Chapter 2 The Raised Humans

“Roar! Hurry up!” The werewolf roared impatiently.

Tang San’s mother trembled a little, tears streaming down even more. The werewolf didn’t care about her anymore, and stepped forward. A big hand with wolf claws just copied it, and copied the baby Tang San into his hand.

“Child, my child!” The woman suddenly howled loudly, but at this moment, she did not try to fight for her own child, but instead covered Tang San with the only broken quilt in the room.

At this moment, Tang San only felt that his heart had been squeezed fiercely. After coming into this world, he felt heartache for the first time.

Tang San’s mother suddenly found that the little face turned to her, the baby who had suddenly changed greatly did not cry, and the originally godless eyes suddenly brightened.

Seeing the sudden change of eyes, Tang San’s mother was stunned, and her movements also paused for a moment.

“Get away!” The werewolf pushed her impatiently and pushed her down on the thatch, and then walked out with one hand holding Tang San’s small body.

It was cold outside and the wind was bitter. The werewolf didn’t know whether it was out of good intentions or was afraid that Tang San would die like this, so he still covered his body with that torn quilt.

Everything in front of me turned into darkness, and the cold wind outside was temporarily blocked. Except for some difficulty in breathing, he couldn’t die for a while.

Tang San tried hard to calm himself down. In his heart, he was praying.

Don’t die, mother of this world, don’t die. As long as I can survive, I will come to you, and I will let you live well. wait me back.

After he calmed down, his first preliminary judgment was that this werewolf shouldn’t take himself away for food.

The source of this judgment is simple. One is because of the two bits of meat on my body, I am definitely not worth eating for my own mother in this world. In addition, the werewolf still covered him with a quilt after all, which was to prevent him from freezing to death. If it’s just food, who cares if he is dead. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility that they want to eat and live.

However, no matter how calm he is, what can a full moon child do? It can only be…, let it go.

Vaguely, the wind can be heard whistling. There seemed to be no other voices in the outside world.

This world is called the Fairy Continent. This was Tang San’s judgment on the world after barely learning some languages.

As he expected, human beings are slaves in this world. Is the object of enslavement. And even among slaves, it was the lowest kind of existence. Because the human body is too weak, it doesn’t seem to be of much use.

This does not rule out the possibility of human beings becoming food in this world. It is normal for the lowest slaves to be treated as food.

As for other information, it is not yet available. After all, there is really too little communication between my own mother and other humans.

It has been a month, and he hasn’t seen his father, so he won’t be in a good situation.

It’s miserable! It’s too awful! Even if you start from scratch, give me a time to start from scratch. Tang San sighed secretly in his heart.

He once thought about the difficulty of reincarnation, but he didn’t expect that it would be so difficult.

Finally, the werewolf seemed to stop, Tang San vaguely heard him say something, because he was separated by the quilt, and he didn’t understand the language of this world too well, and he didn’t catch it. Then he felt like he was taken over.

The moment the quilt was lifted, Tang San curled up subconsciously. But the cold wind he thought it would appear did not appear. Instead, a warm feeling followed. But it is also accompanied by some unpleasant smells.

But this was the first time he felt warmth in all directions since he was born. Look carefully with your eyes open.

“It’s a child like a little monkey again. Yuck, Yuck.” A vague voice sounded.

Then Tang San saw that a big face came in front of him, this…, is this a pig’s head?

Yes, a big pig head, at least in his cognition. The pig head leaned close and looked at him. Then he hugged him and walked inside.

“Wow, wow, wow!” There was crying from time to time.

Tang San suddenly realized that he didn’t seem to be the only child here.

Then he was placed in a soft haystack, um, he himself thought it was okay to call it a haystack, and it was almost the same as a nest.

By his side, the crying became louder.

Then, a black shadow pressed down, something pinched his mouth, his mouth opened, and a huge soft thing with a sweet smell was stuffed into his mouth.

The instant the warm milk rushed into his throat, Tang San’s eyes widened instantly, not being moved, but almost choked to death.

If you say that your birth mother’s milk is a gurgling stream, then this is simply the Yangtze River!

In order to save himself, he subconsciously closed the toothless gums, pressing down some of the huge existences, and letting the milk flow in slowly. Only then barely swallowed some.

Inhale hard through the nose, letting his weak body adjust hard. After hard work, it was a sigh of relief.

Then, ignoring other things, he drank hard.

Nutrition! This rare nutrition! Is this the dawn of hope? Regardless of whether it is human milk or pig milk, some are very satisfying to eat.

However, his satisfaction didn’t last long, and the huge shadow left. Although he was a bit supportive, he still couldn’t help but want to eat more. In fact, this is the first full meal in this world.

When you are full, your spirit will naturally be slightly better. It also allows him to observe everything around him.

This is a house, the ground is full of thatch, he is weak, now he can only turn his head and look at it, but he can’t turn himself over. So it can only be a glimpse of the leopard.

By his side, there are three or four children, all about the same age as he looks. The body shape is also similar, all appear very thin. Everyone lay on a kind of soft thatch. The temperature in this room is still very warm, at least not cold. The mother pig who had fed him just now seemed to have fed several of them at the same time.

This feeling is especially like a livestock in captivity.

Are slaves kept uniformly?

Tang San comforted himself silently in his heart, it wasn’t food anyway, it was already very good. After eating this meal, he finally felt that he might survive.

The day goes on like this.

Mother pig will come and feed three times a day.

At the beginning, Tang San was uncomfortable because of too much milk, but he quickly adjusted it. Whenever the mother pig was feeding, he worked hard to drink more, so that he can be healthy with nourishment. Only when you have a better health and a longer mature age can you be able to cultivate, and only when you can cultivate can you become strong, and you can take your destiny in your own hands!

No matter what kind of world it is, the most important thing is to work hard to survive.

In this way, when he came to this world for a hundred days, he was obviously a bit fatter than the little friends around him.

Here, there seems to be more than one mother pig and many children. For a hundred days, Tang San was able to stand up after eating and drinking hard. Naturally, I can see more things. From the conversation between pig mothers, he also understood a lot more about the language and the world.

The Fairy Continent is so big that mother pigs can’t describe it. The place where they are located is a small town in the northeast of the Fairy Continent. Belongs to a wolf demon noble.

The reason why this world is called the Fairy Continent is that the two races that rule this world are the most important, the Monster Race and the Fairy Race. Collectively referred to as a fairy.