it up. The helmet stepped off the car, and the fans, especially the little girls, were all so fascinated that they almost fainted.

After the race, all the racers gathered in the grandstand one after another.

Yun Xuan and Ling Yang were in the same competition area, so they were waiting in the same waiting area. At this time, there were the most people gathered around Ling Yang.

Su Cai was unable to play as a substitute, so she volunteered to take up the logistical work. When she saw Ling Yang, she was the first to rush up, handing Ling Yang water and towel.

The other racers also gathered around to give compliments.

“God Yang, you are amazing! Brian still wants to surpass you, but he is not your opponent at all!”

“Yeah, God Yang, you haven’t come out for so long, so you are trying to hold back the big move!”

“With God Yang, whoever dares to be arrogant and say that our Hua Guo team is not good! Sure enough, Hua Guo Racing still depends on Yang. God!”

Su Cai smiled and interjected, “Hey, by the way, let me tell you a joke! Have you heard of the joke before the game?”

“What joke? Don’t let it go!” The racing drivers around all looked towards Su Cai.

Su Cai said with a mysterious smile on her face, “Before the game, didn’t Yang Shen deliberately set aside precious time to guide us. As a result, some people not only didn’t appreciate it, but also let go of saying that Yang Shen is not qualified to teach her! No qualification! Give her a lesson!”

Upon hearing this, some unsuspecting racers on the scene all burst into laughter.

“Puff, isn’t it! Who! You can speak such blatant words?” someone asked immediately.

A racer who was present at the time immediately replied: “Haha, you said about it, I also remembered it, who else can be, who is not the Captain Lin appointed by our president!”

“Lin Yan? Isn’t it? She is a newcomer who has even participated in the third league in the world for the first time. She dares to pretend to be so aggressive in front of Yang Shen, and she is not afraid of being struck by lightning!” Everyone laughed.

Someone said, “I was very dissatisfied with President Qi’s decision before. Not only was it the captain’s matter, but also the qualifications were particularly unfair. So many capable racers of our second team were not allowed to play and let one The newly formed Aurora team came on the field. How many of their Aurora team have achieved good results this time?”

A thin and tall racer next to him thought for a while and replied: “Others are in other competition areas, I don’t know yet. But… Yun Xuan’s results seem to be pretty good this time, and he actually made it into the top six!”

“Originally fourth, but he surpassed another one in the last second and ranked third! It’s pretty awesome! Everyone said yes. The dark horse in District A this year!”

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