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Chapter 1343 Apprentice again?

Hearing this, many people looked at Yun Xuan in the corner, their eyes envious and jealous.

“The first time you participate in the Global League, you can enter the third in the division. It’s really amazing.”

“Yes! I remember Yang Shen didn’t get the top three when he first participated in the Global Third League…” I don’t know who said something.

Hearing this, Ling Yang, who was being sought after by the crowd, turned a little low, and subconsciously glanced at Yun Xuan a few more times.

Seemingly aware of Ling Yang’s displeasure, Su Cai hurriedly changed the subject, “Right, let me tell you something funny, do you know who Yun Xuan’s master is? It’s our Captain Lin!

” Puff haha, it’s true, Yun Xuan, are you stupid? I don’t want to be a good choice from a teacher.”

“She actually dared to accept apprentices, and she was not afraid to mislead others! Accepting apprentices in the racing circle is a serious matter. She should be in the entertainment industry, forming cliques and sensationalizing!”

Yun Xuan had some social barriers and was not good at communicating with people. He wanted to refute when he heard this, but for a while, he didn’t know how to express it. , Could not help but flushed in a hurry, “No…it’s not like this…”

At this moment, the host’s voice rang out–

“Audiences! Dear fans! Long wait!”

“ABC three The results of the competition areas have all been counted, and the final ranking of our global third league will be announced soon. Please wait and see!” The countdown starts on the big screen in the middle of the stands. All the results of the three competition areas will be counted and the final championship will be announced. .

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were fixed on that huge screen.

The host briefly explained the competition while waiting for the results. The focus was naturally on Ling Yang’s wonderful performance. It is rare that Yun Xuan’s name was specifically mentioned.

“We saw that a newcomer performed very well this time. He is Yunxuan from Huaguo’s newly established Aurora Racing Team…”

Ling Yang smiled vigorously on his face and looked up to the big screen to accept. the praise of all, look a little pale when he heard a little, condescending looked Yunxuan, seems to have finally multi looked at him, “you called Yunxuan? had, indeed, a good seedling, quite talented.”

side of the Su Choi The eyeballs rolled and he immediately slapped Ling Yang flattery, “No

matter how talented we are, can we still have talents? Yangshen, you are known as a genius racer right from your debut!” “That’s right, what about Yunxuan? Can be compared with Yang Shen, even the champion Kevin of the Peak of the year has personally said that Yang Shen is the most talented racer in China!”

Hearing everyone’s compliments, Ling Yang’s expression eased a little.

Ling Yang looked at Yunxuan, and said in a predecessor’s tone, “Yunxuan, right? I have paid attention to your running style. It’s too radical. You may not be able to see it in the third league in the world, but once it gets higher. Level competition, this kind of running problem will all show up. Although you have a good talent, there are many problems in running…”

Su Cai sneered at the side with her arms around her chest, “Yun Xuan, I think you might as well renew. Worship God Yang as the master, you can be more sincere, maybe God Yang will agree.”

Yun Xuan frowned upon hearing this, and Ling Yang questioned his running method in public, undoubtedly questioning his master Lin Yan.

And Su Cai’s words were completely slapped in the face of Lin Yan in public.

He can bear them talking about himself, but he can’t bear them questioning Lin Yan.

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