Chapter 1398 Teaching Accident

Yeva’s strong psychological quality and dominance on the field are unmatched in the entire racing circle.

The most representative is the race where she led the WZ team to defeat the GD team that dominated the racing circle and enter the top race.

In that difficult to almost tragic race, the test of psychological quality and vehicle skills was unprecedented, Yeva’s performance directly enshrined the gods.

Therefore, there is no such thing as an explosion of mentality, but the racers who were forced to explode by her are all over the floor.

The next day.

Ms. Yeva, the god of death on the track, who is unmatched in both her psychological quality and driving skills, is in a state of mind explosion.

The top game is coming soon, originally she should be on the training ground at this time.

However, in view of the dangerous behavior of one of her apprentices last night, she decided to find some time to solve this problem anyway.

After all, life is at stake.

Of course, the training location cannot be the stadium.

She only discovered last night that this guy is not only a road idiot, maybe he doesn’t even know the basics of the road.

So Lin Yan found a place with a little less personal car, and took Xiao Yao to practice driving on the road, starting with the basic traffic laws.

“Kill to kill! I mean to kill in the direction! I didn’t let you get out of the car and hit someone!”

“Brake, brother! Do you have a mine at home? Don’t be afraid of hitting someone! Well, you do have a mine at home, even if If you have a mine, you can’t drive like this, okay!”

“Red light doesn’t go, yellow light doesn’t go green, you don’t go, what’s the matter? Is there no color you like, brother?”

“Big brother, tell me honestly. How much did it cost to buy it!”

… The

whole way was filled with Lin Yan’s roar of collapse.

She swears that none of the apprentices she has taught in her life makes her want to die.

“These are too easy, I like the track.” Xiao Yao held the steering wheel, frowned and spoke, seemingly dissatisfied.

Lin Yan: “…”

Ha ha, you can let go of the track.

Even she can’t dodge his death car skills.

The most terrifying thing is not how superb car skills, but his chaotic punching of the master.

Lin Yan babbled all the way, hand-in-hand teaching kindergarten children, just a dozen kilometers of road, let him drive for more than three hours, the sky was dark.

“Okay, come here today. Remember what I told you today, please remember all the traffic rules, especially don’t go retrograde. If you don’t understand the navigation, just turn on the voice. If you don’t distinguish between left and right, you Just write on the back of your hand, write left on the back of your left hand, and write right on the back of your right hand…” The

car drove smoothly, and Lin Yan was telling Xiao Yao, and suddenly a little boy rushed out in a diagonal stab.

Lin Yan immediately reminded: “Brake!”

Fortunately, Lin Yan’s teaching was not in vain, Xiao Yao’s reaction was fairly quick, and he stopped the car in time.

However, even though Xiao Yao stopped the car, the little boy didn’t know if he was frightened. He still rushed towards their car, and then fell to the ground.

Lin Yan was taken aback and hurriedly opened the door and got out of the car.

I saw a five or six-year-old boy lying on the ground embarrassedly, crying.

“Child! Kid, are you okay?” Lin Yan hurried to see the child’s situation.

When the little boy heard Lin Yan’s voice, his crying suddenly stopped, and his little body seemed to stiffen abruptly.

A few seconds later, the little guy sobbed and raised his head, looking dimly at Lin Yan with teary eyes, his big eyes were full of nostalgia, more grievances, like an abandoned puppy…