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Chapter 1399 He’s Touching Porcelain

Lin Yan was shocked when he saw the little boy clearly when he touched the porcelain .

The little guy has big grape-like eyes, snow-white skin, crumpled jade ball, teary eyes like a furry little animal lost, it makes people feel love, and an inexplicable sense of intimacy.

She has never seen such a beautiful child…

Oh no, there is one in her family!

Mom– ” Lin Yan was shocked, the little guy quickly got up like a nurse who had thrown Lin, a lunge rushed into her arms, and the little body was trembling slightly.

Suddenly he threw a bunch of soft glutinous rice dumplings into his arms, and Lin Yan was stunned for a while, “Uh…”

How did this kid call himself mother?

Lin Yan only thought that the child was frightened, and didn’t think too much. He hurriedly checked the child’s condition, “Kid, are you injured?”

At this time, the perpetrator got out of the car.

Xiao Yao looked at the child in Lin Yan’s arms, frowning, his expression looked very difficult to express.


The little guy in her arms cried very sad, and Lin Yan’s heart throbbed along with it, and drove towards Xiao Yao complainingly, “How did you drive!”

She never expected that she taught herself. Accidents also occur in the process, and I didn’t even stare at it.

Really ruined his fame!

The little boy looked toward Xiao Yao, cold openings:. “To tell the truth, you Pengci level is not high, in my driving skills, you use such means too clumsy, no one will believe the”

little guy tree bags A bear stuck to Lin Yan’s arms, his small hands gripped Lin Yan’s clothes tightly, and he shrank into Lin Yan’s arms as if shocked by the words, “Mom, this uncle is terrible, Mom, I am in pain… …”

Lin Yan soothed the child in his arms and looked at Xiao Yao angrily, “What are you talking about? He is only so old and knows what touch porcelain is? He has bad driving skills, and he blames a child, you Do you know that you are a particularly unaccountable behavior!”

At first, Lin Yan also felt that it was strange that the child suddenly rushed towards their car in broad daylight, but if it was a collision with porcelain, the person behind him should have been behind the scenes by now. Come out to squander the money.

But no one has been seen at this moment, which shows that it is not what Xiao Yao said.

Xiao Yao: “…”

“My kid, why are you alone? Where is your home? Do you have a phone call from your parents?” Lin Yan asked patiently.

The little guy whispered and replied: “I don’t have a father… Mom… You are my mother… Where is my mother? Home is where…”

Lin Yan had a headache when he heard the child’s words, turned his head and stared at Xiao Yao. , Lowered his voice and said: “It’s over, this kid won’t be knocked out of a concussion, right?”

Xiao Yao: “I didn’t hit him, he was touching porcelain. I believe you should have a professional judgment.”

Lin Yan Take a deep breath: “My professional judgment is that you should practice your driving skills.” The

little guy poked his head out of Lin Yan’s arms, “Mom, don’t blame this uncle, it’s because I’m not careful. “

Lin Yan turned his head and stared at Xiao Yao: “You don’t think you are as sensible as a child!”

Xiao Yao: “…”

Lin Yan picked up the little guy, “My child, I will take you to the hospital for a check first. Think about it and see if you can remember the names and phone numbers of your parents.” The

little guy blinked and suddenly asked, “Mom, what is your name?”

Lin Yan was stunned, “Ah? Did you say me? Me? It’s Lin Yan.” The

little guy looked at her, his eyes were as bright as the sky washed by rain, and he said crisply, “Mom, my mother’s name is Lin Yan!”

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