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Chapter 1400 I’ll talk after you get your driver’s license

Chapter 1400 Get the driver’s license and talk about

Lin Yan’s heart at what this kid said.

The child’s eyes are too clear, and his eyes are very sincere when he speaks, especially his eyes are full of dependence and love, as if she is really his mother.

Lin Yan tried to talk to the child for a long time, but still couldn’t get any effective information, and no adult came to look for it.

Therefore, Lin Yan decided to take the child to the hospital for an examination.

Xiao Yao objected to Lin Yan’s decision: “I didn’t hit him just now, even if he did hit him just now, there would be no problem with his body.” The

objection was invalid, and Lin Yan didn’t pay attention to him at all. You guys who don’t even have a driver’s license should stop talking.”

She only learned when she was teaching that this guy really does not have a domestic driver’s license, but there is a foreign driver’s license, and I don’t know how to get it.

Therefore, Lin Yan, a good racing driver, was forced to become a driving school coach by abruptly, and now he has to help him deal with the traffic accident.

When he arrived at the hospital, Lin Yan helped the little guy to do a full-body examination.

The result of the examination revealed that there was nothing wrong with the child’s body, maybe just a little fright.

“Doctor, are you sure it’s okay? Then why does he completely forget his own affairs and call me mother?” Lin Yan asked worriedly.

“According to our inspection results, there is really no problem. Just now you said that the car did not touch his body in the monitoring screen. Therefore, either he was frightened for a while, or he was himself. There are some intellectual or mental problems.” The

little guy pouted when he heard the doctor’s words, “Mom, I have no problem with my intelligence.”

Lin Yan could only appease, “Well, it’s okay, the doctor didn’t say just now. How about you!”


After leaving the hospital and confirming that the child was in good health, Lin Yan had another difficulty.

Although the child was not injured in any way, he didn’t know anything and couldn’t just leave it alone.

“Kid, do you really remember nothing? Then do you remember your name?” Lin Yan asked.

The little guy’s face seemed to be stiff for a moment, and then he said: “Mom, my name

is Gan Gan .” Lin Yan raised his eyebrows, “Money? What are you doing? Qian Kun?” The

little guy nodded, “Yes.”

Lin Yan: “It’s a good name. What’s your surname?” The

little guy fell into silence again, and this time he spoke for a long while: “My mother’s surname is what my surname is.”

Lin Yan looked helpless, okay, he still didn’t ask. .

The final information only has a nickname.

After coming out of the hospital, Lin Yan could only take the child to the police station.

The police compared the recent missing children’s information, and there is no news for the time being.

If you can’t find the child’s parents, he can only be temporarily placed in the rescue station, but the child is very dependent on her now. Lin Yan can’t bear it, so he can only take him back first and send him back when there is news.

If the son doesn’t teach the father, she can’t care about the misfortune caused by the apprentice as a master.

Seeing Xiao Yao’s unreliable appearance, Lin Yan didn’t dare to hand over the child to him. Even Xiaoli asked her to take care of him. How could he expect him to take care of the child.

Lin Yan felt that she was really too difficult. She patted Xiao Yao on the shoulder, “Apprentice, you see, this is the consequence of not learning a driver’s license well. It doesn’t matter if you do it yourself, the main reason is to endanger the lives of the people. And you have to take care of the mess for you, master, don’t you feel ashamed?”

Xiao Yao: “…”

This mess is really none of his business, he is not ashamed at all.

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