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Chapter 1344 My master is very good

Yunxuan, who hadn’t spoken all this time, finally couldn’t help but uttered, “More…more…thank you for your advice… but …… …… per each racer has its own style and characteristics …… not …… not …… can not be generalized …… I …… I do not think I can not cope with the run method …… …… more … …And more…high-level competitions…in addition…more…thanks to Miss Su for your kindness… but I…my master is very good and very good…in my life…the only master is Lin Yan …I don’t intend to re-apprentice a teacher…”

Yun Xuan completed this long series of answers with difficulty, stumbling and shy, causing everyone to laugh.

“Yun Xuan, I didn’t expect you to be a stutter! You can’t speak clearly, no wonder you don’t talk hahaha…”

Yun Xuan’s usual personality is indeed very different from when he was racing.

However, although Yun Xuan was stammering, the meaning was clearly expressed.

Ling Yang didn’t expect that he would kindly advise, Yun Xuan didn’t appreciate it, and even refuted it in public. He even preferred Lin Yan as a master instead of being a master by himself, so his face suddenly turned black.

Ling Yang looked at Su Cai displeasedly, and said coldly, “Su Cai, do you think I am someone who accepts disciples casually?”

Su Cai quickly apologized to Ling Yang, “Of course not, I just mentioned it casually. , Yangshen, how can you accept apprentices casually!”

In order to curry favor with Ling Yang, a racer ridiculed Yun Xuan, “Yun Xuan, you just ran well in a race. You are so arrogant that you don’t even care about Yang God’s words. It’s too arrogant, right? !”

Other racers also agreed, “I really don’t know

what is good or bad !” Su Cai sneered again and again, “Yun Xuan, are you joking? Your master is amazing? She is also amazing? Then you are too ignorant, right? Lin Yan puts that skill in front of Yang Shen, even a little finger of Yang Shen! There really is a kind of apprentice for any kind of master, the frog at the bottom of the well is really a laugh!”

Yun Xuan took a deep breath. With a stubborn tone and a stubborn gaze, she stammered: “You…you can say me, but please…please don’t insult my master. As I said, my master is very powerful.”

Su Cai looked at Yunxuan in her eyes. Look at a fool: “If you say you are good, then you are good. Are you funny? The food is just what you want. Yang Shen just ran first in Zone A and ranked first in the third league…”

Su Cai continued to reprimand Yun Xuan angrily after finishing saying, “Yun Xuan! We also think that you are quite talented, and kindly remind you that you are afraid that you will go astray. What kind of attitude is this? What do you mean! “

Yun Xuan pressed his lips tightly. He really didn’t want to argue with people on such occasions, not to mention that those words just now were already his limits.

The more his eyes fell on him, the more nervous he became. The more he wanted to speak, the more he couldn’t speak. The severe social phobia almost made him unable to breathe, but Su Cai was still aggressive…

“I…I didn’t…I ……My master……”

Dense beads of sweat ooze out on Yunxuan’s forehead, and I only feel that the air in his chest is getting less and less, and the whole world seems to be spinning in front of my eyes…

At this moment, a warm The palm of his hand was lightly resting on his shoulder, and the girl’s lazy and indifferent voice came from behind him——

“Hey, Su Cai, did you not learn Chinese well in elementary school, or did you not understand people? My apprentice’s words are not obvious enough? “

I saw Lin Yan and the racers from Division C also arriving one after another.

Lin Yan slipped a silver helmet with one hand, and put one hand on Yunxuan’s shoulder. His eyes swept over Su Cai and Ling Yang one by one, and continued lazily, “Okay, since you don’t understand, then I’ll give it to you. Translate, what my apprentice meant… you Yang Shen is too good to be his master. You understand?”

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